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What I wish for the next 2011

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Hi peeps!

Lama x meroyan dalam blog..

Maka hari ini dengan penuh perasaan sakit hati dan tension di sbabkn oleh mcm2 aku nak meroyan but in the same time nak soseh apa aku nak for this coming new year=p

First of all for your information, while Malaysia having a free holiday because of the ball things, I have to work tomorrow! Damn it!

And for the extra stress of mine, while people celebrating new year 2011, I have to work also!! Damn again...I know!

WTH? Ntah la labu...pape la..

It was so frustrated man! Dahla da janji nak pegi kawen my sweet fren time skolah..Work just ruined it! Again!

OMG Rahmah...Anyway aku harap ko berbahagia di samping suami tercinta...Aku sayang persahabatan kita ok..

Bila aku nak bercuti nih! Tensionnya...


Anyway...Everybody have their aimed of life since the new year is just around the corner.Me too! I cannot think about work 100% right? Nanti aku strok d umo 30-an...=p

Apa korang nak untuk tahun baru?Mesti suma nak kaya, nak cantik, nak slim, nak dapat laki ensem kan?


What I want for the next year resolution:

1 - I will try to reduce my weight asap before my wedding..Perhaps 55kg?Yes!

2- I will spend time more on my body and facial treatment..Sapa nak badan bersisik mcam ikan time kawen?=p

3- I can control my temper. I don't like to throw temper to my Blub but I can't help yelling towards him..Isk..X elok..

4- I can be a good daughter like I am now (perasan) and maybe InsyAllah a good wife to him=p

5- Tingkat kan baca Quran..Tension pon kurang jadinya...

6- Start collecting a non-teenage outfit.. Ko nak jadi bini orang lg nak pkai baju kartoon?=p

7- *Censored* =p

8- Hopefully I can found new identity of mine. How to change my image huh? I think currently I have a crisis identity=p In term of fashion la..Tudung especially..

9- My parents can be healthy and healthier to see my wedding..I love them!

10- Last but not least..Errr...I can have my own house before end of 2011..

So...What bout you?

8:12 PM

I found this pervert!=p

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


You found it pervert but yet you still listen to it!

Now you are pervert too!=p

But this song is funny..

I wonder...Kalau2 ada radio Malaysia yang berani pasang lagu ni..


Good thing is the video is not pervert as their lyrics mean..

Enjoy! Listen the music properly!Ahaks!

7:00 PM

Care to explain?

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I found this cute or weird thing on my way to somewhere..

I was shocked when I saw it..Is this a motorbike or maybe bicycle? OMG..I don't know..

The pedal is maybe a bicycle but the body is motorbike...Oh..Cute or maybe creative!


Rasanya motor tu terbakar then dia adjust pedal dia guna pedal basikal dia je..Jimat..Such a creative people!

6:50 PM

Yes Broadband

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Tik tok..

It’s been a week since I’ve been using the Yes Broadband.

What can I comment about this dongle(broadband) anyway?

The correct word for this thing is SPEED!

Very high speed broadband ever! Even in my house now, anytime I used it, I won't have a connection problem at all! My house area is a very congested for all broadband in this country…

Tak kira la Celcom ke..Maxis ke..or P1 Wimax also..

YTL gave me the dongle free of charge last week. Including RM150 credit inside.

Like what are they saying about this Yes; You pay for what you used. It means this thing is like a prepaid number. But this Yes technically didn’t use the sim card.

If you registered it, then you will have the id name and the password.

It was easy!

Oh my…Am I doing the advertisement now?=p

It was 4G after all…And now I have a bad habit which is watching Korean Drama/Movie through online. I’m not stress myself to download all of it because streaming all the drama is like you are watching the movie that you have been download it!

Oh…It was a relief! Finally I can have a satisfied internet connection..I’m going to terminate my old one. I think I’m going to stick with this one only…Dongle!

Here's the dongle of the world..

Oh...If you want to check out more about this thing, just click YES!

10:36 PM

Sewa Baju Pengantin

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Became A-Bride-To-Be mmg membosankan kn?

There's nothing I want to share about here other than baju kahwin, baju nikah...bla...bla... Boring=p


It was really hard to find baju pengantin yang murah and nice to have as a rental dress just for 1 day usage especially if you insist to find it at KL..


I found this boutique at Ampang..Rinssuzana.com

You guys can check it out...And sure you guys will be interested with the package and the dress that they will provide to you. Also you can try it out on the spot!

I tried this one but I turn into purple giant!Haha! Seriously she looks very nice in there but if you are fat then you will looked bad..But the dress is very nice one! OMG! I have to get that shape before end of April!

The feelings of trial is awesome! I feel great and enthusiasm inside my heart...


But finally I couldn't find any for mine because I feel fat!

OMG! I tried 3 different color and pattern of dress but I found it very terrible! I should stop eating and start dieting for the sake of my wedding..


Anyway, I found 1 more place to rent the baju pengantin. If you ever heard GM Klang in front of Bukit Tinggi Jaya Jusco, there's a lot of things you will happily find out. The place is a heaven for bride to be. Door gift is so adorable + cheap!

Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to snap pictures..Too much things and ideas in my head!

Arghh...Too tired to spread ideas here..I wish I can have a long holiday! Works really kill my mood!Gosh!

Nite everyone

1:11 PM

Little Update to make it alive

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Hi peeps!

4/12-6/12 is a travel time for me which I spent time a lot on plane, boat, and car...

And it was so tiring! Until I can afford to sleep more than 12 hours yesterday! From 5pm - 7.20am..Err..

Crazy? Thanks~

The agenda of the night is better than I think before.

My family can be so sporting with the others and I never expect my father's act and respond is quite impressive.

He's being so nice with his family and walaaaa...We are blessing from 2 parties! Thank God..

Off the topic please~

My lately morning craving..Kencing Manis baru tau

Father & Son's birthday cake...

Actually 5/12 is my Blub's birthday.. And 6/12 his father's birthday. I asked my mom to booked a cake for them. Then I have excuse to give him present! Keji...

Both of them are cut the cake together along with a song sing by my brother in law + my sisters!=p

Latest pic of my niece...So nice...Bukan koyak tau tu...Baju angkasawan yang x boleh di button=p

It was really nice to be in hometown even I spent less than 24 hours in there. I can laugh and be myself again=p

I don't know what is my status now...Maybe I'm engaged or maybe not yet engaged..Whatever it is.I'm happy with him~

Have to find another job nih...Seriously! I want to be a clerk! Please hire me=p

6:53 PM

Pulang kampung

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When is the last time I went back to my hometown?

Tak Tau!


I'm going back to Sarawak this Saturday-Monday along with future in-law + husband..



It's a merisik thing... But we would like to make it an engagement ceremony too.. Teringin nak menyandang gelaran jadi tunangan org=p

Time to settle everything between his and my family before we prepared all wedding stuffs..


Till then...Will update this blog more frequent!

Ops...I just came back from MidValley..

Watched Narnia 3D...The image and resolution is vibrant but because of there's no subtitle there, as usual a guy sit next to me sleep with a very noise snored that he capable to have in this world!

Memang 3D movie xde subtitle eh? Pelik!

6:22 PM

Humiliated by a Madam

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Hi. It’s been a years since I wrote anything related with my work here. Well, there‘s nothing interested to share with a world about my job. Hectic life of mine.Overload minded.

Until. Read my word: Until..

There’s a meeting today with the director which making all the new engineers shaking to the earth. It’s not because we have done something wrong but we are scared if he will ask us about the problems.

But luckily he didn’t down us very much. Just a little advice on how to improve ourself to be a better person.


Few seconds before the director end our meeting, there’s a lady which is I cannot informed here from which department. But I love to call her ‘Witch’.

This lady is not from our department, but she successfully interfere like nobody business and complaint about us. And to make it worst she mention my name! Only Me! OMG! She told the director I don’t know anything about what I did everyday! Why? Why?

I tried to be as cool as maximum I can. Until (again?)..The director asked ‘Who is Shikin?’?

Then I raised my hand up. I really hope she can explain what on earth that I asked her before. But she’s not! Thanks to her I looked dumb there!

And my boss who was sitting beside me directly ask me ‘Haih? How come you don’t know anything about that? Impossible..’

Yes I am! I just don’t know how Witch can turn herself as a moron + bullshi* + Unprofessional?

WTF? Damn it! I never see her anymore after this. What kind of people is she?

Luckily my GM approaches me after meeting and being so sweet backing me up. Everybody is shocked that I don’t know anything about that? Oh please…!

No sweat.

This is the last time. You humiliated me, dishonored me, in front of director? It’s a good way to show your jealousy tho!

Ahhhhh…Politic is everywhere!

8:37 AM

My BFF's Wedding

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Hi guys...

Setelah sekian lama x tulis blog...

And finally I come out with lot of pictas....~

I went to one of my friend's wedding last friday. Amik annual leave tuh..

We (me and Theresa) arrived at Kemaman around 10:30pm and checked in to the nearest hotel.

By tomorrow I bring along my Blub to the wedding.

Oh..by the way I really look fat-big-huge dinasour on that day!

Now I have to start dietttt!

Anyway...Jum tgk gamba!

Yezzza....Itu dia owner of the blog berbaju pink (Gemz!) and the gedik one (Zeratikah!)

There..Pengantin aka my U-Mate + My Travel fren=p

I forgot to tell ya'all... Theresa (Baju kurung itam di atas) only took 3 hours to drive from KL-Kemaman! Gila kan? I was sleeping + berdengkur dgn kuat!=p

The bride is so cute! Da nak jadi mak org pon ada peace? Peace to the world Nik!!=p
Being a paparazzi is so fun! Berdua dgn Zera yg Super Duper Paparazzi!=p She was busy with her phone and us busy being a gedik=p

Love this pic!

Pretty her!

Last but not least....Peace from the bride..Aih..X abis2 nik nih..

Anyway...the food is nyummy..the wedding is fun but you know there is one thing bad happen?

Aku lupa zip kain baju kurung moden aku! Damn!

And to make it worst I dengan selamba berjalan ke sana sini without anybody shout it?Don't you guys notice bout it??

OMG! My Blub realized it when we are on the way back to car..And he took a picture too! So embarrassing!!

God! Orang nampak ke ha?So ashamed!

6:20 PM

Hari Raya?Naaahaa

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Sad entry in front! Caution!

For me there's no Hari Raya! I need to wake up as usual tomorrow and dress up just like another weekdays and off to work!

Sad huh?

I mean...Sad being a 'perantau'..If I want to decide to take A.L it must be a waste! What I will do at home is finish all paperwork that I cannot afford to finish during office hours...

Is it worth if you have a booommmm increment but you couldn't find a time for yourself even a minute!


Baru perasan dh lama x tempek entry begambar kat cni..

Tunggu la nnt..

Looking frward to my BFF wedding this Friday!

Aiyakk....Present x beli lg!!!

Erm...Wish you happy NIK HiDAYATI & NORAZLAN?

7:08 PM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Sejak 2 menjak ni...

After I knew I was bride-to-be, I felt empty inside. Did not mean I let my heart empty without love.

But I have no time to think and find a way to break up with him...I know...Keji kan?=p
He purchased a tickets, he spend a lot of money in there and I can't make it as roti canai!

Even we haven't met since last 2 months or 3 months?Can't remember..He was very busy with his offshore project.


And now he was at Vietnam-meeting=(

I don't know when I will have time to sit and discuss with him about our wed. To make it worse, we haven't go for Kursus Kahwin yet!

Aiyoo...But I know the time will come....I won't let my brain think about him down to earth..

Trust is important. Now I know why is it so important.

Currently my family at Sarawak was very busy with my 'Bilik Pengantin' preparation.

Rasa x sabar nak blik Sarawak..=p

Oh...Rasa sangat invasion. Feeling nak kawen belom tiba...Lama lagi la..Hurm..

This Saturday will be a Test for KPLI..So sad..I got a course to go! Damn..! Kalau x pegi kursus YTL kena potong gaji plak RM500!

Xda rezeki kot utk KPLI..Even my Blub never agreed me to be a teacher..Garang sgt kot=p

Erm..I'm giving a thought to do the pre-wedding pic just like Sheikh Muzaffar..!Gedik!

Well I think their ideas for the pre-wedding shot is not categorized as 'poyo'...A lot of bunting/banner I saw at exhibition was slightly very funny or to be frank? POYO!

See? Cute kannn....Mauu.....Pic credit to beautifulnara

Since I know my Blub love to read my blog recently then I don't have to text or suggest him with this kind of ideas that I have in mind now..

But I won't demand with this 'Alam Kayangan' theme, Alam Barzakh pon tak...Maybe alam laen...hahaha..

Catch with you soon..

10:38 PM

Big News for Everyone

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And finally 'us' decided to fix the date for our wedding!

Date to remember:

28/5/2011 - Akad Nikah (Limbang, Sarawak)

29/5/2011 - Sanding kat umah I (Limbang, Sarawak)

11/6/2011 - Sanding kat umah dia (Paka, Terengganu)

He just bought the tickets which cost him a lot! No need to mention here but it was expensive..!


Group from Paka - Limbang will be around 18 people!

I'm giving a thought to invite my friends to my wedding at Sarawak but I think I just invite them here...Grrrr...

Tiket mahal la nyah...Pening plak nnt klu ramai2...Family dia da 18 org nk di angkut..hehe

But I want to make sure suma BFF kat U and sekolah dapat dtg kat Paka! Dtg jgn x dtg tau!

Luckily we decided to booked a wedding card last week...At least da kurang pening 1 item nak prepare..Huhu

Theme color? Ni yang jadi gaduh ni tadi...Everything must be Blue! Oh..Tau la dia suka color biru aku pon dia nk hasut2..Sori okeh..

Pink is totally not allowed!So I choose Silver for my place..Blue for his place...Lantak la..Amik la biru...Weh kawan2...sila pakai biru eh time g kenduri...=p

Yakin je bgtau org nk kawen bila...The problem is tickets is confirmed! InsyAllah la eh...Ermm...

There's a lot of things need to be settle including : Kursus Kahwin! Argh!!

Oh..After finish ceremony at Limbang, My Blub will be follow his family back to KL first and me?

Sob Sob...I'm going back to KL the day after him..Sedey..Kenal tinggal..Hihi..


Finally after be in love with him 5 years I tied up with him legally=p

I have less than 7 months to prepare everything include DIET! Plz..I really want to have good image in my wedding picture...!

Dah 3 bln x jumpa my Blub and next 2 days dia fly pegi Vietnam utk meeting!

Nasib bdn la..Asal duit msuk kat bank cukup=p

8:18 AM

Time to reveal something~

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Finally I have a right mood and time for my own blog=p


My Blub dah kat darat and we met only 1 day (last 2 days) before he back again to Paka..


Last night he discussed with his family about our secret little things..*Blink*

And the result is....






Bedebar x? Hehe.....


Me will be married on 4th June 2011!

Ugh...Aku pon xtau nk hepi ka x....Xda perasaan la....LOL!

And no I have to come up with a list!..Wedding preparation list!..


Kurus kahwin pon belom...Aih..And fyi, my eldest sister will be married next month 12/12/10 at KL!..

Dia pon baru nk kursus kahwin smlm and today! Kelam kabut betoll...

But anyway, the date is just a plan..Not confirm yet by my family...

And he (Blub) was very interested to start with the Wedding Shopping first...


Will come with the list for the next entry...Selamat Berhijrah..


11:10 PM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Familiar with a word of LAZY? Yeap!

Malas nya nak update blog..Lately mmg I xda mood nk update..

Anyway today is Deepavali Day. Happy Deepavali!!

Lambat wish.Yes I knew but I just came back from Low Yat and SACC Mall Shah Alam..

Sempat booking untuk wat kad kawen=p

Anyway Bunting is what? I have no idea what is BUNTING means? Pregnant ka? Nope...

It means Banner la ngok.!!

And the pronunciation is different also...Hehe..



7:41 PM

Rules in any office

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

My sister just emailed to me all this 'Truth' things just to remind me about all nature of work..

I am really deep in trouble with my job nowadays..Everything is seems to be not in the right place..!

20 Rules in any office

1. Rule 1. - The Boss is always right.

2. Rule 2. - If the Boss is wrong, see rule 1.

3. Those who work get more work. Others get pay, perks, and promotions.

4. Ph.D. stands for "Pull Him Down". The more intelligent a person, the more hardworking a person, the more committed a person; the more number of persons are engaged in pulling that person down.

5. If you are good, you will get all the work. If you are really good, you will get out of it.

6.. When the Bosses talk about improving productivity, they are never talking about themselves.

7. It doesn't matter what you do, it only matters what you say you've done and what you are going to do.

8. A pat on the back is only a few centimeters from a kick in the butt.

9. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted.

10. The more crap you put up with, the more crap you are going to get.

11. If at first you don't succeed, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it...

12. When you don't know what to do, walk fast and look worried.

13.. Following the rules will not get the job done.

14. If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done.

15. Everything can be filed under "Miscellaneous" .

16. No matter how much you do, you never do enough.

17. You can do any amount of work provided it isn't the work you are supposed to be doing.

18. In order to get a promotion, you need not necessarily know your job.

19. In order to get a promotion, you only need to pretend that you know your job.

20. The last person that quit or was fired will be held responsible for everything that goes wrong.

It's funny tho, because when I read all this through I think it was really true!

Maybe I should stop think about the problems now. The problem would never be finish in any time. Shoot!

I won't let or encourage my daughter to be an engineer..It was sucks! Abis SPM kahwin la nak...Mak tanggung...Hahaha...

5:22 PM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Lack of updates..I knew it

Seems like this month I really had a headache; work problem..

Until my GM harus turun padang settle dgn GM site..


I couldn't find any free time for myself..Apatah lagi memanjakan diri..Hidup2...Nasib dengar lagu Maher Zain rasa aman sikit...Feels like I am very close to our Creator=)


Until last night my housemate insist to drink some alcohol and she brought me up..Well she's not Islam of course and I am really pleasure to accompany her=p

We went to Rainforest Sport Bar at Pavillion...

Pic kredit to Budiey

We have no idea where to go initially. Dia nak sangat pegi No Black Tie but have to pay for the live band also then x jadik.

Person like me; full with stress, full with workload in my head sesuai bangat masuk bar nih...Music dia suma remix plus very loud!

Bising sangat tp best...I don't know why...

My housemate finally get her Kiwi Martini drink.. And I get myself Banana Caramel...And Ina get Strawberry Caramel...So healthy! Haha

Apa ko ingat pegi bar kena minum alcohol? Ko nak mampos? X ingat Tuhan haa??=p

For those who loves watching sports channel then you can go here. Lot of sport channel you can watch there. .

Happy smile from my housemate...Sbb dapat minum martini..Hihi Nasib x mabuk..

Sometimes I don't get any ideas why people love to come to KL? Now I know why. KL will be more happening during night. But during day time, KL will be happening on the road. Jammed everywhere...

I don't understand...Haih..

7:11 PM

3 days with energetic mind!

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


I didn't tell you all I'm going to Cherating for YTL team building huh?


I'm not really interested to join the team building seems like my works still in pending status.

And on Friday the site people really ruined my life!

Rasa nak lempang orang kat site...They really cannot understand what does it means with on leave!


I have a plan...Many plans...But I don't want to name it here..It hurts me a lot..

By the way..I didn't have a chance to take a picture from the team building..

Why? My mood is zero. My soul is disappear. Just because site people keep calling me every minute..Shouting like its the end of the world..


I went to Suria Cherating Resort on 15/10 until 17/10.. On Friday until Saturday evening the site people is killing me. I have to finish their shit until Saturday evening. WTF?

And after that I'm switching my pressure mode to very enjoyable person mode!

Swimming sampai x ingat dunia..Dancing...Jumping and most important thing is I can SMILE!

And the result is I don't have a pictures for this entry...So sad!

Erm...Come back my love.! He still in offshore...Dang! I miss him!

7:11 AM

AirAsia Promotion 2011 is back!

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Normally the promotion will be early of the year..

Skrg nih ujung taun dah ada?


Kena bli awal la nih...

Booking period is only 13/10/10 until 17/10/10 and travel period will be 1/4/2011 - 11/8/2011..

Why they didn't put the travel period until 11/11/11?=p

Feel free to fly? Please visit here....

Mari kita terbang!=p

7:03 PM

Downgrade or Upgrade?

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

I want to be a teacher!



I'm working just like Kong si kong today and it was really tiring!

I wish I can have sugar daddy!

Pengakuan berani mati!


11:43 PM

When guy talk about color

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Argh!I just edit this entry by using my handphone and what happened is it's gone!


Now I have to put my brain back to the last night ideas.

How hard is that!

And I even forget what I typed last night..!Grrrrr

It's nothing much actually. It's just about a MY MAN.

Guys is simple.Everybody knew it. When it comes to hal remeh-temeh they won't put their mind to think it very deeply.

Last night he asked me about what would be our theme color for our wedding.

I am not interested to talk to him at that moment and yet he still want to talk about the sweet thing huh?

Pancing baik punya...But finally he's the one that really can makes me laugh!=p

He asked me:

Him: "Nak guna color theme apa nnt time kawen?"

Me: "Don't know la...Malas nak pk.."

Him: "Ala...Ada kaler lawa.Apa nama tu, KAIN? KAITEN?"

Me: Out of sudden became interested to listen because of the weird thing he said. "X penah dengar pon nama kaler tuh?"

Him: "Ala..Yang mcam ijau...Tapi macam biru gak..."

Me: Smiling...No more concrete face..

It's a Cyan people...He is so funny sometimes..For those who never heard about this color, you just imagine Celcom color..Same color..

Here is some example with the Cyan color; Pic all credit to Google

I love this very much! Wonder how do I look with this? Hahaha

Pale Cyan color.. Me likey to!

Cute! Must use the corset triple layer..=p

Oh..Nice n gorgeous!!

Oh...by the way..The color also same like kain baju sekolah huh?


But frankly speaking....The Cyan or Kaiten or Kian or whatsoever color it is..I'm deeply in love with it!

6:55 PM

Sad Life

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

When you are really have nothing to do after working hours.

Sitting on the bed alone and browsing + surfing the internet as much as I can. Until I have no ideas what I'm going to do again. No pleasure.

I have a plan. Go to lowyatt. Purchase a new antivirus and format the notebook.

But I really have no strength to put my shoes on. I just hate being alone. I need someone!

But 'someone' I had is no longer available to entertain me. I can feel the distance between us. He was changed.

If you guys want to blame me for being so selfish please stop that. I tried my best in these 5 years to understand him. His job actually.


Love is sick and I am totally agreed with that.

If my daughter insist to have a relationship with an offshore guy, I will be the one who discourage her with her relationship.

Long-distance relationship is suck!

7:37 PM

Updating myself

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Hye peeps...

Sambil menonton Save The last Dance II, I'm start typing through my keyboard..

Well yesterday I went to PJ for Yearly Graduation for my business=p

And it was awesome! I want to be part of it but I don't know if I can or not coz the course will be on Saturday!

The evening was so awesome! With a good presentation by a founder which travel around the world several times!

I want it!

I really hope I can achieve the target by next year...And then I will join everybody to Paris!!

You want it? Come and join me...Yeay!

11:41 PM

Finally find a good business!

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Hi all...Read my topic please..

Recently I'm searching a good job for my father since he's not doing anything after retired from gov servant..

I'm not a person that easily fell in love with MLM/any downline business with a big amount of modal..

But tonight I found the correct business for everyone with only RM85.00 modal!

Damn it...

I love this business...Pulangan dia kurang lumayan...Xla smpai 10k pon per month keuntungan dia..

Yela..tgk la modal brp..But they focused on vacation..Next month is Dubai vacation for two!

Next year? Paris babeh!..I want it!

The business is not base on cari orang semata-mata because if you purchase the product more, then you will get the money more...

Aiyah...I don't care la...We all are the consumers...Everybody is going to use it..

And I'm going to put my whole family as my downline...Hoho...Kot2 dpt rezeki p Paris taun dpn...


4:53 PM

Kerang atas babi?

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Pengotor la you ni...Ok..Ini cerita betul..

For those who love to eat outside please be careful with where you eat! I mean their kitchen lor..

I received this info from my sister..She just emailed me..I know she cares a lot bout me..Selalu mkn lua...jgn termakan bnda laen sudah~

Oleh Mohd Jamilul Anbia Md Denin


KUALA LUMPUR: Penggemar kerang dan selalu membelinya di Pasar Chow Kit, di sini, patut berfikir dua kali untuk membeli makanan itu berikutan penemuan mengejutkan pusat memproses kerang yang didapati berjiran dengan pusat penyembelihan daging babi di pasar berkenaan.

Penemuan itu dikesan selepas sepasukan pegawai Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim) dan Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (Jawi) menjalankan pemeriksaan mengejut di pasar Chow Kit bagi mengenal pasti peniaga yang melakukan kesalahan mengikut hukum syarak.

Dalam serbuan kira-kira jam 5 pagi kelmarin, tiga peniaga kerang sibuk membungkus longgokan kerang dianggarkan seberat lebih 50 kilogram yang ditaburkan ke atas lantai pasar berkenaan.
Bagaimanapun, agak memeranjatkan apabila kerang yang mahu dijual kepada orang ramai itu didapati hanya kira-kira dua meter dari daging babi yang belum dilapah dan berdarah.
Sumber Jakim berkata, babi terbabit yang sudah dipotong dua dikesan baru dihantar pembekal ke pasar berkenaan sebelum diletakkan di atas kerusi batu di pusat menjual babi itu bersama bahagian organ lain antaranya hati dan limpa.

“Bagaimanapun, darah haiwan berkenaan mengalir dan membasahi lantai yang digunakan peniaga kerang untuk meletakkan kerang di kawasan berkenaan.
“Apabila ditanya, peniaga kerang terbabit seolah-olah tidak mengetahui ia perbuatan yang boleh mengundang rasa kurang senang pengguna Islam. Peniaga berusia 50-an terbabit mendakwa kerang berkenaan hanya perlu dibersihkan dan dijual kepada pelanggan di pasar berkenaan,” katanya.

Menurutnya, lokasi memproses kerang dan pusat penyembelihan daging babi terbabit yang terletak di tempat sama dianggap tidak strategik dan boleh menjadi haram dimakan sekiranya berlaku percampuran antara air atau darah khinzir dengan kerang yang diproses.

Sementara itu, Setiausaha Politik Perdana Menteri, Datuk Jailani Ngah yang melihat lokasi penyembelihan babi di pasar Chow Kit menganggap kawasan berkenaan sudah uzur dan tidak sesuai untuk dijadikan pusat pemprosesan makanan halal.

Menurutnya, kawasan pemprosesan babi terbabit tidak hanya terletak berdekatan pusat memproses kerang, malah turut terletak bersebelahan dengan pusat penyembelihan dan memproses ayam daging.

I don't know this picture published in news or not but it was really disgusting man!

Be careful with what you eat...Kerang bakar mari-mari.....Ewwww..=p

11:26 PM

Rambling me

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

With a pills in my mouth I'm pushing myself to start typing this entry..

Dah tua macam2 penyakit...Haih

Me time? Actually the meaning of that is single-with-boyfriend-at-offshore....

I've been suffered with this gastric thing since I'm back from Sarawak 2 weeks ago..

Now I was surrounded by pills, many types of liquid..Grrrrr..

And to make it worst, I really looks like a 5 months pregnant lady.. Damn! My stomach was bloated to the max! I don't know why..

But what I can say is since I ate the various type of pills, erm...ermm....I tak berak langsung!!


But...please do not stay closer to me because I'm making a 'gas' more than 20 times/day and it was really really really stinks!!!! Yeark

Ok..stop with this dirty entry...

Anyway...Me time for today is survey the new handphone...(Again?)

I don't like having the different hp with my Blub...He's asking me to install WhatApp which not available in my hp...

Maybe I will suggest him that I need Blackberry too=p Then we won't have difficulties to communicate? Hihi

Pas balik dari laut okeh...~

Speaking of balik dari laut...Ermm...We plannned something..

Which is a plan for our future..*Blink*

After he back from offshore he's going meet my parents along with his parents..

Oh...And now I'm start looking and browsing the wedding things to get some ideas for my baju pengantin...Kuang3x...

6:04 PM

Time to moist up my body

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

I'm the one who grown up with a skin problem in my family...

No matter how expensive product I bought before, it will come and exist in another part of my body..

I asked one of my friend last night on how to prevent my skin @ taking extra care to my skin without leaving any scar in the morning...

The first thing I saw when woke up in the morning is a scar..And it hurts me a lot while bathing..

What I want is only my skin becomes smoother and attains a quality that is amazing to look at..At least when I look myself in mirror...I have no intention to show off my whole body in blog=p


Back to my friend advised me before;

She ask me to apply moisturizer to my body..Whole body before sleep...

Is it going to work? I'm giving a thought on which product I should try on..

L'occitane? Vaseline? Murad? Or taik lembu? =p

But hey...Org dulu2 used to apply the taik lembu at their body...No wonder orang dolu2 kulit halus mulus kan?

Anyway...I'm going to try all of it..

I don't want to keep this depression by myself..

Everybody wants to be pretty....

2:29 PM

The Silence Of City

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Back from Mid Valley..

Seriously everybody in KL was still in Raya mode!

Mid Valley yang selalu penuh ngan orang sunyi sepi..



Watched movie with my big sister; Resident Evil After Life..


My ex-bf is there too! Wentworth Miller! And again it was related to 'prison break'

So cute!=p

Happy Weekend girls! Evil look huh?

5:30 PM

Still not in the right mood

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


I think I'm going to gain more weight this week..I can't get rid from the Bit & Bites kueh raya..

Oh Raya...=p

All the while from my trip back to Sarawak until now I have plenty ideas to speak on but I have no strength to write here..

I'm not in the mood...PMS maybe..=(

But I have thousand of pictures which I love most to share with here..

Feelings of mine is indescribably when it comes to family things..

Last year I x balik kpg...So what I know is when I reached home, I'm giving a thought moving out back to my hometown..I feel like nak kerja kat kpg!!

Peaceful with no congestion and I have somebody to talk with...Damn it..

Mari cuci mata~

First lady grandchild in our family...She is boombastic! Princess Mia~

My first Hari Raya dress...Uh uh..

My second day Hari Raya..

My third Hari Raya...Sorry for the unclear picture...Dang!

And I just realize my family x ambik gambo raya bersama...Arghh...What on earth are we thinking?Teruk betul...Ish...Erm...It's ok...as long as my mind still flooded with the memories..=p

This is at toilet at Miri..Ewww...Time to go back to KL...I'm not likey!

Cam whoring at airport...Can't wait for next year Hari Raya...Am I going back as a single lady or double partner? *Grin*

Ops...That's not me...Jahat kan?I should censored her face first..Hehe..I'm interested with my hometown's style...It's a fashion or what I really don have idea...Nice Baju Kurung come along with pair of shoes and socks!=p

Argh....Stop this feeling!

Till then...Chow...Have a nice day people...!~