5:31 PM

What the heck?

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Apasai AF (Akademi Fantasia) x best oo?

Adoyai...Bukan ka ramai yang berbakat di luar sana?

But why? why? why?

This season I love Ain since the first week I saw her sing The Climb from Miley Cyrus..


Last week she sing Beyonce's song..Damn! It's a risk to sing Beyonce's song...

I heart you Ain! Kiki

Pic credit to Murai.com=p



I mish my Blub!!!! Can't wait to see him next-next-next week...Grrr I don't know when!

Calculate for me pleasee...He's gone to offshore since 5/2/2010...

And now it's been 3 months..Oh..I miss him...

He was cute isn't he? I Love You! Damn...Ok over...



Tuka topik lagi...Isu budak cobaan untuk bunuh diri...Crazy life they had perhaps?

But the reason is only kena ejek sebab cinta x diterima...

Life goes on but I never expect in 11 years old, kids can involved in love...Aihh....Wake up world..

What happen to the world next 10 years?

I went to exhibition at Mid Valley last week..Wedding----

Gosh..Terpukau sekejap...Cuci mata tgk pelamin and so on...

Cakes...Pegang2 sponge rupanya...kiki

Bunga besar..Pegang havoc ni..

My fren happy go lucky...Suka betollll

Stinks...It was me!!=p


3:14 PM

A moment with you

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My heart bumped up into a good mood today...

Out of sudden..It's just because I kept thinking and memorize a moment with him..


I'm thinking about Kim Kardashian's fashion lately..

Apparently after I watched Keeping Up With Kardashian at channel E a lot..!~

But she was pretty man..


I am thinking again..to change my hair style just like her..

And of course my current hair will keep longer...Messy pon messy la..yang penting happy...=p

Tba2 rasa terlampau obsessed...Yisshhh...Bahaya nih..

But anyhow or whatever it is I love myself and I always appreciate what God created and gave to me....


7:13 PM

I need extra income

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Seriously I need something to do;extra job for my current life...

But how?

I search a lot until I found this website that teach me how to earn extra income;

(1) Become a child care provider

I can't!!I really cannot...My working hours is Monday-Saturday full day..I need rest..Is that an example for lame excuse?No...no...next!

(2) Freelance

Erm...This thing need time to focuse with..I mean..I'm a busy woman everyday..Works is very hectic..How on earth I can have time for this...Ooooo man!

(3) Become a virtual assistant

Haik...this sounds good to me..I mean..helping a small company updating their database..I'm good with computer tho...So keep it in mind!

(4) Clean houses

You gotta be kidding me right?How?OMG! Ewwww..Next

(5) Pet sit for your friends and neighbours

Ouch..I'm not good with animal..But let me think...Emm? Maybe I can give a try if they send me a cat..But not in apartment right?Grrrr

(6) Use your creativity to earn money

For example?Scrapbook? Aiyo...I'm not crative at all! *Sigh* Masak nasi lemak then jual for breakfast also laku right??Aiyah..

What a life...What to do ahh? I have no idea..I'm not good in MLM..Search for another person to join my business?OMG...How I wish I can have a cable to do that..And I'm fully housewife!

Living in urban area like KL is not that simple when you to pay for your car, house and loan..

Why I'm not born as America President daughter?


I just need to live like I am to be now..Just be grateful please...OMG

1:56 PM

It's a tired day

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What the heck he thinking about?

Asking me pegi site 2 times in 2 minutes?

Penat la area KLCC..lagi2 jumaat mcm ni...Aish...I am totally tired man...

Working in this area makes me thinking thousand times..I think I need to quit from here..But when compared salary with other companies there's no bloody hell company that going to pay me as well as here...Damn it...


Anyway...I want to distract my feelings with my picture here..

Lots of cute pic...LOL

Taken while driving along Jalan Sultan Ismail..It was dead end jammed man!!

My recently favourite lunch / dinner..Maybe their sambal that can makes me cry!

My new gadget...Kiki My dreams always come true right?

Never asked for it..There's a lot of sweet memory inside this ring..Bought at Miri Airport..Engage? Not yet...It's just I never asked for a ring/any Habib Jewel since last 4 years we have been in love..It was his first time bought for me..And it was so sweeeeet:)

Till then ...chow..Need to email my GM

2:15 PM

Smart spending; Are they not available in Malaysia?

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It is kind of miracle man..Nowadays..We are facing with this problem; Paying a tax like no body business..

Read through from Yahoo Finace news

NEW YORK (AP) -- Few truths are more universal: No one likes to pay taxes, and everyone loves to get things for free.

Restaurants and other retailers are offering freebies to reduce people's angst over their income taxes -- which must be postmarked or e-filed by Thursday.

From cupcakes and pancakes to dinners and coffee, the offers are meant to help people feel better as they help companies drum up business. No paperwork or proof is required for most of the offers.

Ice cream chain MaggieMoo's is giving away pieces of its new ice cream pizza in its second annual tax day giveaway. The company won't say what it cost to give away thousands of free scoops of ice cream at its 160-plus stores in 2009, but a spokeswoman says such promotions bring in new guests and new sales.

"They'll have free ice cream and then they'll get a drink or a smoothie or something else or take home an ice cream pizza," says Jenn Johnston, senior vice president of marketing for NexCen Franchise Management, the parent company of MaggieMoo's, Pretzel Time, The Athlete's Foot and other chains.

Here are some of the freebies and discounts on offer for tax season 2010.


CINNABON: Get two free bite-sized cupcakes from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday at participating mall locations as part of "Tax Day Bites!" Flavors include Chocolate Passion, 24-Carrot Cake, Vanilla Bliss and Cinnacake Classic.

MAGGIEMOO'S: Get one free slice of ice cream pizza -- ice cream with red frosting to look like sauce and white chocolate to look like cheese -- at participating locations from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday.

STARBUCKS: Get free brewed coffee all day Thursday if you bring your own mug, a promotion the cafe chain says is friendly to the environment as well as taxpayers.


BOSTON MARKET: For a "last-minute tax break" -- one free meal for each one you buy Thursday through Sunday -- show this coupon: http://bit.ly/d1YlRO

IHOP: Expanding on the tax deduction parents get for kids, the restaurant chain is offering free dinner for one child age 12 or younger with each adult meal purchased 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. all month long.

MCCORMICK & SCHMICK'S: The seafood restaurant is offering $10.40 dinner and drink specials in the bar on Thursday -- a nod to the 1040 tax form. Bar guests who come in April 15 also receive a $10.40 gift certificate for a later visit. And professional tax preparers, who may have to work right until the midnight deadline Thursday, get their freebie Friday: dessert on the house plus a $10.40 certificate if they show a business card.

P.F. CHANG'S: Get 15 percent off food purchases for dine-in or take-out, excluding alcohol and happy hour food and beverages.


HYDROMASSAGE: Get a free massage Thursday through Sunday at participating locations. The mall-based massage chain suggests calling ahead to book an appointment.

Source from AP Retail Writer..Thanks!

Wow..Don't ya think this is very nicee one if they have this kind of business in Malaysia?KL la especially...It's kind of worth it man....Come on Malaysian people..Change your mind..

And now I am supporting 1 Malaysia..Because this kind of smart spending will help us; Malaysian people..:-)

7:16 PM

My day

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Danger! Luahan hati di hadapan...


Aih...We never knew what life is about when we are problem-less..

Kind of kecik hati with my Blub because of the way he approaches me or maybe talked about my salary expenses..

I know that it was my fault...Giving 100% to my family and never had a chance to save even a bit every month..It's kind of sad but no one will understand that...But this issues comes to his mind after his friend comes up with an idea to married..

It was his colleague but for God sake he cannot just compare me with others..It's kind of hurt man...

And I just make up my mind to leave him..Oh..Is that easy just like that? It's not right?


"Benci untuk meluahkan segalanya di cni but go to hell with other people..It's my blog after all"

Why is life so difficult?And this morning I really hope I can wake up with a feeling of joyful and meaningful and inspired by everything,everyone that I loved...But I'm not...And it was really sucks..

I'm not going to said here that I am so EGO just because I want a pleasure thing from him..I'm not..

Aih..What I do now I'm giving ourselves some space to think..

I'm not going to break his heart after 4 years we have been through...I just love him..But I don't know why I'm being so selfish lately..

It always me that giving a problem to our relationship...So sad!Aih..

I really need retail therapy..Scary thought in my mind will broke him..Kuang3x

8:08 AM

Hot sunny night

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Isn't it last night?

OMG... Globalization is sucks...

But the good things is I can see early in the morning KL was jammed around 7.30am...Normally KL will be jammed around 7.45am..

Boleh jadi penganalisa jalan trafik kan?

Of course la kan..Mlm sudah panas..Konfem orang x boleh tdo..So suma nak berebut-rebut nak pegi keja cepat..Suma nak ekon office..=p

I think I'm writing the logic thing here..

There must be something happen in our world now..Something changes..OMG..It was so hot man...

And everybody is keeping in their mind to SNOW BATHING!!!

8:16 PM

Cheated on you...

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Yeah! I am cheated on you tomorrow..Not to my Blub but to my company..


I have exam tomorrow..I refused to go but my frens keep haunted me with blacklist thing..Aih

It's kind of trying government exam..And 'luckily' it was PTD exam..OMG

I'm pretty sure you guys ever heard about this hardest test ever (even it's not) for those who failed la..

So I'm just giving a try la esok..Hopefully i'm happy with that...Grr

Damn it..Oh by the way..back to the topic..

I was exclusively bought 1 M.C for tomorrow's event..I can't apply my annual leave again for this month, if not they (HR) will deduct my salary...Pretty sad huh?

And the best thing is I'm not reading anything related to that exam..Huh? Cool=p

I just prepared my M16 for every questions that I can't answer..=p

Sometimes I think working in government sector but not in my dicipline can't makes me happy..Well you know that you're not going to happy doing all that..

Whatever..Just give a try la...

8:15 PM

Exam PTD?

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Tu je I mampu cakap...sangap betoll..

Am I going to that exam? How? I don't know much about Malaysia??=p

How is that exam ah??

Aiyah...People said that exam was hardly get passed..But I never went to that exam..So how about give a try?=p

11:57 AM

Why written in English more than Malay?

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I tried to write in malay before..It's not because I 'lupa daratan'..

But I feel more relaxed write in English more than Malay..Yup..I knew that my English is not good as power as your dictionary but at least that is my only way to tell people about everything..

I dah cuba bukan x cuba but in the end I will end up with English...And I really hate to write my blog in rojak language..See?

Up to me right? It's my own blog..I'm the only owner and I can type and rambling here about anything that I want but except sensitive issues..

My beloved sister successfully giving a birth last night; Baby girl + 3.45kg

OMG..Thank God I went to KK last week...Never seen my siblings pregnant before..Hopefully she will be fine and also her baby..

Terasa mcm org yg beranak la bulan ni..=p

Just because I left my handphone at my sister's house last week I need to find new phone..I hate this I phone thing.. So irritating!!

What I want is a simple phone..But of course they have fully spec that I want..

*Huge Grin to my Blub*

I'm giving him a hints then he can consider my feelings (desperate feelings actually) and the only phone that cross my mind now is;

They have 3 color and I still want to have pink color..never used pink phone before..

So what do you think?It's simple but I love the design and the spec...

7:19 PM

Crazy planning but it's worthwhile

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Hi dude...

It's been a long disappear but I'm kind of busy lately..

To make it short, I never planned anything like this story to be happen to me, perhaps in the future no more ok..

I hate myself..But it happen..In 3 days I can step on to Sabah and Sarawak..How powerful I am..

The main reason is to meet my sister; Beranak la..Baby girl...Hopefully she's going to be healthy as horses..=p

And the major reason should my my Blub...OMG...We missed each other so much then both of us agreed to meet somewhere around him..

But it was really tiring! I need to be in plane and transit few times..I need to poke first..Uweekk...I hate travel!

Dahla sorng2...Sigh

But now I'm happy and I can let him outstation for more 2 months..After 2 months? It's going to be expired baby...~ It's like I'm produce a Sardine thing..After two months kena renew balik...Kuang3x...

It was the Grand Old Lady.. Info more here

See the lady? It's not a real lady...For more info click here

And this? What if I said that this building was in Sarawak? Are you nuts? JK It was KLCC..Beautiful view in night..I just can't stop appreciate what our country have done..It's our image tho..

It's good to be here again...I forgot to bring my 'bantal busuk' during my travel or maybe my short holiday and of course I cannot sleep without it..

If you cannot be happy in everyday that you breath on, find out why it ruined your life? Appreciate your life, appreciate people that you loved and of course people that loved you more than themselves..

I love you hubby!~

5:15 PM

Still here

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I'm still here...Just not in the right time to write everything in order..

Heal myself after met with my other half!

Ohhh it feels good..=p

Will update soon..