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Naza Kia good hospitality

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Assalamualaikum semua..

Since dah lama tak tulis blog..sambil membuang masa kat tempat service kete, baik aku g tulis sikit. A little bit review for Kia car service. Please don't expect me to write a car review..

I bought my new baby Kia Sportage kat Kia Chan Sow Lin ni.. Mula2 beli dapat salesman tak brapa nak manis mulut.. We have to ask anything that we want to know. Well bukan ke salesman ni mulut manis mcm gula? Hehe Dahla mmg x pakar bab kete.. Beli baby Kia sbb bonet dia cantik je kot? Hehe

And my spare key also I haven' t received yet.  Ade ke beli kete baru pastu kunci spare da abis bateri?

Mula2 nk frust jgak ngn Kia ni.. Nasib baik babg Kia x meragam.. Hopefully forever kan baby..

Sekarang da wat first service.. Register 15 Ogos 2013. Ari ni baru 26 Ogos da wat first service. Nak wat cana.. Laki aku semangat nk bw kete bru balik kampung..

Oh, da lari topik. Bukan nak cite byk pon.. just tempat service dia wat aku x nk blk ofis.. Wifi ade, TV ade, refreshment area ade, majalah ade.. Senang la aku nk g download2, channel tv main sukati tukar..air hot choc pon ade.. haha

Tak ramai yg service weekdays.. tula pasal kot..

My first service byr RM239++.. Free balancing and allignment. And free cuci kete..

Sebab aku penah teman member g service kete kt BMW.. rasanya xde la bes mcm ni sangat.. Sukati je kan komplen..

Been trying to upload some pictures here.. tapi mcm susah jerk.. nnt la kat lptop..

So, lepas ni service ke 10,000km plak..

Thanks Kia Chan Sow Lin..

First time jumpa tempat yg blh membuatkan aku mls pegi keje..


Please don't blame the brand.. blame the people who running the brand.

Lesson learnt.

8:21 AM

Wishlist for 2013 & 2014

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Salam semua.

Wahh.. Banyak sawang!

Finally.. I managed to write 2013 entry for the first time today.


Current status?

Healthy. Married. Non-Parent yet. Alhamdulillah.

2013 dah nak abis. Tu la pasal wishlist ni haruslah di extend ke 2014.

My wishlist for 2013 & 2014

1. Nak kereta baru! Sori Viva. I will love you forever. But I need to move ~

2. Nak pegi holiday as much as I can! Yes. Indeed. I just realize that I don't go anyway far from Malaysia. Sad!

3. Nak pegi Umrah! Yes.. Go with Mama.

4. Having baby? Well.. Erm.. Lets say tunggu je la.. Ada rezeki ade la..

5. Having fun as much as I can!

Basically the idea of writing a blog today came out after listening to the radio and the topic was; What will you do or what will you achieve in this world when you know you're going die at age 70?

Gosh! That was a very serious topic! I was.. Hurmm.. Ok.. I think I'm just wasting my time everyday. Repeating a same, boring, dull and sad routine of life!

Ok..Now.. Let's saving.. And go around the world! Let's have fun while you're still having a chance to do so!

Dear God, please give me a strength to save money.. No more MK handbag, no more fancy and expensive restaurants. No more wasting money ok!

 Update from me.

Bye! Cheers!~

12:10 PM

Me & Myself 2013

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Wrapping up my current and end 2012 activities.

Kot-kot korang dah lupa muka Puan Koci yang kiut comel ni kan..

Well..End of 2012 tak banyak yang jadi. Husband da balik ke pangkuan after struggling at Sabah for the past few months.

Went to my BFF's wedding. 2 actually. Sorang kat Muar, sorng kat Rembau.

Tak jauh dari KL, haruslah pergi kan..Lagipon hubby ada boleh buli jd driver =)

Ni masa Zera kawen. Casual sangat. Balik keje terus pegi Rembau. Kena tym hari sabtu MMC-Gamuda keje =( Kalau tak blh dress up lawa-lawa sikit..

By the way congrates fren..Lebiu.. 

Ni xde motif. Ada ke pompuan yang tak amik gamba dalam toilet...Haha toilet-maniac!

Ni amik time Eena kawen kat Muar. Baju tu baru siap shari sebelum p wedding. Tak sempat nak tabur lace & roses..

Hi beb..Wish you a happy wedding & be carefull with your baby! Oh btw, my fren ni bunting pelamin..Ngam2 sebulan kawen da ade news pregnant..Congrates!

And this is me now. Sibuk dengan kerja dahhh.. Hurm..Bila nak dapat baby..Nak bw p site..Hehe

We are still a couple married. Not yet a family.. Kiki 

We are still trying to conceive a baby. Still trying. At least I know hubby is not the one who stressing me out with the 'baby' topic. We're tried to think positive whenever the issues pop out from other people mouth.

In my heart there's a hope to be a successful engineer in this MRT project. But if I get pregnant soon, I was worried I can't focus in this job anymore. I'm the one who can live with 1 work in 1 time.

Hurm. God please lead me the way.

We are the planner but God is the one who will make decision for us.

Till then..Will continue later. Hope everyone have a nice day today =)

8:34 AM

Azam 2013

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My first entry for 2013. Alhamdulillah..Tergerak hati nak tulis blog ari ni..

Location: Cochrane Station MRT site

Tergerak ati nak tulis pon sebab tengok gamba2 @UmieAida kat Instanbul.

Dia sangat2 pretty okeh..

So, pas tengok gamba dia baru terdetik nak wat azam 2013 ni..Azam ni dari zaman 90-an lagi..Tapi tak tercapai2..Sob sob

One of the aim for 2013 is;

Harus kurus & kulit mesti flawless!

Damn. Serius.. Kna disiplin. Encik somi da belikan machine kuruskan badan.. Kuang3x..

Jom tengok gamba Umie Aida nih.. Jeles mak.. Serius!

Soooo pretty! Jeles..

Jom usaha. Yeay!

Credit picture to Ohbulan.com & Datin Paduka Umi Aida.. Pinjam sattt...


5:01 PM

Hi December

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Hi everyone.

Hari ni rasa terpanggil untuk menulis blog yang dah bersawang n berhabuk ni..

(Tangan tengah nak tekan deleteeeee) Tapi tak jadi..

Ok teruskan.

I'm not pregnant YET. Ok. Since ramai dok tanya da kawen lama xde anak g?

What the hack kan? Baru setahun lebih kot? LOL.

I'm enjoyed my current life now; as if I the 'anak' thing was not a big issued for us.

Of course all married couple's life would be more happier when di anugerahkan rezeki anak ASAP.

Dah Tuhan tak bagi lagi..tak kan nak paksa2 kan..

Plus, we always have the excellent excuse tho; My hubby didn't back home since last 3 months?

So, how I'm going to be pregnant right? Righttttt.

By the way, I was called for 2nd stage interview this Monday. Singapore Company consultant.

But the best thing is, I won't be stuck in the office whole day. God! Bila bayangkan time keje kat A**P dulu, rasa nak bunuh diri..

Sangat hipokrit ok..Everyone seems like a statue working in the office. Gosh.. Tak elok burukkan company lama. Bye.

Nak tempek gamba sekarang? Mak cari dulu ye..

Kiki...Oh btw, my current hobby was running !Kat gymnasium..Treadmill! At least ade makna la kan.. Beside buat roses yang beribu riban order nya..

Nah amik..Gamba tak la latest sangat..4 months back. Before hubby g KK! Sob sob.

Selua dia tak bleh blah kan..Kuang3x..Miss u syg! Another 4 days for your incoming birthday. Kita celebrate KL je la kan..

See ya guys.. Internet kena jimat. Jiran aku da hack internet and stole my 20G! Damn it.. Will update more in other time.

Make sure you do what things that can make you happy! Not for other people's sake!

9:22 PM

New fav gymnasium at Puncak Jalil area

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Salam guys..

Wohoaa..I'm still alive ok..

Kuang3x.. Been silent for few years. Sorry bout that. Busy with my life and business. Alhamdulillah.

Pathetic storied. I moved to Puncak Jalil area since last year, and I just found this 'user friendly' & nearest gym from my house! Dang! Such a waste of time & petrol.

I used to spent my healthy time at Permaisuri, Cheras even tho I moved to Puncak Jalil. Tuhan je tau brapa jauh nye la kan semata-mata nak g joging n g gym!

It's the Fitness Studio & Gym that I talked about =)

Intro panjang lebar kan..

Courteous entry just for penduduk puncak jalil yang ada excess baggage kat perut.. Boleh la join I kat gym =)

The place is so comfy and less hectic (which I like the most!) Malas nak beratur sbab nk naik tread mill tu kan..


Malas nak tempek gamba. Next time year  je k..=)

See ya..

11:16 AM

Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

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It was 31st August 2012 and hey people it's our 55th years anniversary of a nations's independent statehood, well usually after ceasing to be a colony or part of another state.

Apa makna kemerdekaan buat korang?

Oh well, I was sleeping while people shouting 'Merdeka'!'Merdeka'! & 'Merdeka'!

Not feeling very well to celebrate it, when the only thing that I need is a bunch of pills to cured my fever of course!

By the way, Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka yang ke 55! Proud to be Malaysian!~~

Tengah gila layan Adam & Hawa kat Mustika HD. Tempek sikit gamba AA yang kiut (oh plz..since when??) ni..

Dah jangkit dari my youngest sister. She's a huge fan of Aaron Aziz. Aaaranotor Group? Whatever. Going to get this novel later.

Selamat Hari Merdeka peeps!!