5:55 PM

Life Time Guarantee Product

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Since when I was a child until now...

My skin type is always Super Sensitive Skin..

And I need to change and change and change again the product that I bought in order to find the final decision for my own skin...


And the final product that really can suits me was:

[1] Product from Skin @ Lab

Trilogy from certified organic rosehip oil..

Kind of serum and used twice per day; morning and night..

[2] T3 product

Acne Body Spray..Lately my pimples growing up not only on my face but also at the back...Grrr

[3] Johnson Baby Powder

I preferred the pink / blossom....White is too plain;p

[4] Johnson product

My lotion day and night sometimes...I cannot use the other brand ..Yearks...Lempang laju2 kang..

[5] Body Shop Product

This sweet and nyummylicious lotion drag me to-the-paradise when I first time smell it...Hurmm...

[6] Nak kurus & Buang angin punya product

I can had my poo-poo time once a week....So bad right? I know..It's not healthy and its not normal...But hey...Apa saya peduli? Dah dia mau kluar kadang-kadang... I love this product..It's hot and burning!=p

[7] Skin @ Lab Product

In beginning I tried the Dr Haushkaf but in the end my circle lips burning again just like while I'm using the Maria Galland product...Honestly, expensive product sometimes created not just into you...Look at me!!Dang..

[8] Oxy 10

The strongest Oxy? Yes I do!...It helps me a lot...I got one pimple today and it will be gone by tomorrow...Thanks to this product...


All of these products.....There are certain of these are so expensive but we just think it is a healthy investment..Everything caught on my eyes for the first time I met them but beauty is not forever can attracted you...The quality and how the product can stimulate your skin is the most important things that you counting for...

Macamna mau dapatkan kulit yang non-sensitive? I don't know?

8:24 AM

Pak Cik Gatal

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Moron betol..

Masuk lif yang penuh nak jgak berhimpit ngn aku..

Weh...Himpit sipi-sipi kena xpe...

Ni smpai penyek aka ayam penyet my brea**...


Klu da terasa something kat belakang badan tu alih2 la badan tu...

Ni?Siap gesel2 lagi...Seriously my blood going upstairs( PinkStilettos aja=p)

Hish...Geram den...

Xda mud nk wat kojo.....huh

Sexual harassment in lift!Yearkss.....

10:06 PM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

You could be my unintended...



ElmStreet Nightmare Movie!!!


So scary man...

Tgk dgn tangan di muka...How you want to feel the movie?Zero!!

Grr...It was not my idea...It was him!!

Grr...Don't fall asleep everybody....

9:08 PM

I heart you JB!

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Ops...It's not Johor Bharu or laen2...

It was Justin Bieber! Yeay!!

Zera if you read this entry make sure ko tahan hati..

OMG! He was so 'baby' singing on the stage just now live from American Idol la..

Xkn dia nyanyi dkt umah aku...Kuang3x..

X pcaya search kat You Tube...Kiut seh...


Image from Google..

Baby...O baby...I heart you!!!


1:36 PM

She's the one

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

No once can fight her..

She's the only one that I need now..

I'm so sad and I was bloody hell thinking about her..

Why our relationship need to end up like this..

It was hurting me deeply...


4:33 PM

It was raining..

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Topik x bleh blah kan....

It was really heavy raining out there and I was stuck in the office...

Still in the office hour but not in the office hour mood anymore..

Saya ngelat td..Yeashh! Pegi saloon dan cuci rambut..Why?

Saja2..Ikut suka la..And when the boss calling baru nak terketar..Kiki

There's a scene today where;

One of my Nepal technician taking a nap ; in a raining and comfy weather at my plant...

With a big mouth open...He seems so happy, enjoy and confident with his sleeping; sleeping beauty=p

Fly Plane, Fly! by Pictures of Clouds.

Then..Someone from the office with dark hearted decided to do this thing...

And you guys know the respond right?Apa ini org..kacau btul..Seriously when he woke up with a shock face he cannot control his face..Just like this cartoon man..So funny...So pity..

Sometimes nobody can take it easily..For example I la...Pantang org kacau time tdo..lg2 with that kind of non-funny-jokes..It ruined your mood the whole day man..

I have no recent activity to be updated but recently interested with half jacket and button jacket and yang sewaktu dengannya=p

Aktiviti hari Ahad...Always at Sushi King...

See? I like the combination..Yeay!

Till then...See ya..Work is so hectic but yet I can fix my time to blogging...

8:14 AM

I think I'm a bit slim down!=p

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Lately rasa xde mud mo mkn...

I think food is not my priority of life especially dinner..

I need my Mr Blub so much...Damn it..

I think it was not a compliment being so thin lately but it was pre-disease of mine!

So scary man...

I have intention / vision/ mission to start my life everyday with this brand of healthy cereal; Kellogg's Special Cereal K..

Anyone ever tried this before?

Hurmm....Jaga la...Nak kurus macam Paris Hilton...Ops no...macam....Ntah...Sapo2 pon bleh...

Life is so easy when we are healthy right?=p

9:44 PM

Celcom disease?

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

What the heck is happen today?

I cannot surf to internet very smoothly...


Bikin panas....But I don't know I want to blame which parties because the other web I can open it in second...

Aih....How I can face this life without my Facebook?

What happen?

Cop...Dah byar bil blom...

I DID!!!