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Part 1 completed

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Doesn't mean I'm officially someone's wife yet laa..

But the preparation for 'Nikah' outfit is almost complete!Yeay!

Tempah baju nikah kt Klang..

I tried the dress plus the veil and I think my face is so round and round just like my idola's face Siti Nurhaliza!

Pic google

Mmm..This is me...2 months before my wedding..Trying the dress and the veil..Hopefully there will be no excess baggage for next 2 months!

Kain adalah yg simple utk mengelakkan pembaziran..I know..Once in a lifetime..But the dress will be used once in a lifetime also..

Ke ada org guna baju nikah or baju kawen untuk jd baju tido?Gila apo..

Me...!X saba nk kawen! XOXO!!

10:00 PM


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I read a lot about the T-Forty-Two which linked to Ms. Read at Empire Shopping Gallery.

They said the food was marvelous?

They got to be kidding me...All things that I remember about their food is SUGAR!


Xtaula sbb tgh minum Choc Chip Starbucks time tuh..

Uwekk...I really want to try the assorted macaroons since everyone keep saying that the macaroons tasted very nice.

Seriously kalau2 korng ada kencing manis x yah nk tmbah kndungan gula dlm badan..

Layan gamba utk memuaskan hati owner of the blog=p

Ina is ordering drinks and Almond Cake?

Ina's cake..The taste is just like my mom's butter cake..The taste is so plain!

Ina's drink...Masam!

My sister aka FNB manager...Tukang taste makanan=p

What to order?Ermm

Ok..What?What? Hehe..Is she talking about the price or the limited food in that menu?

Ok see the hand?Hahaha..

Finally they eating..Kandungan gula sudah meningkat ke 80%..Hihi

This assorted cookies is for me...RM3.90/each

My sister's..

Last but not least...Tuan punya blog..Kiki..

If you want to spent your tea time, I'm not really sure that this t-42 is the best place. The place is comfy and relaxing but the food is too sweet!

I think I'm dying with a lot of sugar that day!

9:11 PM

We have same shot!~

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Wak A.G Jgn Nyanyi...!! Iklan Hot FM kjap..=p

Anyway...We (me and Sazzy Falak) have a same shot!

Tgh baca2 OhBulan.com.. Tbe2 nmpk entry about Sazzy yg tgh pregnant kembar..But she's still hot man!

Last 2 weeks (maybe) adalah sikit reunion dak2 U nih...X ramai pon dtg..Geng2 mulut nyonyah je dtg=p

And at that moment there's a gallery of picture that showed something about AIDS?

So makcik2 ni pon sebok nk bgambo..

Yun + Theresa...They think that they/us should educate ourself before jump into 'that' world..=p

And me? Oh...Just read that...I don't want to say it loud!=p
I agreed with what 'she' said behind me! Who is that?

It was Sazzy Falak!...Ngeeeee....So hot!
So proud to have same pic like u!

Ngada2 ye...Anyway the reunion was fun!

Tu dia...Makcik2 yg dah berumo...Peace!

Till then...Chiaow peepsz!

6:53 PM

Zoo Negara Trip aka Pre-Wed Photoshoot?

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Hi guys!

Long time no see!

It was Sunday morning and I didn't plan to go out anywhere with my Blub until he called me right after I back from Morning-Jogging!=p

" Bangun!!! Mandi!!!"

So sweet...

And then he said he want me to pick him up and then jalan-jalan cari animal kat zoo...So cute!

We arrived at Zoo Negara arround 10am and the weather is totally killing me!It's so hot man!

But then do you think we're going to turn back home?Crazy minded are u if u think like that..=p

Then we bought 2 tickets which are RM20/person/entry...

Once we entered the Zoo there is a tram which the price is RM3/person/trip...

Wahhh we're thinking why they want to charged people a lot here? It is for Malaysian for God sake..Genting highland trip was worth it than this..

Whatever..But then we decided to walk around..Sanggup berpanas tuh dari byr RM3..=p By the way, we brought tripod along with us..

We didn't hired any photographer for our pre-wed photoshoot. No make-up artist, no gown selection, or even a nice picture editor!

Just because we have a DSLR, then we think that why not give a try our best to take a best photo for ourself?It's just a try...

Let see the picture by the way..Jangan komen byk2...Pre-wed photo aka Jalan-jalan

Us at the entrance of Zoo~

Gaya depan Babun=p

The plan didn't turn out like we want! But it looks natural!=p

Candid by him...Jadi lawa plak..Siap jd profile pic kt FB!~
There u go...Posing ntah pape...Thanks to tripod=p

Enough with human face..Kiut nya badak ni!=p

And this...Mcm poyo je dia ni tau..So show off..

This one I really cannot accept..How come they want us to be their friend?Especially babu2 sedunia iteww?=p

I think that's all for today...Will update again later!Chow!

8:38 PM

What The Hell

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Song of the week.. Not for the topic..Song by Avril Lavigne.

Messy week!

I have to courier all the stuff that I bought for my wedding!

I have to search for a new house before end of this month!

I have to pack all my things before I'm going back to Sarawak at the end of this month!

Oooo Emmm Geee...!~

Hi guys!

Baru nak hi...Padahal da merepek berjela2 kat depan..

Xde update baru...My life getting busy-bee and tougher!

Susah jadi org kesayangan bos nih..=p

See the countdown? Oh My God...

I have to make sure me as a bride-to-be perfectly pretty on that day! How?

Kulit makin hitam dan pnuh dgn daki2 cement! Kuang3x..

Still searching for a house...The location must be strategic. In between of Kota Damansara & Kuchai Lama. So sad and tired...

Will update some pictures later...