8:25 PM

Ada hikmah nya

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Setelah sekian lama x mengupdate I don't feel like I'm fully happy with this world..

I knew recently banyak / macam2 terjadi...My hectic life plus with surrounding people problems stressed me out here..

And now aku kat bilik baru..Just move in few days ago...Not far from my site=p (gigles)

So far everything is ok....Bought TOTO and few pillow for myself...And this is my first time staying apart from my sister..

It hurts when thinking about her..Hopefully she still have my pasport with her and also my car spare key..Any stuff she can throw away but not these 2 things...It was important tho..

I'm independent now ! (perhaps=p)

Back to the track...Apasal ramai blogger p Singapore?Aku dah ketinggalan zaman..=p

I have no new pic untuk di pertontonkan cni....

Me as usual with same height, weight (gained a bit I think?=p) and same figure...

I'm happy with my job now...my life too...I can be myself....Hopefully after this there will be some 'hikmah' stayed apart from her....

And I really hope God will change her....Amin...

11:56 PM


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Dah lama x update...I just....Ermmmm

What will you do if there's so many feelings in your heart, in your mind that you really can't avoid them..


What should I do now? She is forcing me like I have no choice to refuse what she said...

We all live in harmony country but why on earth I can have such weird behavior type of sister.. So inconsiderate..

Oh God....Help me..

Thank God I have my hubby beside me...Such an angel..

Who said money is not everything? Just because of money I will have huge war with my sister..

And now I was so really depressed...

Kena cari umah...arghh...

What a shame....This kind of situation annoyed me to the max level..Serious...


10:39 AM

Breakfast at dr.cafe

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Hi all..

Mulakan ari anda d dr.cafe!

Me wit my sista..i ordered 4 mocha frappe..top with cream n choc.oh..heaven

Try this place beb..

Mocha Frappe~

12:43 PM


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People said true love never end..

Yeah I guess that thing is true..

Recently I found that my Mr Blub dah jadi 'Clingy Guy'..He needs more attention (like a baby), he spent so much just for me (which I don't feel comfortable with that) and the worst thing is dia x bleh dengar I talked about any man out there..!~ Nanti dia cakap nak kerat 14..

What a psycho man I had~

Oh...Before that;

Happy Deepavali All~~

Semalam dia sampai KL just for a day (the purpose was only to spent time with me!~) and we all tengok 3 movies...Ugh...

Kesian..orang jarang tgk wayang..Bila dia nak tgk skali harung plak tuh...Pening..!~

Watched for

[1] Cloudy with chicken meatballs (3D x best plak tuh!)

[2] Whiteout (Best)

[3] Papadom ( Ok...this movie was truly sad man! Blub nangis! OMG!!~)

Now he's going back to his work at ganu...And I wish he was here by next week..=p

Ugh....Just because aku punya broadband ilang blogging pon ilang? Ne hi~

I'm going to try my best now=p

Slow nya la...upload 1 gmbo mcm upload 10 gmbo...Isk~

Mana ni cik timah? Kat wad respiratori (in easy words Tibi + HIV)..

Why I can be there? 1 of my fren cik Hamimi was admit there...tapi dia wat test Tibi -ve result...Where is she now? OMG...I lost my memory about her=p

Napa pakai baju mcm g2 lawat org sakit? Sbb ada open house lor...Kuikui...Ingat rajin ke nk menapak pkai baju mcm 2?=p Panas!LOL

It's ok...I bawa Domino's Pizza that day time lawat dia..melantak x serupa orang tgh dduk kat wad=p

Hope you can get well soon pal...!~

Ugh....abaikan pape yg x sepatutnya...messy "cociliot"=p

10:48 PM

Girls Night Out

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It was like an ages since I wrote something in my own blog..

Geeeeee...It was not my fault...I'm still blame for those who 'curik' my broadband...Isk

X halal kan dia...Isk..

Last nite while I have not planning anything for the nite, my girlfrens asked me if I want to join them to watch movie at Mid Valley...Gosh!!Maestilah nak kn?!!

We all decided tengok movie 'Private Life of Pippa Lee'...Cite dia slow je..Siyes ngantuk beb...

Ptg tu joging..Pas2 sangup tahan lapo sbb nk dinner sm2 ngn girlfrens...

Last2 makan kat tepi wyg tu jerk; Carl Jr...The best thing about this fast food outlet is; The drinks can be refill anytime and any quantity (even smpai gelas kertas tu dah lunyai + koyak)..=p


I need broadband...The line was so damn slow!!Mak....Tolong!!!~~~=p

1 gamba gedik mlm itu...~Isk....

Buhsan....See ya later!~

7:46 AM


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What should I do today in fact it was holiday and I can sleep whole day if I want!=p

But it was not a healthy plan for me...Ryte?

Since my broadband gone, and I need time looking for new one with the cheap price but safe while I'm using it in the future I can feel my life was outdated..It's not me!


Last nite spent time with my big sista at Mid Valley...Watched movie; Tsunami at Hyuandae..

Yosh! The movie was...Totally makes me cry!Haha..In the beginning I was laugh down to earth but in the end I was cried passionless..=p

Go and watch the movie..!

My Mr Blub was in KL yesterday and I couldn't find perfect gateway to spent time with him...and it was so sad..Why on earth my company ask me to work whole day on Saturday...I need leisure time! Huh...

7:26 PM

Bad Week

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It was really a bad whole week for me....

After my graduation day;

1) Kunci kereta ilang.... (jumpa balik)

2) My Bloody Broadband gone!!!Bullsh*t sapa yang amik....I left that thong in office and by tomorrow it was gone!!!Isk....!

And now....Kena pakai hp nak main tenet....Arghhh!!

X blh thn....I need to buy a new one...I cant live without internet!!!!

9:48 PM


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Semalam drive g Kuantan...Dan sekarang drive balik g KL..

Aku penat..Isk!

The main reason for this entry here is;

Aku dah konvo...Aku dah menjadi seorang graduan kejuruteraan awam..

The pic will be updated later...

Time to zzZZzz~