11:16 AM

Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

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It was 31st August 2012 and hey people it's our 55th years anniversary of a nations's independent statehood, well usually after ceasing to be a colony or part of another state.

Apa makna kemerdekaan buat korang?

Oh well, I was sleeping while people shouting 'Merdeka'!'Merdeka'! & 'Merdeka'!

Not feeling very well to celebrate it, when the only thing that I need is a bunch of pills to cured my fever of course!

By the way, Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka yang ke 55! Proud to be Malaysian!~~

Tengah gila layan Adam & Hawa kat Mustika HD. Tempek sikit gamba AA yang kiut (oh plz..since when??) ni..

Dah jangkit dari my youngest sister. She's a huge fan of Aaron Aziz. Aaaranotor Group? Whatever. Going to get this novel later.

Selamat Hari Merdeka peeps!!

12:38 PM

A very surprise Hari Raya gift from hubby

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Salam semua,

Been silent for ages and someone requesting me to continue writing & bubbling on my blog. He must be missed my lifestyle entry! =p

Please refer to my title for this entry ok. I won't never forget that day; the day I was being fooled and lied by my husband.

It was a fasting month tho, when my brain and my mind is not functional as logically and alertly. My hubby called me and asked me to pick a packaged of Kuih Cincin at KLIA. I was so innocent and said 'Yes, ok'..

He asked me to pick it up from his friend. Then I said Ok (Again!) I wasn't questioning him why on earth his friend was allowed going back for Hari Raya and he can't!

How innocent I am!

I was arrived at KLIA on time, couldn't let my hubby's friend waiting for me. I was thinking ; mesti penat kawan dia yang kecik tu bw box my hubby. So I'm waiting at the arrival hall. I mean, in the car of course..

After 15 minutes I'm texting my hubby and informed him that I'm waiting his friend at the door number 1-2. Then he said OK!

I wasn't asked him where he was, what's he doing at that time, because I knew that he would be busy doing his work at KK. Dang!

And then....

Still waiting.......Until I heard someone knock my car.....


It was him!!!!! Oh My Allah!!! My mouth was open and I was so speechless! Damn you husband! Iwas totally being fooled!

Yes..That was my face!

Gembira, terkejut, tension, geram semua ada..

What do you expect kan? Geram..!!

But I'm happy more =) Finally I can celebrate hari raya with him! If he let me know earlier, I will get a new baju melayu for him!

Thank God for this opportunity. Tak pe la kan kena mainkan macam tu..As long as we are happy!