11:11 AM

Selsema Babi

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Alert with the title?

Jangan Panik- Muhyiddin said...

Harap-harap Malaysia x terjangkits...bahaya....

Nothing to do today...Keep fighting with my BF...Huh....Healthy fighting..Abaikan...

Dok edit-edit gamba je keja...

Yang geram nya Celcom Broadband ni....I should refuse myself NOT TO PURCHASED the celcom bloody broadband...


My nephew....cute isn't it?=p

My cousin...sori la...suka nk edit gmba orang...

9:49 AM

Stupid-Innocent Retard

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Have ya all see this movie?

I am truly-deeply-honestly x boleh tahan ketawa when I saw this..

OMG...Whuddddddaaaaaaa this guy thinking??


Mmg xnk ketawa...kesian actually but try put on maximum volume and you all will laugh until your jaws down to earth...

OMG....Astagfirullah....Mengucap la....

But seriously aku ketawa sampai sakit kepala!

If the video is not clear enough you can click here

1:41 PM

Prison Break

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Season 4 Prison Break!!

Yeah baby...Rock with that title...

I just watched episode 18.....


Terkezuts......Buat zera ku sayang.....gilcha yang di rindui....come on girls....aku tolong cerita ah...


Biar aku crita sikit-sikit for this new episode:

Christina Scofield (Linc n Michael mom of course) : She have Sycilla... And the worst part dia nak bunuh Lincoln.. Tapi mestilah x buleh kn..Hero..And also she tried to kill Janathan ( Kepala botah leader of the Company)

Sarah Tancredi??: She's pregnant!! OMG....Hehe..Serious..

Vincent Sandinsky: New character...muka innocent tapi huh....macam kambing..=p

Banyak lagi yang nak di hebahkan tetapi saya rasa sangat kesian untuk yang belum tengok...So itu saja la...

Episode 17 n 18 in my hand now baby.....;p

Jeles x kawan??

Ni T-Bag ah...mmg x pnah berenti wat onar...aih....

9:33 AM

My day...

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One of my task at JKR...cuba-cuba tudung...cuba-cuba perfume...aih..

Cantik angle nih...perut boroi pon nampak...=p

Kalau bosan tgk cte Inkheart...x perlu pegi wayang sbb sesungguhnya xde wayang kat Limbang!~

My favourite beverage;p (stat time praktikal)

This picture Mr Blub amik..kat Taman Connaught..Yeark..Org KL minum air sampah ke? Anta kat paper star confirm dapat hadiah...=p

Me today....Mix and Match is good ye para puan-puan...

Saja-saja nak post gamba yang banyak di laptop sebelum laptop aku yang masalah ni lg btambah hang!

Sekian untuk hari ini.....

3:18 PM

The Great Escapade

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The Great Escapade

I don’t know whether Malaysia Airlines need the entry in past or present tense because the most and the greatest escapade I have in my life may not existing yet.

Before this I have been in Langkawi, Malacca, Genting, and Cameron Highland for my vacation with my family. I really don’t think vacation at that moment was the great escapade for me.. Maybe I should have my own fun and not thinking about how devastated I am while went to that place in the first place because jalan-jalan with my whole family just likes jalan-jalan with police inspector with handcuff at my hand=p…

I always dream to have a vacation over the seas. (not including Brunei cause mey hometown just beside Brunei=p)*sob sob*


So based on the question given by MAS,

"If you could travel anywhere, which MAS Stimulus Package will you use and why?"

Of course I will choose the MH Flex 1+1 package… God! Really want this package..Not to mention I really want this package so I can go honeymoon with my boyfriend with free tickets… Hell no!! I would not bring him though..=p As far as I know, I will bring my besties of course!! Best friend ever!!~

Why I enthusiastically craving for this package? Because it was obviously I can bring a company along with me and she do not need to pay for the tickets..If I can have this package she will have the free tickets as a present! I just need to be with her in other place and having a leisure time as maximum as we can! Eventually it is so thoughtful if I can have this as a free you know! I can exactly laughs until jaws down to earth! Niat kena betul…=p

I never give her a WOW present for her birthday, graduation day, and etc. I just hope this can help me show my truthfully + honestly to her~ Surprised is good damn thing am I right?

It is like girly-out-bitchy-time-fun without limitations!

Matter-of-fact, me as a 23rd years old girl/women (everything what people called) really want to have fun and enjoyed as maximum as I can without parental guide + free and freeze from boyfriend rules-advice-warning signs….

Hummpphh… Obviously this package will attached me with a perfect and never forgotten memories ever..

I don’t know what people thinking about me after this but the truth is I want this package badly. And I think it will make me write easily next time about my greatest escapade! Don’t you think? I am really ready to walk down to the aisle now and I can’t wait for it!… Ughh…

P/S: Everybody please pray for my successful!~

Last two years vacation at Cameron Highland with my family (me wearing black scarf)

3:03 PM

I think Wedges are lovely!

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As you all know....wedges and platform wedges are such height savers but minus the stilettos pain...Is that correct?

Well for me it's depends with you and yourself..I love wearing wedges lately because I feel very nice and comfortable wearing them...

Banyak choices leh korang pilih untuk wedges..x perlu yang branded kalau nak bergaya.. that's my principe LOL...Tapi kat sini ada brand macam-macam...Nak murah boleh tgk kat Nose..

Few examples for wedges and how aboout you all? Love wedges or not??

Picture courtesy from Piperlime...Kasut dia mmg banyak yang gorgeous!!!

3:48 PM

Lip Ice Contest!

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Sekarang nih tengah musim Lip Ice Contest… You all dah join?

I won’t joint it because I’m not that into Lip Ice stuff because I was preferred to let my sexy lips au natural…

Aku x join tapi dah vote dua orang Hamid’s daughter… Everybody yang nak tgk dorng jd cover girl Remaja vote la mereka ini..

Cara-cara vote pon ada kt blog dorang…


[1] Pink Stilettos

[2] Shazwany Hameed

Eventually I had to convince myself that ber latihan industry here was hilarious=(

Go…go….go for it!~