4:09 PM

Bad day created by Maybank

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Please la..If you have any problem with your system, just put a warning on your website and people are not giving a damn to purchase anything using your website..

In the beginning I thought GSC is the one who created the problem. But then I checked my balance account and it's all gone!

Damn! WTF!


Adoi...Then I'm using a credit card..Maybank also..Same problem also..I don't know..

Ada org sabotaj Maybank ke?

I'm a loyal person...Always loyal to Celcom...Maybank and so on..


They really make my blood go upstairs!!=p


12:06 AM

Finally new baby pop out!

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Finally we have made a decision to add one more gadget in our life..

Jgn pk bukan2 tau...It was my last-long addiction, and desire with: DSLR!


I thought we will end up buy Nikon D3100...But the promoter (well as usual they will promote their product more than others!) insist and persuade us to buy Sony Alpha 33..

Mula2 mls nak lyn...Ye la...Hati dah jatuh hati pd si Nikon then dia pndai2 suh beli Sony..

Then dia tunjuk Sony..Dia kutuk si Nikon lg...Dia puji melambung si Sony...

Then kad kredit my Blub pon ter'swipe'...LOL!

There's a lot of feature in this type of Alpha...But please...I won't have time to elaborate it here...
Anyone interested to know more about this camera please click HERE

So...I think my life is complete now!Ops...belum lg...I need a house then my life completed!

No more picture from handphone I guess?=p

6:07 PM

Tik Tok

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Countdown untuk bila aku nk buka blog untuk tatapan umum..


Padan muka..Rasa x bes plak tulis blog then baca balik sorng2..

Peduli la apa org nk kutuk aku lg pas ni..

Oh ye..

Pesanan untuk org awam kat luar tu..

Klu ada pape yg x puas ati sila face-to-face ngn saya kat twitter saya ok?

Sila add saya di twitter : ms_coci

Harap maklum..

3 months to go babeh! Yes!

11:14 PM

Craving for Nikon DSLR!

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How are you?

Fyi, for entire of my life, I never bought a digital camera ever!

Why? It is not because I'm not a camera freak but I put a very high priority to DSLR as my first digital camera!

Which one that I'm dying to have one?

Sbb x brapa terror lagi guna kamera nih, then I think I'll choose the Nikon D3100 first!

Actually nyaris membeli bnda alah ni td..My Blub cannot hear anything about my intention or my desire to have a thing or something that I really want...

Dia mesti nak belikan...Smpai nak gaduh pon ada..Aih..It's not difficult to persuade him to buy anything that you want. As long as you give him the reason why you need that thing..But it's not a right way to live right?

Mcm kna wat proposal/presentation dlu..Then you will get the thing.=p

The price is RM2198..And I can smell this camera now..I think I will get this thing soon=p

Oh..Seriously I'm in love with DSLR...Anyone with me?

9:34 AM

Silence of Me

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I'm writing a blog but only me as the owner can read it..At least for now.


Since ada org nk pandai2 komplen + meroyan kat blog ni then I have no choice.

Private kan aja...So what?

I'm here to update my wedding thingy..

My wedding invitation card is ready to be distributed..

Tapi rasa nya masih awal kot nk heboh kan?Haha

Biarlah rahsia..

Tema kahwin pon ada mcm2 kaler...Baju biru, silver...Pelamin warna gold...Then langsir umah Blub wana dark blue + gold..Khemah hitam putih..

Hehe...We are 1 Malaysia...Sapa kisah 1 warna?

It is nice to hold my own wedding card..

I cannot believe it I'm going to change my status soon...Kind of scary! But really can't wait for it!=p

So..everything is ready so far...Baju kahwin, nikah..The only left for now is my preparation for Sarawak's solemnization..

Bilik pengantin pon kosong lg...Plus pelamin x ambik lg..Haih..

Next week my Blub will fly to Bintulu...I really hope he can finish his project before our wedding..

If not...Who's going to married me?Hehe..

By the way we're still not decided where to stay after married..I really hope I'll be transfered to somewhere else!

2:27 PM

Quality Time at Genting Highland!

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Yeay! It was my first time spent time with girlfriends till maximum!

It was really fun and enjoy! Thanks girls!

Anyway it’s just me and Ina’s plan to spend leisure time somewhere out of KL. Purpose: Release tension of course!

In the beginning we are planning to fly to Singapore and play-until-faint at Universal Studio.

But then since I’m not ALLOWED to apply International Passport at Peninsular (I’m Sarawakian) , then we changed plan to Genting Highland!

Like I said, the plan is originally for two of us until my colleagues insist to join us! The more people will be merrier! So, there will be 6 of us! My Blub booked a hotel for us=p

Since one of our colleague will married this coming March we are planning to celebrate the Bachelor Party for her..Haha..I think it will consist of me?

But then the day before 2 of our colleague cancel to join us due to certain circumstances..=p

Luckily Blub only booked a 2 rooms for 4 people=p Mcm tau2?

We really spent time together and even tho the outdoor theme park is closed to due to bad weather we tried to find out own happiness and played the indoor theme park!

Haha…Seriously x mencabar!

But then we ride the Euro Express (roller coaster) 3 times! Haha..We tried to act normal, not shouting like a hell but finally we can’t stop ourself from being so crazy! Especially me!


Oh, by the way, we spent a night at First World Hotel.The room is ok. I mean what do you expect? We only pay RM48/room plus buffet breakfast at hotel. That is so cheap. And the room condition is nice too. Clean and fine to us..

The buffet breakfast? You don’t have to worry since their food is just like another 5 star hotel..Anything is there..But you only can get that kind of price if you purchased it through online. Card Credit of course!=p

Pic will be upload soon..I don’t have a nice pic in my handphone.

We also spent the night watching 3D & 4D!!

What a vacation! I really love it!

I think the vacation is really meaningful when you are with your girlfriends!