6:40 AM

Barca Hebat!

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Align CenterAs we all know....smlm Barcelona Vs MU telah meberikan impak maksima yang sgt kuat...

Waaahhhh.....Hebat! MU kalah!=p

2-0 beb.....

Ouh....malas nk duduk ofis...Afiq ada kt umah!

Prison Break ada episod last lagi la!!OMG...

Nak pegi dload nih.....

9:36 AM

Lovely Day~

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Spent time at home better than spent my hassle mind at office..(Read: Bosan d Ofis). It’s not because my practical such a waste for my day. Erm..It’s just someone in office or else Moron makes my day became devastated.

I don’t know what’s going on with her. Everyday seeing her in office and she doesn’t looked at me even once @ jelling-jeling..


Apa masalah ko eh pompuan? Ko jeles sbb aku kiut looks ok than you ah?

Never facing this kind of problem before..Yelah…Mmg perangai dia mcm budak-budak hingusan. Tapi she acted like aku dah ambik laki dia..or maybe dah curi panties barang dia…Isk…


Activity for today…

Take a deep breath..

[1] Cuci 500 pinggan + 1000 gelas + 1000 sudu + kuali + periuk belanga

[2] Pasang langsir baru

[3] Bagi makan kat ayam

[4] Kemas umah (penat ok…tingkat bwh checked! Atas blom…=p)

[5] Pe lg??Ntah…Masak..Makan…Tido…Naik 10kg!=p

[6] Dengar Hot Fm..~

[7] Read Chapter 1 for Midnightsun..Gosh..Couldn’t understand!

My Mr Blub di cocok dan di tampal dgn bnda comel with pic Bee..Eeeee..Creative doc skrg..=p

500 pinggan dh di cuci by my Incredible Hulk Mom..She did it by herself!

New curtain base on my sister wed’s theme; Red + Maroon + Pink

Hurm…Nak sambung Job Hunting + Blog hopping..

God! I hate Job hunting…

Sometimes I think I want to stop job hunting and take the first job that was offered to me but I don’t feel secured about that company yet. You know what I felt?

It’s a depressing, monotonous process that sucks my soul, mouth, brain dry…