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Birthday Suprise

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Dah basi..Ok!

Ada aku kesah?

For the past 6 years I've been in love with my BF aka My Husband I never imagined that he can be so sweet and lovely..

It was my pre-birthday and he decided to celebrate my birthday early (27 July)..

I never expect anything from him actually - for my birthday. Since we've been fighting since the day before he plan to celebrate it..

Baru kahwin dah gaduh..It's normal! Right??

Btw, he always makes me so special in his life..He still remember my favourite things ; flower / chocolate..

He never change! I'm so glad to have him..I feel so blessed to have him in my life..

During lunch I went to his office and pick him up and we having lunch at Sercret Recipe. He kept asking about which cake that I love most. Seriously at that time I have no mood to talk about cake..I just want to be silent and I only can answer that Choc Indulgence is the trademark of Secret Recipe.Full stop..

The conversation was end and I didn't give a damn to think much about it..Even when I ask for the bill from our table, he insist to pay at the counter with the reason he want to swipe his card credit..

Dalam ati bertanya gak..Makan seciput pon nak byr guna kad kredit?Gila apo...Dah tgh gaduh apa aku pduli...Bia la dia g byr..

He talk to the cashier about something but I just walk away and didn't ask him about the business that he's dealing with the cashier..=(

So terrible la weh..

On that night I cooked Butter Milk Lobster for him..And when he's back from work he was pretend like nothing happen..He was so good in acting..

My ButterMilk Lobster=)

After dinner, he ask me to take the 'Bekam' apparatus in our room. Macam xde benda laen nak suh ambik but naik gak..I heard ketang..ketung..Macam ada bunyi org bertukang ke ape kat bawah..

And when I went down OMG, I'm so surprise to see a flowers on table!And at that moment dia baru nak kluarkan kek dr kotak Secret Recipe..OMG! OMG! He really like to surprised me..I was just to get a heart attack..!

Then he light the candle and there you go..My pre-birthday surprise from my husband..

Candle and You rock baby!=)

I don't know why I touched but I almost cried!!

Plz ignore the lady from Sekali Lagi Movie..=p

Moral of the story : My husband is so thoughtful and loving. He maybe not show off his love everyday but I couldn't ask for a better husband..

I love You!

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Koci's kitchen snippets!

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Hurm..I cannot tahan already...Seriously!The smell was so good to resist!

I'm fasting today and I tried to make a Butter Prawn Milk as per request by my husband which he's not around here to taste it!So bad!

It was my first time trying to make it and I think it's easy!

Actually I just Google the recipe and I mix up all the recipe that I found from internet..

Here is my version of Butter Prawn Milk;)

1. Prawn

2. Corn Flour

3. Ideal Milk

4.Sugar, Pepper, Salt

5. Garlic - Chopped

6. Telur Kuning

7. Butter

Berapa pon sukatan dia pandai2 la...Kiki

Too bad I'm not adding the curry leaves..I couldn't find it actually..

Please guys...Cuba la..Sedap gle! Haha Ok..Need to prepare food for buka puasa..

I don't have a photo now..I will update soon!

Hopefully my husband will like it..Can't wait for him back to my life!

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Suprise Vs Lust?

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I got that..

I'm not going to tell ya all a 18SX stories here..

My husband surprised me with an advance birthday present. It was a shocked surprise I tell ya. I didn't expect that from him..I mean it's too early..another 13 days before my birthday!

For God sake! I was try to think that he's the cutest husband ever in this world! But then when I posted a status in FB, his friend replied and he knew about my new GUESS present! Oh..In case korang tertanya pe benda hadiah tu..


Great..I can smell something fishy here! Why out of sudden my husband become so nice? Ok..Bukan dia x bleh jadi romantika or whatsoever tapii..Pelik...

Then I ask him where's his watch? Slowly he pulled out a new box and it's the CASIO watch that he's eying for thousand years!

OMG! Seriously I think his colleague literally gv him a very bad influence. First; Iphone 4..Which is everybody in his office using the same hp;I phone 4..Then he hv to change to Iphone 4 also and dragged me to the same phone also~

Then now?? Arghh!

Frankly speaking x faham why he like such an old style watch..


Right now he's driving back to Paka. I really hope he can drive it safely..

Dear hubby,

I know you have sacrificed all your money just for the sake of my happiness.. For me, cincin berlian, barang kemas, dan sebagai nya adalah x penting..yang penting beg and kasut..Ops...Yang penting I want you to drive back to KL safely and I will wait for you!! I just need you..

8:17 AM


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I'm not feeling very well to dance my fingers through my lovely keyboard today...

2 months past after my wedding and I'm still not pregnant ok...Ni demam 2 tahun skali..=p

Really hope I can get well soon and get back to the track..Start my engine and play with concrete like usual.

Thanks to my sweet husband for being a good house-husband yesterday..Siap tapao ikan siakap 3 rasa..Too bad I cannot taste everything...Uhuk-uhuk..

Till then..Chiaoow

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Jalan2 cari makan

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Hi guys..

Since Transformer have been released since last week and my mind can't stop thinking how much I'm craving for watching this movie so much, I try to persuade my husband to watch it somewhere else; out from Kuala Lumpur..

SubhanAllah this is first time I tried to purchased the movie a day earlier and cannot get through..!

That is so bad environment! At least for me! I'm addicted to new and updating movie.
Especially Transformer.

So last Saturday we went to Malacca and actually we have another plan to do at Malacca.

Like my husband said; Nak show off his wife to sedara mara since a lot of them can't attend to our wedding.

I just take it for granted by the way!


Our movie was at AEON Jusco Malacca at 12am..I'm giving a thought that I will fall asleep since that is my lullaby-sleeping-time but it's not happen at all!

Thanks to Michael Bay! His movie was so magnificent!

Before we end up watching movie, kiteorg singgah sebentar kat Ikan Bakar Umbai which the food was so nyummy! OMG no wonder my belly can't be flatten up!I eat a lot!


Sotong goreng tepung..

Butter Prawn

And others usual food; Ikan bakar, Kailan Ikan masin..

All these food reminds me Tanjung Lumpur at Kuantan..

I rasa cni ok g kot? Just the sambal and sauce things they lost marks!

Overall I'm happy!

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Current favourite song~

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I wish I can have this huge bed!

I've copied Raihana's hair style exclude the color..Haha