1:02 PM

Mish My Mr Kam

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

I have something to tell!!!!!
Attention please........Grrrrrrrrr
so whatt??

Erm...Bosan nya...Byk g wyg x tgk ni ha...risau!ahaks...hihi
mls nk stadi ah...
rumet suma ilang...ntah p mana...
i knew it...
1 roomate = telah membuat keputusan untuk balik ke kpg famili angkat kt kemaman = yuyu
1 roomate = g tgk cter kt bilik ats..( dh halau balik td x dgr gk)
1 roomate = my excellent super dupie g interview Sime Darby Woooooo

So...here i am...
Lonely I'm Mrs Kam very Lonely....
I have a body...
But very fat....o00o0o0....

Stop it...Speaking rubbish (hit my head...pinch my stomach..awww)

My Mr Kam baru landed kt darat...dah jd buaya darat smula~~

Frankly speaking about LOVE...

wikipedia the word of love can be define as any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection. The word love can refer to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes, ranging from generic pleasure.

Soooo into love....hihi...everybody who involved in love please be serious with your partner but for the single mingle buddy....just fall in love your frens.....InsyAllah your greatest Love will coming to you maybe today......tomorrow.....or later~~~~

Here some parasit in this world.....

12:33 PM

Bosan Tulis2 Time~

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Hari ni ari Khamis...
N just now i just finished a foundation test....Ermmmm
quite ok n also difficult...dunno wat to explain that actually...

My frens ( leader is Aqilah) tgh buat 1 plan yang mana during this final exam (maybe 1st paper) we all kna pkai baju kurung sekolah...Yeah* hihi..
Can you imagine how does it look alike?

xtau cana rupa dia...mostly my frens xde lagi baju kurung skolah 2...so d the leader take an action!
xtau dia nk settle cana...ngeeeee~~~
Later i will update picture for that ahh...i dunno whether the plan will be real or not...
watch n waitin yah...

Cite sedey plak...
x lama lg....nk bpisah ngn kengkawan dh...pas ni kna g l.i plak
pas2 msuk ke zaman org tua....hihi
Time study bole la tdo ble2...
time da keja?no more time for that...is it?

Will be miss my frens...my study life..( if i smbung master pon x tentu jumpa kwn2 bes mcm skrg)hurm....dah bp kali ngeluh ni?
So i upload some pictures...opss.. nerd pictures taken with my frens..hihi

Me n my frens....
ntah bla lg nk 'bergila' lg mcm ni....
ntah2 kang jumpa ada yg dh ada partner..=p
Will b missing you all....

5:02 PM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Since this few month before i give myself to industrial training my classes just being to the end already..But today is Sunday actually. Yesterday just coming back from KL. Post my stuffs to Limbang terchenta for my practical there..

Erm.. talking about industrial training.. I will have it on 15 Dec till 30 May. Who knows what gonna happen in 6 months? Maybe am gonna married?Hahah... Don't simply2 say ah girl!
I can't wait for a week or maybe 2 weeks for my blub blub..so what?hehehe) going back to darat. Since dah lama my MK not gong to offshore wahh it makes me a bit crazy missying him. Hehehe...Its ok..Going offshore will give benefits a LOT to me too...ryte??=p

*sigh* nothing to do...

11:15 AM

Black Canyon Makan2

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Ari ni saya nk berbahasa Melayu...
Last two days, (if i'm not mistaken) i n my frens went for jalan2 n makan2 like our ptptn (loan) just burst out last night... heheheee..

Ops..Melayu.. x jd la..let it rojak

We stop at ECM (East Coast Mall) and they drop me at surau sorang2.. they all 'holiday'..ops..
Then..we all jln2 cari brg..
Theresa bought new sandal...wah...so jelaous..but its ok..hehehe

After that we all discuss where to eat..erm... Discuss punya discuss nk mkn kt sinar mesra..
Ok chow..then as ordinary i will go buy my favourite and deliciousih Big Apple... On the way to Big Apple we stop at Black Canyon.. The only restaurant that me and theresa never been at ECM (ops..plus Laksa Shack) . We stop there and see the menu and price of course.

Jum masuk... said Nik.. She must be hungry at that time.. Her stomach just ding dang at that time?? Then we all pun masuk la... Sinar Mesra almost gone from our head..ngeee...Waahh.. me and theresa of course happy.. At last.. hehehe

The Habit With Camera Beginnn.....
Nik with Tudung Hitam
Mid- Theresa
Pink Tudung -Me!

Gosh...Acting just like the restaurant only us inside..hehehe

We all decide to take the set meal...Only Nik perform to order another side dishes... hehehe The set came with Watermelon Juice. Nyumm

And this one is the only one Nik's Blueberry Shake..Nyum2

Nurul@ Non love to took candid huh? Ok then...It looks nice...muahaaa

Just review the menu...in case i need some....add on..hehehe

This one is Non's Nasi with Rendang? Cannot remember the name...huhuhu

This is Zera's spaghetti. looks weird~ But it taste ok.. Like Mee Goreng Ikan Masin she said..

Theresa's rice..so sedap!

Nik's food..Sedaaap

Gosh....amboi2...no wonder my food does not inside this album..My food is the latest food they served..Kurang asam betol...
=p hehehe

Then no body take my food seems like everybody busy with their food. Huh...!

This is fifth of us...This is the funniest picture ever in this album~ So cute ah zera..serious..
She and Theresa seems like having a syndrome of mulut muncung.. hahaha

Tadaaa....balik time....tired alreadyy...
See you next time....muaahh
We are very happy at that time...moment...wondering when we gonna laland like that again :-(