11:41 PM

Finally find a good business!

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Hi all...Read my topic please..

Recently I'm searching a good job for my father since he's not doing anything after retired from gov servant..

I'm not a person that easily fell in love with MLM/any downline business with a big amount of modal..

But tonight I found the correct business for everyone with only RM85.00 modal!

Damn it...

I love this business...Pulangan dia kurang lumayan...Xla smpai 10k pon per month keuntungan dia..

Yela..tgk la modal brp..But they focused on vacation..Next month is Dubai vacation for two!

Next year? Paris babeh!..I want it!

The business is not base on cari orang semata-mata because if you purchase the product more, then you will get the money more...

Aiyah...I don't care la...We all are the consumers...Everybody is going to use it..

And I'm going to put my whole family as my downline...Hoho...Kot2 dpt rezeki p Paris taun dpn...


4:53 PM

Kerang atas babi?

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Pengotor la you ni...Ok..Ini cerita betul..

For those who love to eat outside please be careful with where you eat! I mean their kitchen lor..

I received this info from my sister..She just emailed me..I know she cares a lot bout me..Selalu mkn lua...jgn termakan bnda laen sudah~

Oleh Mohd Jamilul Anbia Md Denin


KUALA LUMPUR: Penggemar kerang dan selalu membelinya di Pasar Chow Kit, di sini, patut berfikir dua kali untuk membeli makanan itu berikutan penemuan mengejutkan pusat memproses kerang yang didapati berjiran dengan pusat penyembelihan daging babi di pasar berkenaan.

Penemuan itu dikesan selepas sepasukan pegawai Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (Jakim) dan Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (Jawi) menjalankan pemeriksaan mengejut di pasar Chow Kit bagi mengenal pasti peniaga yang melakukan kesalahan mengikut hukum syarak.

Dalam serbuan kira-kira jam 5 pagi kelmarin, tiga peniaga kerang sibuk membungkus longgokan kerang dianggarkan seberat lebih 50 kilogram yang ditaburkan ke atas lantai pasar berkenaan.
Bagaimanapun, agak memeranjatkan apabila kerang yang mahu dijual kepada orang ramai itu didapati hanya kira-kira dua meter dari daging babi yang belum dilapah dan berdarah.
Sumber Jakim berkata, babi terbabit yang sudah dipotong dua dikesan baru dihantar pembekal ke pasar berkenaan sebelum diletakkan di atas kerusi batu di pusat menjual babi itu bersama bahagian organ lain antaranya hati dan limpa.

“Bagaimanapun, darah haiwan berkenaan mengalir dan membasahi lantai yang digunakan peniaga kerang untuk meletakkan kerang di kawasan berkenaan.
“Apabila ditanya, peniaga kerang terbabit seolah-olah tidak mengetahui ia perbuatan yang boleh mengundang rasa kurang senang pengguna Islam. Peniaga berusia 50-an terbabit mendakwa kerang berkenaan hanya perlu dibersihkan dan dijual kepada pelanggan di pasar berkenaan,” katanya.

Menurutnya, lokasi memproses kerang dan pusat penyembelihan daging babi terbabit yang terletak di tempat sama dianggap tidak strategik dan boleh menjadi haram dimakan sekiranya berlaku percampuran antara air atau darah khinzir dengan kerang yang diproses.

Sementara itu, Setiausaha Politik Perdana Menteri, Datuk Jailani Ngah yang melihat lokasi penyembelihan babi di pasar Chow Kit menganggap kawasan berkenaan sudah uzur dan tidak sesuai untuk dijadikan pusat pemprosesan makanan halal.

Menurutnya, kawasan pemprosesan babi terbabit tidak hanya terletak berdekatan pusat memproses kerang, malah turut terletak bersebelahan dengan pusat penyembelihan dan memproses ayam daging.

I don't know this picture published in news or not but it was really disgusting man!

Be careful with what you eat...Kerang bakar mari-mari.....Ewwww..=p

11:26 PM

Rambling me

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With a pills in my mouth I'm pushing myself to start typing this entry..

Dah tua macam2 penyakit...Haih

Me time? Actually the meaning of that is single-with-boyfriend-at-offshore....

I've been suffered with this gastric thing since I'm back from Sarawak 2 weeks ago..

Now I was surrounded by pills, many types of liquid..Grrrrr..

And to make it worst, I really looks like a 5 months pregnant lady.. Damn! My stomach was bloated to the max! I don't know why..

But what I can say is since I ate the various type of pills, erm...ermm....I tak berak langsung!!


But...please do not stay closer to me because I'm making a 'gas' more than 20 times/day and it was really really really stinks!!!! Yeark

Ok..stop with this dirty entry...

Anyway...Me time for today is survey the new handphone...(Again?)

I don't like having the different hp with my Blub...He's asking me to install WhatApp which not available in my hp...

Maybe I will suggest him that I need Blackberry too=p Then we won't have difficulties to communicate? Hihi

Pas balik dari laut okeh...~

Speaking of balik dari laut...Ermm...We plannned something..

Which is a plan for our future..*Blink*

After he back from offshore he's going meet my parents along with his parents..

Oh...And now I'm start looking and browsing the wedding things to get some ideas for my baju pengantin...Kuang3x...

6:04 PM

Time to moist up my body

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I'm the one who grown up with a skin problem in my family...

No matter how expensive product I bought before, it will come and exist in another part of my body..

I asked one of my friend last night on how to prevent my skin @ taking extra care to my skin without leaving any scar in the morning...

The first thing I saw when woke up in the morning is a scar..And it hurts me a lot while bathing..

What I want is only my skin becomes smoother and attains a quality that is amazing to look at..At least when I look myself in mirror...I have no intention to show off my whole body in blog=p


Back to my friend advised me before;

She ask me to apply moisturizer to my body..Whole body before sleep...

Is it going to work? I'm giving a thought on which product I should try on..

L'occitane? Vaseline? Murad? Or taik lembu? =p

But hey...Org dulu2 used to apply the taik lembu at their body...No wonder orang dolu2 kulit halus mulus kan?

Anyway...I'm going to try all of it..

I don't want to keep this depression by myself..

Everybody wants to be pretty....

2:29 PM

The Silence Of City

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Back from Mid Valley..

Seriously everybody in KL was still in Raya mode!

Mid Valley yang selalu penuh ngan orang sunyi sepi..



Watched movie with my big sister; Resident Evil After Life..


My ex-bf is there too! Wentworth Miller! And again it was related to 'prison break'

So cute!=p

Happy Weekend girls! Evil look huh?

5:30 PM

Still not in the right mood

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I think I'm going to gain more weight this week..I can't get rid from the Bit & Bites kueh raya..

Oh Raya...=p

All the while from my trip back to Sarawak until now I have plenty ideas to speak on but I have no strength to write here..

I'm not in the mood...PMS maybe..=(

But I have thousand of pictures which I love most to share with here..

Feelings of mine is indescribably when it comes to family things..

Last year I x balik kpg...So what I know is when I reached home, I'm giving a thought moving out back to my hometown..I feel like nak kerja kat kpg!!

Peaceful with no congestion and I have somebody to talk with...Damn it..

Mari cuci mata~

First lady grandchild in our family...She is boombastic! Princess Mia~

My first Hari Raya dress...Uh uh..

My second day Hari Raya..

My third Hari Raya...Sorry for the unclear picture...Dang!

And I just realize my family x ambik gambo raya bersama...Arghh...What on earth are we thinking?Teruk betul...Ish...Erm...It's ok...as long as my mind still flooded with the memories..=p

This is at toilet at Miri..Ewww...Time to go back to KL...I'm not likey!

Cam whoring at airport...Can't wait for next year Hari Raya...Am I going back as a single lady or double partner? *Grin*

Ops...That's not me...Jahat kan?I should censored her face first..Hehe..I'm interested with my hometown's style...It's a fashion or what I really don have idea...Nice Baju Kurung come along with pair of shoes and socks!=p

Argh....Stop this feeling!

Till then...Chow...Have a nice day people...!~

8:14 PM

Happy Aidilfitri!

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Finally I met my little niece; Princess Mia..


Selamat Hari Raya di ucapkan buat muslimin muslimat di luar sana..

Hopefully you guys will have a full blast of Aidilfitri Eid this year..Just like me!

I can't stop myself from eating...Oh man...I'm going to be a fatty again...=(

Nevermind...Happiness never count from the size right?


Saya minta ampun dan maaf..

Saya tau saya banyak membebel about nothing important here..But hey...It's my blog after all!!

See ya..Will update with a lot of pictas!!

9:41 PM

Restoran Saba, Cyberjaya

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Di sebabkan terlampau gian makan Nasi Arab di Restoran Saba' ni, aku dah hafal jalan dia..=p

Anyway...People must be keep asking what is so special with this restaurant? Kedai dia mcm kedai mamak biasa...

Ada meja...ada kerusi...(Err...All restaurant should have it right?=p)

For this month, I've been there about 4 times? Wow...

I went there around 12 midnight...Sahur=p

I like the Kabsah Chicken (Ayam Kunyit).. Well you can choose either lamb or chicken..But of course I preferred chicken than a lamb..Aww

Price? RM10/plate...Worth it..I tell you..

If you come with your family or your other half, you can ordered for the Huge Plate which only cost you RM17? Or RM15? Lupa..

There are several types of Rice...Hanith Chicken (Ayam Kurma), Kabsah Chicken and etc..

For those yang suka makan nasi + sayur + lauk you can forget it... When it comes to rice thing, they only come with rice and chicken only...No sayur2...

But they are so nyummy...Trust me!

If you are from KL...I always use the MEX highway..After you enter the Cyberjaya, make a u-turn, and go straight until you found the Cyberjaya Terminal...

It's an easy way to go....

Seems like My Blub is not around I don't think I have intention to go again=(

Oh..4 your information, air dia mahal!=p

Air paling murah RM4 kot...But I don't mind..As long as nasi dia sedapp..

Why I never found wedding yang guna catering Restoran Saba??


12:45 PM

Hari Raya Menjelma Lagi

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Selamat Hari Raya

Raya is just around the corner

And I'm not buy anything yet for my hometown decor..


Teruk betoll

Anyway...I have no idea what I am suppose to write here now..

But I really had no ONG with my car..

I know it was a 'Syirik' but I'm tired repair my new car...She just 1 year old but really need high maintenance..

And yesterday, my windscreen pecah!

I know...Not yet damage but crack everywhere..I think the symptoms is just like concrete crack=p

What a life...

I have no mood to celebrate Hari Raya Eve..Too much problems occured and I want to rest or maybe resign from everything in this life...

What does it suppose to mean? I don;t know but I kinda like with the statement..Resign from everything...

Can't I be a princess??

I will be pampered everytime..

*Sigh* Bersyukur lah nak...=p

Anyway...Selamat Hari Raya...Maaf Zahir Batin from me...

Hope you guys spent your quality time during this eve with your love...