8:42 AM

A Night with Aizat!

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Last night was a blast!

After watching Aizat singing on the stage non-stoppable plus with a very good voice of him & sound system from the 'poyo' sound engineering plus the drummer is also the best!

We arrived at Bentley Music Auditorium Damansara around 7.40pm and we made a wrong choiced to park at The Curve! Aih! It wasted my energy as well! Punya la byk parking depan Tesco but being so dumb and insisted to park at the Curve!

And that moment 3 of us; Ina, Blub n me was so hungry as we can turn ourself as a moron! We haven't dinner yet!

Dengan pandainya beli McD and we thought we can eat inside the auditorium.. Haha

But of course we can't!

Then we shifted everything into our handbag...So pathetic.!

And I thought (again?) there's a chair inside but nadah-

We have to stand up inside the auditorium for 2 hours? And my Blub honestly said that he only can stand for 10 min only..Haha

But after we start listen to him (Aizat) everything's changed!

Why he can performed on the stage very perfectly? This is for his DVD collection after all.. Of course he did it pretty well!

Of course we can stand up there for 10 hours! Best ooooo!

After an hour, girls in front of me screamed and said "Oh Siti!"

Then immediately I turn back, OMG that is for real! She's coming with Datuk K of course...OOOOOMMGG!

Hahaha..I'm really truly her fan!!

She's pretty man!

Aihh...Whatever..There's a Datuk Sharifah Aini also...Dafi...Bunkface...And Noh Hujan + Miss Nina!

Sorry for the less quality of photo..I wish I can have the DSLR last night! Then I can snap million of Siti's pic!

But overall. ..Aizat is the best!

That's me and Ina...Ops...Where's my Blub?Hahaha

Anyway...thanks to my Blub..I don't know his company sponsoring for this Aizat Concert until Aizat announced it..Wah no wonder he can get free ticket for us...

I'm so happy and luckily I brought Ina..She really loves music and I knew she was very happy too!

7:19 PM

Blackout while climax?

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Hey people, what are you thinking with my title above?=p

It was about my last night movie agenda with my Blub at Alamanda Putrajaya...I think published their name place will build some publicity here..

Watching Green Hornet last night (3D) , the movie was so funny and I think it was the time when we call it climax and out of sudden everything is black..And what comes to my mind that time is; April Fool ke? But it wasn't!

Blackout! Aih....Memang potong stim..

I try to think it logically...X penah seumo idup aku mengalami keadaan mcm ni..

Everybody is waiting very patiently until half an hour the cinema people announced that we can refund our ticket and money at counter..

WTH? Ishh....

Then kluar2 wayang mak oiiii it was a very long line! There's no way I want to wait just for the sack of RM35! Why? Barisan sampai keluar wayang? Isk2

Then they make announcement that there's a new line for e-payment purchased...


I hope this is the first and the last...It will ruin their reputation as well...Ok?

Maka dengan itu saya hanya tgk half movie je!Damn!!

I want to watch it again!Best! arghh Kejam nya GSC

Come my lady...Watch this movie!

9:36 PM

Khurafat Review?

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While Malaysian strongly put 2 thumbs up with this movie, from my side i just can say 'No Comment'.

Well it is not because I don't like this movie or maybe I love this movie so much but it is because I only watched ending part of this movie...Seram siottt...

A friend of mine strictly remind me of this shocked-unexpected hidden ghost appearance!

So I just take a safety precaution especially when the night scene is started..Yosh!

Maybe it's true that this movie directed so 'alive'. Because I can heard everyone in cinema screamed in a same time..Haaaaaaa!

But there's a time (in second) I open my eyes and I can give an honest appraise to Sabrina. She was really a real and truth actress la..Aih..

And I think Liyana Jasmay was really cute wearing tudung..Seriously..

Anyway...anyhow..anytime...I just can say that this movie is so real! I think the director must be overheard or maybe experienced with this kind of thing before..

There's nothing impossible in our country...For those who didn't watch this movie yet, spent time (but not alone)watch this movie and in the same time you guys can appreciate our industry film..

Congratulation to Syamsul..

Please don't asked me about the plot of movie because I really don't know..Haha such a waste huh?

Pic credit to runwitme.blogspot

11:35 PM

Steambot at Restoran Maeps

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Hi peeps! Sorry for the very lack updates here!~

Nak wat mcmna..Busy..Makan je keje..=(

I think I'm fat! Super fatty woman!OMG..

And now I feel like I wanna thrown out all the food that I just ate..Too full!

Arghh! Ladies plz wake me up...See the countdown on the top of the blog. 4 months? What??

Calm down...You can do it Koci!

I just came back from Restoran Maeps at Serdang. The place is so scary, dark and horror.. Eww

The place is just nearby to Hospital Serdang.

The good thing about this place is you only have to pay RM19.90/entry and you can eat whatever inside there. The food is marvelous as well..And they have Ice-cream and ABC too!

Diet? Oh please forget the diet first if you insist to walk to this restaurant..Menyesal beb wa cakap sama lu..

Setting dapur masak...Dapur gas sebelah seat je..Meletop xtau la=p

Flyer about this restaurant..Oh they also have a wedding package with Garden-concept...And the place is really convenience for photoshoot!

Hah...Ambik kau...Kalau x kolestrol tinggi, darah tinggi yang naik...Isk...

Be a goat better huh? Sayur pon banyak jenis tau...

Drink is free...Teh Tarik also have ahhh....Sedap oo..

Aih...It looks like I'm doing the advertisement now...I just want to share with you guys..Kot2 ada yang suka mkn buffet steamboat...Please spend your leisure and pleasure time to have a makan-makan time here..

Make sure perut kosong dulu sblum datang..=p

Isk...I forgot to snap picture of me...Nevermine..I'll update my picture later..~