3:21 PM

Butik Opening

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Hi guys..

Chewahh..Butik konon..

Erm..Actually I'm kind of busy lately..Give myself a try being a successful business-woman-to-be; InsyAllah..

Check it out through my new blog; http://kedailalaland.blogspot.com

I've update the blog with a new collection of Baju Kurung Kedah..Kind of love it from the first time I saw it!

Do add me at Facebook = Baju Paradise

Hopefully hidup ku lebih bermakna lepas ni..

4:07 PM

Ombak Rindu OST

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Hi guys,

Seperti yang di war-war kan kat entry sebelum ni, I ni memang peminat tegar Ombak Rindu. Tambah2 lg pelakon nya yg betul2 cun dan sesuai; Aaron Aziz + Maya Karin..

So, memang tertunggu2 crita ni d pawagam.

Adik I memang peminat tegar Aaron Aziz, so dia ada post OST Ombak Rindu kat FB wall dia..

I just menumpang mengiklankan =)

OST Ombak Rindu by Hafiz feat Adira.


2:49 PM

Finally; Taib Mahmud?

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Hi guys..

I google something bout Taib Mahmud Fund and I found this!


Feel free to read through:)

I don't know if I can write it here or not..

But who cares? I'm a Sarawakian and I've seen this through since a long time ago.

So, I rasa I berhak nak cakap pape pon..

My favorite part from this article is;

These assets should be restituted to the people of Sarawak, and the Taib family should be prosecuted for corruption, abuse of public funds, fraud, money-laundering, tax evasion and other related crimes” a posting on the BMF site stated.

I was agreed!

Memang Sarawak tu besar kalau nak di bangunkan..Tetapi rakyat Sarawak ni memang obviously x maju-maju sampai sekarang..

U know why Sarawakian sokong B.N? Sbb P.M kita la..

Semua org sayangkan P.M kita..Then org sokong la..Tapi Sarawak x penah maju pon..Not as develop as Sabah!But we never blame our P.M..

Semua orang berharap Sarawak tu bia la orang lain yang amik..Why? Sebab xde kebaikan pon klu Taib yang jaga..Ni memang ayat berani mati la..Tapi menjadi orang yang educated macam saya nih, saya boleh tengok dan lihat secara jelas kemunduran orang Sarawak yang tiada penghujung!

Ok..Cukup la..Tapi article ni memang buat org Sarawak happy..Happy sangat2..Agak2 klu la Datuk Najib lawan undi dekat Sarawak konfem menang besar!


Kalau nk makan agak2 la..Org lain nak merasa gak..Bukan asyik cemburu ngan org semenanjung nih..Semua dapat benefit yg sama rata!

Job vacancy apatah lagi..Jgn la bg sepupu jauh sepupu 10x jauh je..

Orang Sarawak tok mok juak la! Aih...Tolong la...Sedar la wahai pemimpin!

I bukan org politik..Apa tah lagi nk rebut kuasa sapa2..Tapi kami ada hak untuk bersuara..

Which is I think million of Sarawakian will be aggreed!

1:36 PM

I made my decision

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Hi guys,

It's my first time sitting in the office writing a short entry and express my feeling which is not fun at all to be read by you all.

After a few months (not a confirmed staff yet) working here in Arup, I developed and found out what does it means with Civil Engineer. The scope of work, the feeling of the ,design and how to handled the drafter.

But frankly speaking the environment and the mood in this office doesn't allowed me to talk, laugh, freely and openly with any colleagues.

I do understand that I'm the only girl in my department but I never think that I'm being alienated and humiliated here except someone; my senior engineer.

I tried very hard to accept him in my life (work life of course!) but sometimes he did annoyed me with his big and loud voice..Especially when I did some mistakes! He's that kind of person that shouting and screaming when he get angry and what other colleagues can heard is the very outrageous sound/annoying voice in the office.

I'm strong..I knew that..But I have reached my limit.

Then I made a decision. I quit! I will hand in my resignation letter end of this month and perhaps he will notice that he needs to change for the sake of people who worked under him..

Not that I don't like my boss very much but I do hate him a bit..Apa kah beza dia ni?Hehe Well so-so la..Malas nak panjang crita..(Just scared if he read this! So I have to cover the story a bit!)

Plus I think the expences for my journey to the work isn't worth with my current salary.

And I think it's my own fault for being such a stupid person asking for a very little salary. Padan muka you~

But I guess I want to do what I want in this life whereas the engineer profession is my dad's dream..

Everyday I just watched the clock and hoping there's a miracle happened ; I can click the time automatically to 5.30pm!It's not good and right tho. I knew it..

I've learnt a few things here and I never regret of getting a chance for joining this company. It's an honour to spend little time but quality knowledge with you all!

12:09 PM

Kota Kinabalu Emergency Trip

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Hi guys..

Tajuk memang x boleh blah..

There's no such thing that need to be called as 'emergency' except for the sake of my husband..

Especially luar K.L..


The trip was on Thursday night..I fly back to KL on Saturday night..And I didn't tell my boss about this urgent trip to him as well..

Go to hell with his expectation to me..I don't want to think about it..Indeed..

Oh my..On that day memang la pegi keje mcm biasa..

Couldn't explained how I can managed to reached home less than 1 hour on that day!..

Seriously normally I will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes nak sampai rumah!

Balik umah x packing ape pon..amik baju yg baru kering and sumbat dalam beg..LOL!

But the best thing about this trip is I clearly managed to met with my niece..Cute little princess Mia..

She's scared with us at the beginning but finally fine after few seconds!

And my sister said after they send me off to airport, dia nangis gila2! Sedih nya..Bila nak ada anak sendri! Ops..

KK trip ni memang khas nak jumpa suami je..No more agenda=)

Padahal baru sminggu x jumpa..Haih..

Sekarang ni kalau tension je mesti nk jumpa dia..Abis la macam ni..Bankrupt la kitaorg..

Harus belajar cna nk kontrol emosi sendri!

Berjauhan ngn suami tersayang..Aku dah x biasa! Serius! Teruk nya..

Imagine nak pegi keja esok aku da rasa nak gila!OMG rasa nak jadi cikgu! Klu ikut blanjawan 2012 tu..rasa nak p apply la jadi cikgu sekarang..

After 8 years berkhidmat otomatik jadi DG44? Shoot!

Basic pon 5K++..Aih..Napa la aku x mintak jadi cikgu dari dulu..Geram den!

Ok..Aku da merapu macam2 in 1 topic..Abis kena banned blog aku jap g..

Chow..Nak p tahlil jiran~

12:45 AM

Me:Identity Crisis Mode

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I discovered something today ; which I didn't realized it was happened to me since a very long time ago..

I was trauma, scared, frightened with someone in office which is my own boss! The situation and the character was totally same with my ex-boss. God! I wondered kenapa la aku mesti jumpa this type of human..=(

Back to my childhood stories, I was treated just like a soldier by my daddy. He was so strict and all he wanted from us (siblings) was an excellent result from the exam.

I was the fourth from 6 siblings and Alhamdulillah finally I can made him happy to the sky after I enter the university.

But our 5th couldn't make it and I think she got a lot of pressured from him until she changed and stressed and erm..God knows what happen..=(

So, the matter of fact is I was so scared with my own father and I would choosed to be silent in front of him rather than fight back with everything he said and what he did to us.

Fyi, we had our own timetable..There's no chanced to watch a television on day and night..Except when he's not around and my mother will let us watching the tv. And at 5pm he will make sure everyone get involved with any sports. If you trying to hang around inside the house at that moment, you will get a sweet chance kissing his belt on your butt!

Seriously, I was so scared with him. I think that's the reason why I choosed to stay longer in boarding school rather than spent time at home. And even after I finished matriculation I spoke less with him. I don't know how to start the conversation with him..Korang faham x?Huhu

And now I knew that I can't talk or being normal to this kind of people ; hot temper person because it will keep remind me with my childhood history. I know my boss will think that I'm the stupidest engineer in this world..

Hell yes, but only for ya..Seriously if he read this..What I want from him is he understand me as a fresh and new engineer.Not as success as him which have been worked for almost 10 years!

I really can't make it..I always get a chance to join a big company..Big salary..Big chance to successful. But because of this kind of bosses I can't stand with it. Not even in next thousand million years!!

I was thinking to be a housewife.But I know it was impossible. Since I have a big commitment.

I will try again..Next week..I will try to learn more from my draftman and perhaps I can do everything by myself without any complaints from him..

I think I was in depressed mode now. Need to go somewhere that can pampered my mind, body and soul tomorrow..

I wish I can try changes my perception to him..

Aku xnk mati kerna dia...Aww!