8:29 AM

Bad service of CIMB

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Yes...you read my words up there!

Grr.. I've been told that the credit card will be done in a week..Same place like my friend applied for her credit card and she successfully received her credit card in a week..

Ok..In my case I applied on 17th and today is? 28th...

Damn it..I called service centre and they said they didn't received any application form of mine! Oh damn it again!

I can accept if they said "Oh miss..your application still on progress"

Last week I asked the officer; guy with nerd attitude ever~ about my form but you know what he suggest to this freaking innocent moron?

" Why not sending a new application form to me? I pon xtau la mana u punya form..nanti I suh lady kat counter check.."

WTF?? Hey bapak...You ask me to write new application form while there's a thousand of banks in Malaysia that I still have??What a bad mouth you have..Talk confidently la..If not how on earth customer going to trust you??Aiyak...tu pon mau aja ka?

I know..My Mr Blub forbid me to have this credit card but because of I'm insist to pay it by myself why not give a try right?


Be ready to ambush the CIMB tomorrow!! So frustrated..

I think I'm going to stick on Maybank ..

*Sob Sob*

4:54 PM

She's cheated on me?

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Grow up dude! We old enough to do that kind of rubbish thing...Please la..

When I found my friend cheated on me (which is I can make a list here) it was fun to tell everybody about my feelings here..

[1] She told me that she's breakup with her EX-BF but yet during Valentine's day she's going to her EX-BF hometown! OMG! Perigi cari timba huh??Sort of..

[2] Paling x tahan: She told me she follow her friend going back to her friend's hometown during CNY holiday but yet I got a prove that she wasn't going there!!

Funny isn't it? I never think she's going cheated on me AGAIN but yet here she is...Done with that kind of things and I'm so kesian to her..

Maybe she don't get any ideas how is my feelings right now and later after she's kantoi idup2 with me..

Dear my friend/ to be exact my cousin:

Please changes your attitude...It's funny you doing all over this..I'm giving you a praise for your effort..But Tuhan tau apa yang tersirat dlm hati ini..

Sebelum hati ini terdetik, I still love you as my friend and cousin but after you are totally KANTOI again I hope if we ever meet again, I'll pray for your happiness in the future...So? Good Luck!

My face while typing all this touching-feeling-things

10:03 AM

Pusing macam gasing

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My head was spinning around this morning..And it was already 10am but yet I'm still bermalasan di katil..


Last night was history for me! Bukan ada pa2 hal..Just history sepanjang kat KL tido lambat for the first time=p 2am LOL!

Went to Laundry Bar at The Curve last night...Damn!

I get used to it! I mean errr bau alcohol la.. Since last 2 weeks 2 times I went to YTL dinner and I smell the same thing just like the bar..Eww


The boring part is before Flop Poppy performed last night; there are 3 Malaysia's band performed..

OMG I betol2 x bleh tahan..I cannot accept the 3 bands before..Makin lama makin membosankan...Maybe I'm too old for that kind of song..=p And we thought Flop Poppy would not be available to perform on that night..

But after saw Flop Poppy passing by our table my excitement come again..

Cukup2 pukul 12 Flop Poppy started..Gosh..I just stand in front of the stage..Their song just very truly different from others band on that night..Slow and steady but yet still memukau!!

Thanks to my friend/colleague:

It was my first time come to that kind of place..Never come to bar/pub before but last night? It was a blast!

Even though my My Blub very worried but still I can get back home safely..=p


8:57 PM


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Not feeling very well..


9:39 PM

Weekend with frens

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I'm so happy today (eventho there's something or maybe someone ruined my mind this week) after met with my college mate; best friends at U..

It was really a blast and turn on my mood for the whole day because even though we just spend time at shopping mall but at least the person beside you makes you happy..The place never count in the first place right?


I spent a lot today..I just flew up all money which I don't realized where it comes from..Haha..From angpow perhaps..

God..Let pictures tell the stories....

Yes I know..it was really a high heel..~=p

Her name was Theresa and she was really my friends forever...=p

Sorry for the 'Diva' ring..we decided to minum2 dan ngumpat2 at Sushi King nyummy

Ok..this is my lovely colleague; Ina..I think I did mention about her a lot here in my blog..So lucky ar you cheecky-meeckey-mouuseey=p

She was really a good listener..Even though she just met with Theresa but she can cope with other person..Nice isn't it?

Thanks to Body Perfect's facial cleanser..My face get improvement la..LOL

Motif gamba utk menunjukkan cincin itu...Kuang3x..

That's it...Important thing of the outing is apart of being moron lately, hardcore, and stupid worker, there's a value of love from friends of course..That makes me release my tension..No need SPA or facial treatment, or maybe massage session..

Damn...So tired and till then goodnite...

Hargailah kawan anda sebab? We never knew a guy / your lover cheated at you one day and in the end who you will end up too? Your friends...Right?

I love both of you and all my friends..


9:10 PM

Fall in love with Polo

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Recently I couldn't take my eyes on Polo collection including their handbag, watch, and even their perfume caught my nose too..=p

For some people out there, maybe they think Polo Collection is not a big deal for them because their price is not going to make a big hole in their pocket.

But for me the brand itself makes me tempting, flattered and of course gatal tangan nak beli!


For this 2 months I bought these 2 items from Polo collection;

[1] Polo Club Watch

Mine is white color..Image from Google of course..

[2] Polo handbag

This kind of pattern but mine got Polo keychain on the zip and wider than this..

Sorry for not uploading the original picture..I'm kinda lazy as* here to take pic and transfer everything...Leceh..

This is not a healthy activity tho..

Hihi...If this is the only thing that can makes me happy why not??=p

*Evil grin*

Ada banyak lagi items dalam Polo collection...But enough for now..

Till then...

4:32 PM


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My lappy was totally slow like turtle..


I hate you! Give me a good service or else...I'm going to kill you!!

Arghh....Marah seorang manuasia terhadap teknologi yang x seberapa canggih...

8:13 PM


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Just because I have nothing to do this holiday ( 4 days for God's sake!) plus all my friends spending their time with their family and love I'm kinda love updating my blog more and more...

Tomorrow is 14th Feb which is; Valentine day...

To be frank there's a small intention in my heart to celebrate the day but he's not here..And out of sudden I miss my old friend..

She was here in peninsular but not in KL..

I wish she was here...And I won't put a fight to her since I'm kinda need her for my entire of life..

Sayang untuk melepaskan orang yang kita sayang...It's true...Now I'm really regret for breaking her heart...And I'm really truly sorry...

Ok..Please change the mood=p

The question is; What makes a man fall in love to you?

In my side I only have few answers;

[1] He might be love at first sight to me last 4 years..

[2] I always show my love to him not only in words but in action too.. I mean eye contact, touching, pinching, n etc..

[3] Smile...Whenever I'm not smiling he will automatically turn into a very gloomy face..I just don't get it..

[4] Sayangi dia sepenuh hati bukan kerna harta, paras rupa, dan versatil.. Be honest with him everytime he's not wearing a proper shirt, shaving dan paling penting mulut berbau..

[5] Text him I Love You when I was really busy and don't have time to chit chat with him..

[6] Because I love him too...It's simple..He won't be more happier if I said I'm not in love with him anymore..And he rather died and jobless if I left him..


Jiwang punya entry...Ciss..

But I was really agreed with this statement;

"To have a successful relationship, both of you need to know each other's weaknesses as well as strengths.."

Betoi kan...Biarlah dia boroi, itam dan x hensem...But he got his strength in mind..Got plenty of planned in future..At least I found matured guy..

I miss him a lot...!~~


Stop...Sila berhenti...Kuang kuang kuang...

6:06 PM

Sign Up at Body Perfect

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Hi...Happy Chinese New Year!

And of course Happy Valentine too~

For me I won't celebrate both because I'm not at Sarawak (which the feel of CNY in KL was totally different) and my Mr Blub not here and no Valentine day for us..

It's ok then..Everyday is loving day for us..

Back to the topic above!

Damn it..Rasa tidak percaya dengan kejadian semalam....Apa yang telah ku lakukan!

I was signed up for the facial packages including 10 sessions..Which cost me RM4500! Plus I bought their product for cleanser RM185 last night..

Gosh..It might be big hole in my account isn't it?

I'm just speechless...Surprise and excited when I saw their advertisement in magazine about the Eczema treatment..

It's not because I'm having a bad,bad and bad face problems but I just wanna give a try..

And of course we cannot run from this thing..OMG..I just agreed with them..

Luckily I always have my lovely friend beside me; encourage me, supporting me sampai kan dia pon sign up sekali...Kuang3x....But she took different package from me; she don't have crucial problems like me tho..

Oh....What a night..Yeah I know this thing sound like an absolute cow..Without discussion with him; which involve a big amount I finally putting some fire on him..

He was absolutely mad with me last night!What on earth are you thinking??

Opp...Oppp...Wait...Chyoto Mattekudasai sayang...

"So...Before this I never ask for jewelery, expensive watch, Guess, Gucci or whatsoeva..Please this time and this is the only thing I want for this time being that I really need you to consider.."

For him 4K ++ is a big amount...Did he remember before he bought 2 new ( for us) handphone cost him 4K? Damn it..

But in the end you know who will win this thing right?

*Blink* Blink*

Just do whatever you want la...Yes! That the final words from him...

For me; Berani buat berani tanggung la labu...~~

Belian malam iteww...Plus they gave us sticker parking by jockey..Wee

Please be understand...I wont take this if my face not as bad as moron...No..I hope it's not..But I don't like see my own face in mirror lately...Because of this..

It was getting worst you know! But based on the Chief Manager Beautician at Body Perfect it was burn because of the product that I used..Damn..

And she gave me new product to try...Hopefully pas ni muka aku x itam abis..Hihi...So scary..

I miss my face before...So cute! Hihi...Perasan...But true..I want to change and throw away this thing...

So better throw away some money and take it as investment right? Man will never understand..So pity

2:02 PM

It's not a good day

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What does it means with M.C?


Sakit2 pon terpaksa pergi kerja...Damn it...(Again)

People complaining everything...keep calling, asking about everything..

I might shut down my hp just like that but still....

Hello....I'm answering with polite tone..


Pas jawab fon suh pegi site plak...Aik?

Did I tell you I'm going to cancel my M.C? Nope...Neyhiiiii....

Aih...Macam-macam ada....

Better tdo + silent handphone..

1:37 PM

Run Away!

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What a day....

Pegi minta Half Day utk ari ni...Berjaya..

I told my GM I got an emergency..

Kuang3x..It's just I need to entertain my Mr Blub before he left for outstation at Sabah..

So sad..When I'm going to see him after this..He might be very busy-super busy..

My eyes caught up on Suri; Katie Holmes + Tom Cruise daughter..Gosh...

Time files so fast man..Tap Tip Tup dah besar! Ada ke budak makin tua makin kecik?=p

I don't know how old is she but she ain't no other baby girl out there..Cute!

Paling penting she loves to wear high heels! I feel like a loser..Hehe She just 3 yrs old but know how to fashion herself..=p

Ke mana tumpah kuah...Betl x?? Super cute...Nyummy...


That's all for today...

6:47 PM

Penawar duka

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Di sebabkan ketegangan + ketensionan yang melampau d ofis...

Aku telah menari...Tau menari? Omputeh dia DANCING..

Yeap...Correct...Kerja makin bertambah..Org sana kol...Site sana sini kol...Kena wat ni la..tu la..

Result dia saya mengidap kurang darah yang melampau lagi which makes me dizzy yang melampau..


2 ari cuti berehat kat umah...Mana x kurang darah...Makan pon lupa..Aih...

Hehe...Tgk2 YouTube jumpa this thing..

OMG...Bes...Rasa nak ikut tarian ni..


7:37 PM

I'm the one who planned, he's the 1 who step onto it!

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Jelezz lagik.!

Hubby went to KL Tower tonite just because he got dinner with his client..

Firstly he said the dinner was at Crown Hotel but the events was changed..Grrr

Still remember with my previous-previous post? I want to surprise him and having dinner at there but I cannot proceed the idea just because I know he will find out..It's not going to be a surprise tho..!

Hurm...Abaikan...Let him happy for this moment..~

Da lama x tempek my pic here..Tadaa...
Just came back from Kota Damansara (again) and did some pothole in my wallet..Gross..

That equipment is for my long term health checking...Since like I'm having up and down blood pressure I decided to buy the blood pressure monitoring at Guardian..

Image from Google
Aih..Pe nak buat...Dah tua nak..

And I have tried the equipment...I'm health as horse what...But..Why I felt dizzy...Nak pitam and bla bla bla??