1:41 PM

Labuan Visit

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I've been stranded here at Labuan since past few days..

Thanks to my husband for that..

Actually my ticket LBU-KUL was today but he changed it to tomorrow..

And I have a lot of things that need to be settle by the way! Sabo je la~

My parcel was arrived yesterday! Yeay! Can't wait for Nationwide Express to re-delivery it to my house!

Nothing to be shared here..I only can concentrate with my hubby's snores now! >_<

I should take pictures and tempek here few..

Till then yaww!

8:00 PM

Retro Costume for Retro Night

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Hubby emailed me an invitation for his company yearly dinner and the theme was "Retro Night"

In case la my hubby ni balik KL before 30/12 nih konfem la dia tpksa pegi..

Aku plak 1st time ikut dinner dia nih..

Goshh...Dalam ati memang xnk pegi..Sbb I ni anti-sosial..Haha..JK

But, looking for a perfect costume for the dinner is fun!

Sbb lawak2 je baju dorang kan..

Retro Costume guys...

Just imagine I'm wearing this..Serius 6 packs!Haha

This one looks nice..

At first, I was sort of reluctant to dress up since I don't have many clothes to put on and I don't get what is the true concept of the dinner actually..

Ye la..kot-kot melaram kang suma pakai purdah..Haha I don't think so..

Anyhow, I kept eyeing through this website: getgoretro.com and the dress inside there was so so so helpful!

Kind of fun huh?

Can't imagine if everyone was wearing 60's and 70's clothes..I should wear a mask..Kot2 tak tahan gelak..

Hi hubby, I should start looking for this wig for you..You will look jambuuuuu!~~

Or I just send my old curtain to tailor and ask them to make a dress and shirt for us..Haha..

Makes sense..

Just wait and see the outcome..


10:41 AM


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Waiting for my husband calling me since last few days.. It's killing me and makes me crazy like hell! Betul la penantian itu 1 penyeksaan.

The thing is he told me that his projek will finish on 10th and looks like 2 days hv passed! Gosh.. I wonder if he ok right there?

He should know that there's a person that care about him so much. At least, send me an email..

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7:53 PM

Kerongsang Alaf 2012

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Hi guys..

If you bored with your current brooch and you want something different, I suggest you to buy the new design of brooch..

Made by herself..Handmade..

And all very pretty one! Roses!!

Check it out at her blog : Kedai Lalaland