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What I wish for the next 2011

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Hi peeps!

Lama x meroyan dalam blog..

Maka hari ini dengan penuh perasaan sakit hati dan tension di sbabkn oleh mcm2 aku nak meroyan but in the same time nak soseh apa aku nak for this coming new year=p

First of all for your information, while Malaysia having a free holiday because of the ball things, I have to work tomorrow! Damn it!

And for the extra stress of mine, while people celebrating new year 2011, I have to work also!! Damn again...I know!

WTH? Ntah la labu...pape la..

It was so frustrated man! Dahla da janji nak pegi kawen my sweet fren time skolah..Work just ruined it! Again!

OMG Rahmah...Anyway aku harap ko berbahagia di samping suami tercinta...Aku sayang persahabatan kita ok..

Bila aku nak bercuti nih! Tensionnya...


Anyway...Everybody have their aimed of life since the new year is just around the corner.Me too! I cannot think about work 100% right? Nanti aku strok d umo 30-an...=p

Apa korang nak untuk tahun baru?Mesti suma nak kaya, nak cantik, nak slim, nak dapat laki ensem kan?


What I want for the next year resolution:

1 - I will try to reduce my weight asap before my wedding..Perhaps 55kg?Yes!

2- I will spend time more on my body and facial treatment..Sapa nak badan bersisik mcam ikan time kawen?=p

3- I can control my temper. I don't like to throw temper to my Blub but I can't help yelling towards him..Isk..X elok..

4- I can be a good daughter like I am now (perasan) and maybe InsyAllah a good wife to him=p

5- Tingkat kan baca Quran..Tension pon kurang jadinya...

6- Start collecting a non-teenage outfit.. Ko nak jadi bini orang lg nak pkai baju kartoon?=p

7- *Censored* =p

8- Hopefully I can found new identity of mine. How to change my image huh? I think currently I have a crisis identity=p In term of fashion la..Tudung especially..

9- My parents can be healthy and healthier to see my wedding..I love them!

10- Last but not least..Errr...I can have my own house before end of 2011..

So...What bout you?

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I found this pervert!=p

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You found it pervert but yet you still listen to it!

Now you are pervert too!=p

But this song is funny..

I wonder...Kalau2 ada radio Malaysia yang berani pasang lagu ni..


Good thing is the video is not pervert as their lyrics mean..

Enjoy! Listen the music properly!Ahaks!

7:00 PM

Care to explain?

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I found this cute or weird thing on my way to somewhere..

I was shocked when I saw it..Is this a motorbike or maybe bicycle? OMG..I don't know..

The pedal is maybe a bicycle but the body is motorbike...Oh..Cute or maybe creative!


Rasanya motor tu terbakar then dia adjust pedal dia guna pedal basikal dia je..Jimat..Such a creative people!

6:50 PM

Yes Broadband

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Tik tok..

It’s been a week since I’ve been using the Yes Broadband.

What can I comment about this dongle(broadband) anyway?

The correct word for this thing is SPEED!

Very high speed broadband ever! Even in my house now, anytime I used it, I won't have a connection problem at all! My house area is a very congested for all broadband in this country…

Tak kira la Celcom ke..Maxis ke..or P1 Wimax also..

YTL gave me the dongle free of charge last week. Including RM150 credit inside.

Like what are they saying about this Yes; You pay for what you used. It means this thing is like a prepaid number. But this Yes technically didn’t use the sim card.

If you registered it, then you will have the id name and the password.

It was easy!

Oh my…Am I doing the advertisement now?=p

It was 4G after all…And now I have a bad habit which is watching Korean Drama/Movie through online. I’m not stress myself to download all of it because streaming all the drama is like you are watching the movie that you have been download it!

Oh…It was a relief! Finally I can have a satisfied internet connection..I’m going to terminate my old one. I think I’m going to stick with this one only…Dongle!

Here's the dongle of the world..

Oh...If you want to check out more about this thing, just click YES!

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Sewa Baju Pengantin

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Became A-Bride-To-Be mmg membosankan kn?

There's nothing I want to share about here other than baju kahwin, baju nikah...bla...bla... Boring=p


It was really hard to find baju pengantin yang murah and nice to have as a rental dress just for 1 day usage especially if you insist to find it at KL..


I found this boutique at Ampang..Rinssuzana.com

You guys can check it out...And sure you guys will be interested with the package and the dress that they will provide to you. Also you can try it out on the spot!

I tried this one but I turn into purple giant!Haha! Seriously she looks very nice in there but if you are fat then you will looked bad..But the dress is very nice one! OMG! I have to get that shape before end of April!

The feelings of trial is awesome! I feel great and enthusiasm inside my heart...


But finally I couldn't find any for mine because I feel fat!

OMG! I tried 3 different color and pattern of dress but I found it very terrible! I should stop eating and start dieting for the sake of my wedding..


Anyway, I found 1 more place to rent the baju pengantin. If you ever heard GM Klang in front of Bukit Tinggi Jaya Jusco, there's a lot of things you will happily find out. The place is a heaven for bride to be. Door gift is so adorable + cheap!

Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to snap pictures..Too much things and ideas in my head!

Arghh...Too tired to spread ideas here..I wish I can have a long holiday! Works really kill my mood!Gosh!

Nite everyone

1:11 PM

Little Update to make it alive

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Hi peeps!

4/12-6/12 is a travel time for me which I spent time a lot on plane, boat, and car...

And it was so tiring! Until I can afford to sleep more than 12 hours yesterday! From 5pm - 7.20am..Err..

Crazy? Thanks~

The agenda of the night is better than I think before.

My family can be so sporting with the others and I never expect my father's act and respond is quite impressive.

He's being so nice with his family and walaaaa...We are blessing from 2 parties! Thank God..

Off the topic please~

My lately morning craving..Kencing Manis baru tau

Father & Son's birthday cake...

Actually 5/12 is my Blub's birthday.. And 6/12 his father's birthday. I asked my mom to booked a cake for them. Then I have excuse to give him present! Keji...

Both of them are cut the cake together along with a song sing by my brother in law + my sisters!=p

Latest pic of my niece...So nice...Bukan koyak tau tu...Baju angkasawan yang x boleh di button=p

It was really nice to be in hometown even I spent less than 24 hours in there. I can laugh and be myself again=p

I don't know what is my status now...Maybe I'm engaged or maybe not yet engaged..Whatever it is.I'm happy with him~

Have to find another job nih...Seriously! I want to be a clerk! Please hire me=p

6:53 PM

Pulang kampung

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When is the last time I went back to my hometown?

Tak Tau!


I'm going back to Sarawak this Saturday-Monday along with future in-law + husband..



It's a merisik thing... But we would like to make it an engagement ceremony too.. Teringin nak menyandang gelaran jadi tunangan org=p

Time to settle everything between his and my family before we prepared all wedding stuffs..


Till then...Will update this blog more frequent!

Ops...I just came back from MidValley..

Watched Narnia 3D...The image and resolution is vibrant but because of there's no subtitle there, as usual a guy sit next to me sleep with a very noise snored that he capable to have in this world!

Memang 3D movie xde subtitle eh? Pelik!