9:21 PM

Happy Thaipussam

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Hi ya all...

Aih...Thaipussam means not working and for those x kerja tomorrow will be so happy...

Lagi2 org Kuala Lumpur cause they will have extra leave until Monday..Hari Wilayah

Me? Of course la kerja...Me robotic yang rajin kerja..Kuang3x..

Wait! There's a kumbang berterbangan in my room that annoyed me + I can't sleep until that animal fly out from my room....! Damn..


Potong stim betol..

I really lost my idea...Just because of that small animal...Arghh..

Catch y sleep now...I need to work tomorrow..Damn again!

6:33 PM

Friends or not?

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Seems like I have a lot of problems with my F.R.I.E.N.D.S lately...

It's not my fault I guess..It was them being not matured to this matured girl=p

According to this page; What it means to be a friend:

" True friendship are hard to find"

Memang betol....Sejak I sendiri kena...

We knew each other since childhood...And of course I love her so much until I never cared what people said about her..I still be on her side...Anytime...Anywhere..

But when I need her little help last months she never tried to help me..Even a small kind of favor...

OMG...And of course it ruined everything and change my love to her just like that...My perception swing to evil mode..

It was not on purpose but it couldn't be not to resist....
Org gila je bole tahan..=p

"Big or small, it's actions that seem to count the most in friendship. In a time when we can chat effortlessly by text and IM, talk is getting cheaper. Many of you believe that the evidence of true friends is what they do to show their loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness, or willingness to make a sacrifice when you need help."

What is my point now...

Dulu saya susah dia tak mo tolong...And now? She need my help and it was irritating me..You know why? Because if she can help me before, sebesar tadah tangan aku tempek kan nak tolong..

But still cannot be like this..Air di cincang x akan putus right?

She was ok in friends term but in her heart I don't know she was honest to be my friend or not..OMG...Huh...

Tu satu type of friend..OMG I just realized I have so many kinds of friend in my life...


I don't know if I want to help her out or not...I hope I can help her without making annoyed face in front of her..Isk..

Luckily in work environment I can find good friend which is in the same zodiac with me..

Maybe it's true same zodiac can get along each other...

If this thing happen to ya all...Apa korang buat hah??

What Is A Friend?

What is a friend? I will tell you. It is a person with whom you are to be yourself.

Your soul can be naked with him. He seems to ask of you to put on nothing,

only to be what you are. He does not want you to be better or worse.

When you are with him, you feel as a prisoner feels who has been declared innocent.

You do not have to be on your guard. You can say what you think,

so long as it is genuinely you. He understands those contradictions in your nature

that lead others to misjudge you. With him you breathe freely.

You can avow your little vanities and envies and hates and vicious sparks,

your meannesses and absurdities and, in opening them up to him, they are lost,

dissolved on the white ocean of his loyalty. He understands.

You do not have to be careful. You can abuse him, neglect him, tolerate him.

Best of all, you can keep still with him. It makes no matter.

He likes you - He is like fire that purges to the bone. He understands.

You can weep with him, sin with him, laugh with him, pray with him.

Through it all - and underneath - he sees, knows and loves you. A friend?

What is a friend? Just one, I repeat, with whom you dare to be yourself. ...

C. Raymont Beran.

Copy from here

To your information, I bought the bed that I wish before..I just close my eyes and pay just like that...Hihi....

And now I'm sleeping with joyful heart..=p

7:08 AM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Susah nya utk wat pilihan...Nak balik Sarawak ke x??

Tgk tiket; which is I think lately MAS's ticket price much better than AirAsia..


See how la...Maybe balik Raya je kot...

September right??


Ke nak wat undi..I'm the judges and I'm the participant..=p

Arghh...Balik Raya la...=p


Finally...Myself can sleep comfortably on new comfy-momfy bed...


9:35 PM

What to do on CNY?

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Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Ops...Its too early to wish CNY for everyone..


I hate my job! OMG! But I x sampai hati nak tinggalkan company nih...Why? Because the GM, DGM and all the pakcik2 director was so goood to me!


I just need more time and free time to leisure instead of balik rumah malam tido terus..OMG!

It's not a good and healthy life...

Hurmm...I have a lot of things to be done...And problems comes up non-stop and I was screwed up!

OMG!Stop being nonchalant about everything and anything and so on...I was fed up...

But sometimes I found my job is fun too...OMG (again)

I need someone to rub my neck, massage my body and hair...And the best solution is.......

Go SPA!!!


I think I know what I am going to do on CNY...But are they going to open on CNY?

Tutup la...Aisemen...

No idea lor....Ermm...Need to sleep now...Get some ideas ..=p

8:23 AM

Is that true?

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After read PinkStilettos blog I just realized that I never took hours to dressed up..

I mean in my case, working in hot weather with high temper of human and a day is the reason why I never planned to wear or apply any makeup/ fragrance..

It was really me..Since I am working at site (most of the time lah) I haven't done with any preparation to be a ladies of the year...


So sad...Orang cakap da meningkat umo akan berubah...But my style of dressing is still the same from my freshies ( nerdy) until now!


I only took less than 5 minutes to get ready; T-Shirt + Jeans + Scarf = I'm done..=p

No make up or anything but (there always a but) for prevention the sunlight I wear Loreal Paris moisturizer and UV protection SPF 50..

I know everyone knows how important it is for women look good...Kalau x lawa orang cakap macam jantan la pulak..

But it was really not suitable for me to apply makeup or whatnot right? Kang x pasal-pasal muka jadi Ju On sebab cair makeup..Nak bergaya punya pasal...=p

In the end I will search for the lousiest outfit in my storage..Kuang3x

See? It's me...With safety boot.Plus I need to climb the site building I think it's not safe to wear anything proper...=p

Or maybe am I looking good without makeup?LOL

Image form Google..Nak belaja makeup la...Next year..Will be my new resolution! Chaiyok!!

10:35 PM

Sapa bilang drama Melayu tak mengancam?

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Hey people...

I was in category not-into-malay-films..

Sorry about that...Memang dah lumrah...Nak wat gane..=p

But after watched the trailer of Adnan Sempit, I just kept saying "OMG kena tengok nih..Teruja!"

Wahh...I don't know when the movie will be release but I kept updating at GSC...

Until I read Ynaa's blog and she's talking about the movie..Terrooosss...P search GSC..And sadly asked my Blub to purchase the ticketS for me and my fren=p

Kuang3x...Kena pow..

And seriously U need to watch this movie..OMG I don't know how Ahmad Idham can get this kind of funniest idea in this world..

OMG....X tau nak cakap apo la..Lu tengok la sendri..

Bole tgk trailer dia..Bess oo...Hihi

Selamba badak la citer nih...Ish...Badak pon ada malu...Citer nih? Aih...

9:08 PM

Jealousy is normal

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What is the issue for tonight?

Ermm...Since my Blub left me for his outstation I can spend me time for blogging...~

If he was here, there will be no space for me to type everything...Maybe got time but limited mushy-mushy-time..

I just back from dinner with my lovely colleague; Ina..

She just move in to her new Master Lovely Bedroom..OMG I am so damn jealous...

She got everything in her room; Aircond, Queen Size bed + Comfy comforter, big mirror and her own bathroom!

Damn...But of course the price also double with my room price...=)

Ermm...And now I am thinking about how to decorate my room...So ladies..So comfy...And so relaxing...

Or I just hired one ID to decor my room? Haha..JK..Impossible right?=p

I don't need the fancy-fancy-expensive material in my room...Just Simple!

1. Like this one? No ah..2. Perhaps this one..But...Err..

3. Ok...I like this one...

4. Ok...This bed..I loike 200%..

5. I need to stop with this imagination!~ Makin lama makin melampau..Hahaa

But the last one ok gak...Hehe

Stop imagination and saying anything crap here..Back to your world...! Ops..Did I just said my world??

Erm...I'm going to buy 1 of these options tho....Watch me...~

8:51 AM

Suria doesn't mean KLCC

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Have you heard about Suria Sabah before?

I never heard before until my sister who worked at Kota Kinabalu text me and told me that Suria open now!

OMG...Apa benda Suria tuh? I don't even know!

She said it was a new shopping mall...And same with KLCC..

But maybe the brands inside same with KLCC..The I.D should be totally different...Right?

I can't wait to step into that shopping mall...Before this only One Borneo and Warisan Square that really up-to-date at Sabah but now? They add one more and it was huge man....!

It has Metrojaya too..

Wow....I can see Sabah in the future...Perhaps for those people in Peninsular that still think that Borneo is living under the roof, please....I invite you to go to Sabah...

Please check the new Mall here, SuriaSabah

Imagge of course from Google...TQ
Till then....

4:34 PM

Pissed off

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Ugh...what a day

I am totally pissed off with Kuchai Lama Pizza..

They really have very bad service in this world..huh

Nobody seems like ohh..there's a new customer came..Take her order..Dahla tgh lapa..

Dang...!They think i'm invisible??

Finally I went to Alamanda..Make myself comfortable here..Then I found girl in car berebut parking...Macam kambing...

Ish...macam2..Or is that me being a moron lately?Emo...Hurm

11:08 PM

Tesco da di du

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I need to write fast as I can now..

Damn it...The idea is just flow juicy and now my eyes so heavy..

Anyway...Hi all

Just coming back from Tesco Puchong..

Intention or my purpose going there just because untuk menemani kawan tersayang bernama Shareena...=p

She just moving in to the new house/ room to be exact and I loike her room pretty much eventho it was small..

But it's just for the time being...When she's not comfortable she can move out what?

I'm not going to talked about her but myself..

Lately (maybe it's a PMS syndrome) I'm craving for Choc Milk.. Any brand or packaging I can hentam!~

So sad..It's sweetened, chocky milk taste makes me crazy...Auuuummm

Tonight I bought 2 packet of Marigold Choc Milk...The best part is...After the cashier tetttttt my choc milk I just peel off the cover and gulp gulp gulp...!

Hehe...I just don't care people looking at me...Some kind of weirdo craving huh? Whateva..

Image from google...I'm so ashamed to take pictures of mine because it's not a good habit for me (women in out of range BMI)

*****Drinking choc Milk...OMG!*****


And the other brand that I bought id Dutch Lady Choc Milk...OMG Am I going to have charming women body after this?

Haha..Boleh la join bina badan Sukma nanti...

I am preferred the DL UHT Milk than Strelised / Pasteurised Milk...Eww..

Hopefully after this "Moon Women Season" I can be normal..=p Perhaps!

Oh yeah...I got big problem which I hope I can solve it soon....

Have a nice day people....~

6:15 PM

2010 is not my year of luck

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Read my topic? Yeap...Thanks...

So sad...I'm being kind of moron lately...

I have nobody to tell everything and I'm so sad...Isk

Cheer la girl!


Perhaps there will be happiness in the future....


8:24 AM

Welcome 2010

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Hi people...

Happy New Year...

Forget all the past, please do not bring it to 2010..

Change your mind to the new resolution...

Hopefully this year will be better than last year....