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New fav gymnasium at Puncak Jalil area

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Salam guys..

Wohoaa..I'm still alive ok..

Kuang3x.. Been silent for few years. Sorry bout that. Busy with my life and business. Alhamdulillah.

Pathetic storied. I moved to Puncak Jalil area since last year, and I just found this 'user friendly' & nearest gym from my house! Dang! Such a waste of time & petrol.

I used to spent my healthy time at Permaisuri, Cheras even tho I moved to Puncak Jalil. Tuhan je tau brapa jauh nye la kan semata-mata nak g joging n g gym!

It's the Fitness Studio & Gym that I talked about =)

Intro panjang lebar kan..

Courteous entry just for penduduk puncak jalil yang ada excess baggage kat perut.. Boleh la join I kat gym =)

The place is so comfy and less hectic (which I like the most!) Malas nak beratur sbab nk naik tread mill tu kan..


Malas nak tempek gamba. Next time year  je k..=)

See ya..