10:49 AM

When he's not around

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Sob sob..

Husband I ilang lg..

Disappear to the ocean..

And he won't have a chance to berhari raya with his lovely wife this year..

It's our 1st year as husband-wife but I can get used to it; since he's not going for fun but to gained more money for me tho;)

Bila jauh di mata baru timbul rasa sayang..

Since 6 years ago, dari zaman bercinta ke zaman kahwin perangai aku memang x berubah..

Bla dekat jahat je kat dia..Da jauh baru nak rindu-rindu..

Padan muka aku derr...

My fav pic for this moment=)

Aih...I miss him!!

10:21 AM

My last day at YTL=)

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Boleh plak buat smile eh??

Bak kata my manager just now; You left us in this hell and you walk into paradise! How dare you!

So cute! But I'm kind of agreed with that statement..

So skrg ni aku dok dlm ofis tp rasa mcm invisible..Xde kerja..Bes gak..Baru sampai ofis actually..

Gila kuasa betoll...Hihi

Sampai awl pon xde kerja wat pe nk dtg awl..Betoi x??=p

So far keje kat cni mmg best..Ular banyak..Sbb byk pegi site luar..=p

The greatest feeling that I had here as an employee was I felt like working with a family members..

Especially my G.M..Thanks for being so sporting..Siap maen WhatsApp ngan dia..

My Superintendent..Alim dan sangat gatal..Suka pegang2 dan suka baca bahasa badan pompuan..!

Haha..Sorry beb! Sleepy Shareena..Geng kamceng g site...=)
Kenangan di site time awl2..Kiut!

Kaki masuk lumpur konkrit..I'm lucky Shareena took this pic! At least adala kenangan..=p

Memang xde kerja lah kan...So far mmg keje ni x pnah d benarkan guna baju kurung..Kalau guna mcm bunuh diri plak=p

Honestly I had a wonderful time working in this company. For the whole period I've been here, I got opportunity to learned about concrete very deeply and work with different people. I went to all site and met with new people everyday..

Memang xde kerja la ni skrg..I think I will spend time for the whole day by running through all old memory of the events we had. Gosh..I am sure I will miss my friends and bosses here! Sob-sob

Thanks for every one - I'm giving you all a chance to grow up in this company..Seriously, you're going to change a lot after working here 2 years and above!

3:52 PM

Waiting for miracle

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Hi guys..

It's been 2 months and a half I've been married to my lovely husband..

I received a good news from my cousin yesterday that her sis-in law was pregnant 2 weeks..

And she was asking me if I got any clue or symptom of pregnant but for the time being I don't have it yet..

I want a kid eventually, but my husband was not around frequently..

Ntah la..Let the baby grow itself and do not try to think it very hard..

Sapa la yg x mo baby?

Gila apo..But I will make sure that we try our best after Hari Raya..

Pray for our success ok..


OMG..I want this!=)