1:41 PM

Labuan Visit

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I've been stranded here at Labuan since past few days..

Thanks to my husband for that..

Actually my ticket LBU-KUL was today but he changed it to tomorrow..

And I have a lot of things that need to be settle by the way! Sabo je la~

My parcel was arrived yesterday! Yeay! Can't wait for Nationwide Express to re-delivery it to my house!

Nothing to be shared here..I only can concentrate with my hubby's snores now! >_<

I should take pictures and tempek here few..

Till then yaww!

8:00 PM

Retro Costume for Retro Night

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Hubby emailed me an invitation for his company yearly dinner and the theme was "Retro Night"

In case la my hubby ni balik KL before 30/12 nih konfem la dia tpksa pegi..

Aku plak 1st time ikut dinner dia nih..

Goshh...Dalam ati memang xnk pegi..Sbb I ni anti-sosial..Haha..JK

But, looking for a perfect costume for the dinner is fun!

Sbb lawak2 je baju dorang kan..

Retro Costume guys...

Just imagine I'm wearing this..Serius 6 packs!Haha

This one looks nice..

At first, I was sort of reluctant to dress up since I don't have many clothes to put on and I don't get what is the true concept of the dinner actually..

Ye la..kot-kot melaram kang suma pakai purdah..Haha I don't think so..

Anyhow, I kept eyeing through this website: getgoretro.com and the dress inside there was so so so helpful!

Kind of fun huh?

Can't imagine if everyone was wearing 60's and 70's clothes..I should wear a mask..Kot2 tak tahan gelak..

Hi hubby, I should start looking for this wig for you..You will look jambuuuuu!~~

Or I just send my old curtain to tailor and ask them to make a dress and shirt for us..Haha..

Makes sense..

Just wait and see the outcome..


10:41 AM


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Waiting for my husband calling me since last few days.. It's killing me and makes me crazy like hell! Betul la penantian itu 1 penyeksaan.

The thing is he told me that his projek will finish on 10th and looks like 2 days hv passed! Gosh.. I wonder if he ok right there?

He should know that there's a person that care about him so much. At least, send me an email..

Mood: Christina Perry - Thousand Years~

7:53 PM

Kerongsang Alaf 2012

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Hi guys..

If you bored with your current brooch and you want something different, I suggest you to buy the new design of brooch..

Made by herself..Handmade..

And all very pretty one! Roses!!

Check it out at her blog : Kedai Lalaland

2:00 PM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Addicted to this kind of dress lately..

Classic you~

1:18 PM

Meeting up with bestfriend

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Since I've been resigned from YTL 5 months back, jarang dapat jumpa my best buddies or ex-colleagues..

Working with YTL for 2 years, it was a best experienced ever. Even though the work is so hectic and troublesome, but surrounded by all reckless head of engineer, the work life turn to a very awesome memories~

So, I met up with Eena; the best partner ever! Ops..I bukan lesbian ok? Even though that's my boss call us before=p

We just can't be separate and must be see for each other everyday! Except for weekend la..

She slept at my house..And we intended to go for Aerobic Class at Sunday's morning.

Since it was cancelled we headed to Tropicana Mall for Puss In Boots movie=)

Me - getting plum-ier and fatter by the day..It proves that I'm having a good life! Haha

Eena..Freaking control face dude!~

See you next time beb...

Save your story in your locker of mind..Haha

I miss my old days..

11:37 AM

Vampire Excitement~

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Hallo guys..


Mata masih ngantuk lagi..Semua gara2 Breaking Dawn semalam..Huhu

Btw, I was really frustrated with Malaysia-Cinema-Censored-Control..

OMG, kalau part yang blue-blue I do understand, but part orang nak beranak pon dia cut?

Damn it..Semua orang komplen tau x..Agak2 la..Klu nak cut sangat baik x yah bawa msuk wayang..

And kalau takut sgt budak2 msuk tgk, just make it only for 18 and above la!

The movie was awesome but when the best/nervous/exciting part wayang dh cut, overwhelmed and overjoyed of the movie was gone!

Huh! Nak bli Blue Ray pas nih..Ke kna cut jugak scene2 yang x spatut nya?Dang!

I shouldn't go watch the movie last nite.. What a waste =(

9:33 PM

He's noncommunicable!

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When he can't be contactable by me means; he was far-far away from the land..

I will do something that can keep me remind of him every minute!

That is so pathetic..

Mesti korang nak muntah hijau dengar I asyik cte pasal laki yang jauh di ocean..Haha..

Nak wat cana..Ni blog tempat meluahkan rasa masam,manis,masin..Haha


Another 2 days, we're officially married for 6 months..Sob sob..

Kesimpulannya jangan cari future husband keje oil n gas..Nak nagging pon x boleh..Tapi bla wat silent treatment dia ckp x blh jugak..

Tapi jumpa kadang2 pon elok gk..Laki I yang kurang romantik pon blh jd romantik bla da jumpa..Haha

Sabar2..Lagi 2 minggu!

11:03 AM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Meleleh siot air liur..


Ok..Baju ni mmg bes ok..Sexy tapi sopan..Camana tu??

Korang g jenguk blog ni gak...Kedai Lalaland ....Sabo je aku..Dahla gaji bulan ni half je dapat..Oh tabung suami ku..


7:59 AM

Crave for this!

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Don't get me wrong..It's just a movie! Haha

Breaking Dawn Part 1..Anyone? Rasa nak p tengok tghari ni je la..

Tapi nnt my sister merajuk plak..Have to wait for weekend..Well..Not everybody got free time huh?=p

Peace! Can't wait! It's PG-13 Rating youuu...Haha..

2:08 PM

New Town Coffee

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Since I was officially being a housewife, I have plenty of time to do everything that I want such as sleep more than 6 hours per day, more time for beauty and healthiness, and more important thing is more time to my blog!

It’s a good experience ever! Being a housewife even though my husband is not around and I wish for those engineers out there who have been working like hell, please give a treat to your mind and body!

It’s a good thing tho, when I woke up in the morning my mind is empty.

But I didn’t waste my degree certificate just like that.. Perhaps by early next year, I will start working back..

My husband chosen not to comment anything and I just proved to him that being a housewife is helping him to save the budget. Pe kes plak laki aku yang save? Sebab gaji engineer mcm aku ni tak penah ckup even bonus 2 kali stahun..Haha

So, it was my free time and I went to sightseeing at Taman Rekreasi Bukit Jalil area..

Gosh..I never heard New Town Coffee before? Anyone?

Yeah..Ni Old Town White Coffee..Suma orang tau..

But this one? Nice!~New Town Coffee

Try the New Town Milk Tea..The taste is so milky and I don't like it! To be frank ok..

Their menu; I think just like Hailam Kopitiam menu..

Overall? Moderate la..Harga boleh tahan pricey.. But if I compared the taste of tea, I will recommend the Old Town!

I cannot drink the coffee, that's why I can't describe the coffee taste.. Why not korang pegi try?


5:08 PM

Perempuan aher zaman?

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Baik korang mengucap banyak2 sebelom baca entry kali ni..

I just started browsing for latest update through my FB wall and you know what was the thing that retard my mood? Gulp..Gosh..

Ada jugak perempuan tak malu macam nih??OMG..

She was naked for God sake..For entire Nauzubillah Album!

Come on la..I know it's your FB after all but hey..Please la..

Save it in your nude-private-album ok?

But surprisingly there's more than thousand people like the picture!



She's in the picture actually was crystal clear naked..Tapi saya sebagai perempuan tak sampai hati nak tunjuk semua nya..

Oh..by the way..Ni FB dia kalau korang nak singgah..Aku tgk aku nak muntah..

Sbb aku bukan lesbian..


Moral of story..Baik aku tgk sapa yg like gambo dia..Takut slh sorng nya laki aku sendiri..

Haha..Shamed on you girl!

1:37 AM

Perfect Stalker

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Ok..mata ngantok gila..

Jam menunjukkan jam 1.40am..


Dasyat nya aku malam ni..Selagi x jumpa apa yang aku nak slagi tu la aku xnk tido..

Pas gayut ngn hubby slama sejam lebih tadi..Aku start cari nama member dia; Zaim..

Tapi x jumpa kat FB dia..

Then try carik awek dia punya nama plak..Khairunnisa..Great..Lagi aku x jumpa..

Halimunan ke apa 2 org nih..Penat doh..Sampaikan aku siap carik 1 by 1 friends hubby aku..

Xkn aku nk kejutkn dia dr tdo (klu dia tgh tdo skrg) semata2 nk suh cari FB kwn dia tu..

Great! Terseksa nya macam niiii....Then I tried googled my own name and the result was magnificant!

Banyak kot yang aku jumpa..Macam2=p

Issshhhh....Mana celah la aku nk carik minah ni..Geram...Sok abis la hubby aku..

Carik sampai dapatttt!! Ya Allah..Manusia apa kah aku ni..Stalker bagai nak rak!

Geram sbb hubby slalu cte, cte and cte..But the thing is I couldn't remember which one is Khairunnisa..And also his boipren which is same class with me during matriculation!!

Better go to sleep girl!

Sebelom muka ko naik jerawat..Huhu..

Nite all..Love ya..

6:24 PM

20.11.2011 date

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Tak ade yg menarik pon dgn tarikh ni..

*Sob Sob*

I wondered when my husband will coming back! Baby come back to me!!

What a life.. Everything seems no right for me..

I felt so miserable. Being alone. Without my husband.

Suka gamba kawen nih..Taken 28th May 2011..

We're married for almost 6 months huh? And boleh kira brp lama je blh jumpa husband..

Sedih! Perit! Hati ni je tau..Ok..X elok merintih..Harus ikhlas merelakan suami pergi mencari rezeki..

I miss him..God..Nak ikat dia kat tiang umah ni kalau dia balik ok..

Blog walking je keje ari nih..

Wat marketing la konon=)

So, tarikh menarik tahun ni..x di abadikan dengan program yang berfaedah..



1:56 PM

Why Men Cheat?

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

I always hold this principal when it comes to love.

"Put yourself a quarantine to think about the incoming new love before you take it into your jar of heart"

Maybe it's only a puppy love, or maybe it will become a true love!

Dah kawen2 pon still nak cerita pasal cinta..Buang tabiat apa..

By the way, I can't throw away this memory; It happened while I was in the first year of university..So let me shared with you guys here ok?

Duuuu.Duuuuu.~~ Music please..Before I start! Haha

Erm. If anyone who read this know who is the guy that I mean with, please,please shut your mouth off! Haha..Nanti buka aib plak..

I met this guy during our orientation week.

Dia kira ok la..Just time tu xde prasaan..Yela..1st time duduk kat semenanjung ni..Malas nak becintan cintun..

So, nak di pendekkan cerita that guy keep following, asking me if I want to go out with him, and he really annoyed me at that time!

So, finally I bagi chance la kuar ngan mamat ni kan..

Naik kereta sewa (normal la kan?) Dia drive, I duduk sebelah..Then member dia 2 org dduk belakang..Laki..

Pastu I tgk dia bawa mcm x betol..Dlm ati mls nak layan..Pastu dia stop kt stesyen minyak.Nak isi minyak..

Dia komplen yang stereng kete begegar semacam..So, pas isi minyak dia suh kwn dia drive. I tgk member dia bawa ok je..Obviously that guy driving with Gear 1/2 je kot? Haha

And then..handphone dia bunyi! So, I tgk..waaahhh hp flipped tu! Time tu kira mhl la kan..Tau2 ada password..Dia tekan2 x boleh..Dia suh member dia buka password..Ok..That's not his hp..

And then dlm ati; Whudda?nak bergaya pon agak2 la..Haha..

Ok..that's it..Back to the topic!

Why men have a tendency to cheat? I just don't get it..I mean you don't have to do that..You don't have to look rich, to look good, and to look perfect in front of the girl..Acting kind of superior and incredibly smart will shows how stupid you are!

Kalau x kantoi xpe..Kalau kantoi? Sia-sia la pompuan da x mo nak kuar ngan korang..

Bukan nk burukkan dia tapi jujur lagi elok dari cuba menyembunyikan kelemahan yang memang nyata kan?

Then on my 2nd year I met this guy..He know how to tackle me, he was honest, and he know how to treat me like a princess by providing me a happiness. He's a final year student tho. Both of us are using PTPTN to live at university. So there's nothing to show off!

Kuar pon byr sendiri2 ok..

And he's the man that I married with, until now and forever (InsyAllah).. So far he didn't have any secret or hidden story behind me.

If a men cheating on you just because he want to look good for you, I think you better knock off from the relationship..If one day, their secret revealed both of you will get hurt!

I always write a love story here whenever I miss my husband so much..Bila dia nak balik ni..Huhu..

7:14 AM

Latest Hoodies Collection to be grab!

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Hi guys..

It's been a while since lalaland updating their new collection..

For those who keep eyeing the new collection of hoodies, please visit this website;

And also the new long dress cotton to be grab!


p/s : Nak jadi tukang iklan la..X yah iklan kt tiang2 traffic light=p

1:32 PM

Samsung Wave aka Samsung Magnet?

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

I discovered something today..

Since I'm changing my channel of gadget to Apple lately, I'm automatically forgot about my Samsung Wave existence :p

I'm using the Samsung Wave for my 2nd number to be exact. Sometimes I couldn't even bother to have a look at it in case there's a miscall, text, or whatever la..

It happened today, I was in the middle of cleaning + clearing my table since today is my last day working here..Proud to be Arup'ian even tho just for 3 months!~

I didn't noticed that there's a paper clip under my Samsung's hp.

When I tried to removed it, I was shocked and surprised! Wow! I didn't know that Samsung Wave cover was a built in magnet!

Feel so bad -_- ..After a long time, and now you just discovered about this? Haha

So the moral of story is, we don't have to wait for old @ ancient fridge to be dismantle just for the sake of magnet-for-fun..

At least I can give this Samsung Wave to my kids (future perhaps) as their lust to magnetic-games=)

12:10 PM

Apam Polka Dot

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Polka dot memang glamer dari dulu lagi..

Dari baju Polka dot, ke stokin polkadot, sampai la ke makanan polkadot..

I just want to share with you guys about this nyummylicious + cuteness Apam Polka Dot..

Do visit her blog here; LalalandBakery!

I took 1 picture from her blog as well!

Very cute one!

Apam Polka Dot

Whenever or wherever you are, she can make a delivery also! For me, I found something to munch in office! Inside got filling ok? I choose chocolate, strawberry and blueberry filling...


Korang ingat Apam Balik je untuk minuman petang? Benda alah ni pon sedap!

Owh..I'm in love!

9:03 AM

Miss you my love!

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

My current favourite song which I intent to sing it at Karaoke Box later~

It was a song by Avril Lavigne - Wish you were here..

The lyric:

"Wish You Were Here"

I can be tough
I can be strong
But with you, it's not like that at all

There's a girl
who gives a shit
behind this wall
You've just walked through it

And I remember all those crazy things you said
You left them running through my head
You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish you were here.
All those crazy things we did
Didn't think about it, just went with it
You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish you were here

Damn, Damn, Damn,
What I'd do to have you
here, here, here
I wish you were here.
Damn, Damn, Damn
What I'd do to have you
near, near, near
I wish you were here.

I love the way you are
It's who I am, don't have to try hard
We always say, say like it is
And the truth is that I really miss

All those crazy things you said
You left them running through my head
You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish you were here.
All those crazy things we did
Didn't think about it, just went with it
You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish you were here

Damn, Damn, Damn,
What I'd do to have you
here, here, here
I wish you were here.
Damn, Damn, Damn
What I'd do to have you
near, near, near
I wish you were here.

No, I don't wanna let go
I just wanna let you know
That I never wanna let go

(let go let go let go let go)

No, I don't wanna let go
I just wanna let you know
That I never wanna let go

(let go let go let go let go let go let go let go)

Damn, Damn, Damn,
What I'd do to have you
here, here, here
I wish you were here (I wish you were)
Damn, Damn, Damn
What I'd do to have you
near, near, near
I wish you were here.

Damn, Damn, Damn,
What I'd do to have you
here, here, here
I wish you were here.
Damn, Damn, Damn
What I'd do to have you
near, near, near
I wish you were here.

Thanks to Azlyrics.com ..Enjoy!

Missh my husband!

5:06 PM

Black-Stubborn-Snake at my house!

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


I have no passion to elaborate and give some details about how is it looks a like because I was freaking phobia with this reptile creature.

Seriously I just put an entry for this stubborn snake here to make sure I will be more careful living on this earth especially when I'm alone at home..

Well..This is the worst part living in my huge house alone-without my husband.

I can stay alone, it's just I didn't mean that I'm not afraid with ghost. No..

I know God always watching me..That's the important thing. But this reptile animal? Is the reason why I'm scared being alone even though inside my house!

I was goggle-ing to searching for the kind of snake that 'visiting' my house last few days..

Geli geleman! I can't stand anymore writing about this snake here!

Ok..I found this..Indigo Snake? I think 'they' were look a like..If you really want to know about it, try google it=)

It's a black snake, about 1 meter length..And it's not cute at all to be seen!

That's all for today..Shhhuuuhhhh..Please..I hope this is the last time this species come visiting me at house..


5:00 PM

Give a break to your stressful mind :)

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Hallo guys..

I know that it's a middle of a hot and sunny day and some of you might searching for something that can peace your mind for a while..

I don't know if you receive the email regarding these funny pictures!

Enjoy the pics guys!

I am truly sorry if one of the pictures were you, your siblings, your family or your friends! I just want to share with other people here because it really makes me smile and laugh! Chill ok?

Ayam tgh rehat2 tapi di buat Kabsah Chicken!

Erm..No komen..=)

Aren't these 'women' very special?

I'm not going in!


I pernah guna spectacles je kot? Tapi ni? Haha

Ganas siott~

No komen..Haha

Seriously bus? Don't you have any other place to park? LOL!

You kidding me huh? Haha.. But the lappy so nice..

Errr..No Komen

Haha Creative!

OMG..Over load!

No komen!

Seriously?Only 1 person??

Haha nice! No need to buy Ambi Pure!

This is no funny at all cause I use to put my hp like this all over the time while driving!


What brand the goat using huh? Pierre Cardin perhaps? Haha


Please..There's no shit in your class..=)

No komen..He's cute! Haha

1:38 PM

Salam Aidiladha

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Salam..Hi guys..

Aidiladha da abes pon..Baru nak sibuk2 wish kat sini..

Btw, semalam baru je sampai KL..

Selepas menghabiskan masa bersama suami tercinta di Labuan..

Tiket mmg last minute sokmo..

Gamba pon x sempat nk ambik kalau dh nama nya ddk dlm gelap je 24 jam..


Mood honeymoon masih ada ok? Bila la hubby nk balik ke KL smula..

Baik saya duduk menyewa somewhere else je..Kereta pon sewa monthly je..

Ni x..Rumah besar ddk sorng..Kereta tersadai je kat umah..

Gosh! I'll update about 'ular melawat kawasan umah' later.. Kamera Sony x bawak..Semangat je ambik gamba JPA tgh tangkap ular kat saluran paip..

Geli nyah! Ular warna itam gitu!

Hati yang gembira lepas jumpa suami terus berubah jadi ketakutan..


Eyytttt...Topik pasal Aidiladha..Pe cite nih?

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha Kawan2..

Saya dah berkorban tahun ni..Saya bg pinjam kete saya kat my sista untuk dia balik Kemaman jumpa suami since kete dia x tukar tayar lagi..=p

Saya senang hati bg dia pinjam sbb sy dpt jumpa suami tercinta slama 3 hari!

I love You Syg..Balik cepat..Takut kejadian ular berulang semula..Sumpah saya tabur belerang tu kat badan saya nanti..

Orang Kuning la jadi nya! =)

10:24 AM

Harian Metro Lebih Advance?

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Hi all...

Ari ni tak silap tarikh : 3 November 2011

But when I open Harian Metro Online today, it shows that

Jumaat 04 November 2011..Isn't it tomorrow's date?

Correct me if I'm wrong here..


9:23 AM

Bkay Nair Accecories Collection

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Lately I was in a mood promoting other people brands..=p

Did you guys know who is Bkay Nair? She's a new comer artist which become popular just in split second!

Maybe you all x penah dengar or penah dengar tapi tak ingat rupa dia..

This is her..Bkay Nair.. Thanks to Budiey for the picture..Pinjam kejap ok?

She have a lots of accessories collection that she bought from oversea such as Korea, US, UK and etc..

I can see that the quality of it was 100% authentic and in good conditions! So ladies grab it now!

Oppss.. Please refer to her blog ; Bkay Nair

But she only manage update her accessories half from her total collection..I'll help her update the rest later..Ok?

Tq for your time guys..

4:08 PM

Off to my sister's friend wedding

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Last weekend we headed to Dewan MPK Klang to attend my sister's friend wedding..

We all sampai awal..Around 11.40am? And of course we haven't take a breakfast yet at that time!

Lapa punya pasal kan..Salam2 then trus makan..

Great..We saw the invitation through Facebook, majlis 10am till 2pm..That's why we are rushing..

Kot2 x sempat..Tau2 sampai jam 4! Pfft...

Sanding plak jam 1pm..

Luckily the place was very near to Jusco Bukit Tinggi and GM Klang..

According to my Papago (GPS) , 930m je nak pegi GM Klang dari Dewan MPK Klang..

So, back to the track, we end up jalan2 kat GM Klang and cuci mata a bit!

The wholesale place was huge! Siap ada 6 pavilion!=p We didn't managed to get anything from there.. Dapat kepenatan bejalan je la kot..

I was thrilled when I enter the hall..Since last time when I married, I xde Arch ni..Hihi

The door gift..Susun rapi tapi x dapat pon..We managed to get the gold paper bag which there's a Kuih Bakar inside..Nyummy!

Bla..bla..bla..xtau nak crita apa..But I chosed the table..Depan sekali..Amik kau...

Pelamin..Orang x ramai pon time we all sampai..And we managed to eat peacefully and greedily..Haha!

See? How hungry and emotional him? It proves that we didn't take any food for for breakfast! Haha

The Dato' and Datin =p (My sister and her husband) Me? Single..I mean I was single on that day..My husband was not around..Sob!

It's my portion but I did get the 2nd round! Haha

Yes..That's the fatty and 'gediks' blogger..Me! Yeah! I have to admit here, in my own blog that I'm fat! God!

There the bride and the groom..My sister said; her friend didn't took any rice in her meal for 3 months straight! I wish I can do that!

When I flashed back to our wedding last few months, everything's turned out very smoothly and normal like other couples wedding. Except for the wedding dress of mine, which completely spoilt my mood!

Ok..Stop..This is other people wedding story..Haha sorry guys..

By the way, Congratulations to both of you Nurul Nadieya and Muhammad Alief!

You guys looked gorgeous and the food was awesome!