7:41 PM

Hi Cameron Highland (again?)

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Since I moved to another job which is more mind-challenging and strict-office hours, I have no time to visit my own blog..

Apatah lagi nak tulis something..

My daily routine would be the same and bored whenever my husband was not around..Morning 7am off to office and 7 pm reached home..But since he was here since last week, and he need to travel again next week, we made an 'emergency' planning which the option was included Cameron Highland, Kelantan (I never been here!) or Langkawi..

But since Kelantan and Langkawi sounds so far far away from KL we agreed to drive to Cameron Highland friday night..I think it was my 5th time went there but its ok then..There's a lot of development there..Seriously!

I tagged my sister and her husband along..I'm not considered it as my honeymoon tho..=p

Mari tgk gambo..

I never expect we gonna get that kind of apartment actually..

The apartment was so terrible, dirty and out dated..! Gosh! But since my husband have paid for the deposit, I think we don't have a choice! In fact we're arrived there during midnight and do you think you want to spent the rest of the night outside battling with a very cool weather?

This is the view from out apartment..I can't remember the name actually; semalam je kot?=p

Us =) getting ready nak jalan2..

Look at this..My first time this saw this kind of Apple?? I couldn't remember what is this but the skin was unique!~

See how it goes..Teruk betol! Haha

And this is another species of apple..But the color is green..But what concern me the most is the skin was same with the purple one!

Sayur2..13 longgok RM10..So cheap!

But we managed to cook some of it for lunch!

Arghh..Benda wajib beli!=p

My hand is full with flowers and the one that my sista holding was mine too!=p

We're married for 4 months yoo!

Please..I don't want him go! Haha=p Pe

Me out of control sudaaa~

Us..Hope to join him with a big belly..1 day..

As long as I'm happy with my blissful life, I could go on forever everywhere we go..Hope to travel again after he back from Miri=)

7:08 AM

Me still alive!

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I'll try to make this blog still looks alive to everybody and to myself..

It was a month and a half after I moving out from YTL and jump into consultant company..

It was blessed to have a new environment of work plus new scope of work..

The environment was totally different from before..Seriously I will get my original skin color after this..Say no to sunburn!

I didn't mean that I was stuck in office 8 hours! Sometimes I have to go for meeting with client and local authorities..But it rarely happen for the time being..

Since I'm the only lady in my department, then I don't have a competitors that can ruin my 'sweet' time in toilet!~ Pathetic!

But there's also the pros and cons working here in new place..

It's my boss that I'm scared with everyday! Oh man..He really can't control his temper..

Siap genggam tangan tu kalau kita tanya soalan! It's like his fist going to smashed me down when I ask him about anything; work of course!

He seems so ridiculous! He can't accept other people mistakes and questions..!

He knows that I'm really fresh in this, even find the gradient I forgot, the design and so on..

Everyday I pray that he wont have time to stay in office..He always have a meeting outside tho..

Argh!! It really ruins my mood to work there!

Forget it..

No update from myself..I don't feel good now..Since the jerebu thing hit KL last week and until now..Perhaps it will be gone soon!

I really want to go jogging now..But my husband wont join it..And to leave him alone at home!Pfft..

Need to go now! Pasar Borong Selangor!

He's awake already..Tata

3:35 PM

Eid Mubarak

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Selamat Hari Raya guys!

Now heading back to KL with my lovely husband!

Fact is we don't have Raya's Potrait together..

That's the 'sweetest thing' huh?

Till then..Chow