10:01 AM

I am in Black!

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Today because I felt very very lazy to iron my baju kurung, blouse and whatever so I decided to wear anything that can't make me going downstairs and do some iron thing..=p

So I pop into my mom's room, my sister's room and found nada~

Hehe...Instead of wearing other's clothes then I usha my own luggage... Still unpack since came back from KL=p Sorry for that... Ngeh2

Then I found my black blouse, my soft trousers and took my sister's tudung hitam...





I will say that I'm very poyo today....grin*

So today....I am really filled with inspiration...Inspiration to finish my Shopaholics and sisters book.. It was so damned interesting you know....

Erm...my boos was not around today... So I think I need to be in Library whole day...surfing internet...As long as it can makes me really happy....

I really cannot bear myself for keeps distance with internet line=p

When will my cousin come back? I really need to talk to her...


Talk about her....I will tell ya about her..

We have same ages...which is will be 23 yrs old this year? (Old enough?not yet...) She is my cousin + my bestfriend since we are kindergarten.. Are we??

She graduated from UPM in Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science.. And now she was in KL heading for her SPA interview.... Goodluck maiya!

I hope she can answer all the Datuk, Dato, and Tan Sri's questions..... *sigh*

What else?

I don't know...maybe I can talk about her later....Hehe..

So this is My Beloved Cousin and her name is Maria....

12:18 PM

Me and My Books~

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

So today I borrowed 3 more books after finished the 3 books that I borrowed last week. My friends said x abes2 ngn buku..jd ulat baru tau=p..

Its ok then…Me loike it…=p

The 3 new books that I borrowed just now; 1 English Fiction and 2 Malay Fiction

a) Shopaholic & Sister by Sophie Kinsella

b) Masih Ada Rindu dari Mimie Afinie

c) Sutera Kasih dari Sirhan Ansari

I can’t wait to read all of it especially Sophie’s book ;p

Nothing to do in office..’Mengular’ je keje…haih…apo nk jd..den pon xtaw…

Cam whoring kt upis=p

Cam whoring before g keje...Kampung ku;p

Sekarang nih musim langsat.....urm....manis....

My dad sanggup tuh berdiri terpacak kaku lagi dpn tong smpah..semata-mata nk mkn langsat=p

Keadaan meja ku d ofis ari ni...messy..ok ape..hehe

The 3 books for this week...

11:00 AM

Stuck and Psychology~

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

My life doesn’t changes eventhough I am closer to the end of my industrial training. Nothing surprise happen between me and my life; I mean my work and my mentality of this L.I things…

I wish my life could be free… I can live and be anywhere in the world. I can be independent from routine (industrial training) and not answer to anybody? Who can make this happen? Obama? =p JK…

My inspire to be an engineer lost and disappear just like that. I knew that most of my friends restless and maybe some of them think that I made a right choices to be in government sector. I know it was very fun and happy and relax to be in government sector. It will be very interesting if you are studying a cooking course, jahit menjahit course in university. Don’t get me wrong but rather than relaxing in the office start from 8am to 5pm in the office, I preferred to work non stop everyday as long as I can get some knowledge and I can learn new things in engineering..


I am too emotional if it comes in this topic. You know why? Because we (my friends and me) study very hard for exam. For me every semester I really try my best to get more A’s in every subjects. Even it will be impossible at least…I am tried.. And the result always makes me happy because in 7 semester in university only once I got 2.86 pointer. And the rest? 3.0 and above.

Alhamdulillah… Yes I know..But what happen now? Isk… I just feel like I put my knowledge, my studies, my engineering brains inside my stomach. Because if I sit any exams of any subjects related…I will mati katak=p

I won’t blame anybody especially my father. I know he’s the one that turn me blurred like this…If I won’t listen to him than I can make me L.I at other places… But what happens in the past could be better in the future.. I hope so..


People deceives themselves and play games with themselves. I know..lying to others is bad enough..told everyone I am really happy here..but lying to yourself is hopeless..Like my condition now..Hehe..=p

Don't be psycho dude=p

10:04 AM

Angie appearance!~

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Tengok gamba Angelina Jolie with Hubby ; Brad Pitt... So charming and gorgeous.. Actually damn pretty!

I don't know why....But I love Angie... The way she stand, her fierce face, the way she smile... Hey! I'm not lesbian k.... Just.....

I love the way she handled her life....



I am fasting today....to replaced my previous lor....

So tired and if you all want to know what I am looking now it was Air Asia' s menu in flight.. I don't know why I like them down to earth. Love to purchase the food in flight. I don't know! I know it because the fruit is seedless.. The chicken is boneless... And the rice is very nyummy too..... Huhu

Stop thinking about food otherwise your fasting will be broke down.. Huh... You can check it out here... Plenty of choices and if you all Pre-Book it, then it will be more cheaper=p
Sounds like an advertorial..=p

5:26 AM

Love Session Part 1~

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Its 5.10am....

I knew it...It was damn early to blogging...

Bukan apa...nk terkenching...bgn2 trus on9 jap...tulis jap...

Teringat bhn bacaan kt Yahoo smlm...about Is He Real or Not For You all??

Dia just cta psl tanda2 laki ni commit ke x ngn love..

I don't know..But seems I have opened this topic inside here let it finish keh...

It said that there are 5 commitment factors by a man... And if man out there ( ada ke laki rajin bc blog?=p)read this let me know if I'm mistaken...

1] The capacity to love - Ni ayat yg best " Does your man make sacrifices for you? Is he able to put your wants and needs before his?"

And I knew it..Some man who read through this will be angry...They will say Why On Earth only Man need to sacrifice everything?? Hurm... I'm agree that women should do the same..But maybe for this line of text it tell us that a man should think about their loves more than his car, more than his football time, spend more to their women than ciggar... I don't know.... different people have their own opinion....

And the most important is.....relationships are all about give and take but love??? Is more about giving....

Erm......Grrrrr....Macam putus cinta la plak kan??=p

Its my own opinion....Xtau la girls kat lua pk cmna....

To be continued eh.....


Subuh dh masuk...baik smayang dlu....

Ops...terletak la plak.....=p

11:04 AM

At Last...

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Hepi nye....dh dapat edit my blog...thank to dida? x ingat la nama dia...dia guna Pyzam.com nye layout...Then I pon tiru...Keh Keh..

If you read this posting Dida...Please reply me k?

To be continued....

Penat btol....

Gorgeous is it???Nyummy....

9:50 AM

Better Change it~

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Hi everyone…

Seems like I always end up with something contains in my blog, then I will start to write something that really content=p

We have faced 49 days for this 2009. And I’m getting older and older every year..

What goals did I have achieved for the rest of my life? I dun know.. There’s a lot. .

But its good if we can talk about the future rather than talk about the past..Ryte?


This month I have read a lot of books.. And I have shown a picture at my previous entry..

Just now I borrowed 3 another books;

1] Glamour by Louise Bagshawe

2] The Heartbreaker by Carly Philips

3] Kau Kekasihku by Anis Ayuni

My goals for this month:

- I can handle my industrial training time wisely rather than melepak at library… *sigh*

- Drink plenty of crystal clear water

- Increased my finance

- I can get my stuff from my BF asap=p

Today is Batik Day and I really obey it by wearing my Batik today=p

Y look so 'jahat'?=p


There's a rumors that said about big snake in Sg Rajang. I don't know whether it true or not. But I think I will just ignored about that....Because I know..Deeply I think about it and I will facing with insomnia problem=p



Blue for desperate housewives day~


Recently I felt like David Cook is the most gorgeous, handsome, marvelous man...I don't know.. watch him through American Idol in You Tube makes me sick...He have a very good looking...


Please don't imagine to get a man that handsome like him because you will not get it! Ok?=p

It's him...:-) If he finds out he must killed me...Its ok=p..So Sorry...hehe

It's ok if I can't have David Cook...This man also can la...He does not expert at making fun of me...he is not that kind of romantic...But...because of himself...always followed my orders...what I want I will get...IMMEDIATELY=p

And I think I will be a great great great Queen Control=p