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The best novel I ever read in my life; Ombak Rindu..

Finally dorang da adaptasi ke movie! Yeay! And 'Izzah' was acting by Maya Karin..Yeay!!

Can't wait! Yeay!!

8:04 PM

New hobbies!

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Hi people!

Ermm...Bulan baru dah mariii...What??May is coming babeh!

Means lg sbulan aku nk jd bini org..


Brg persiapan kawen x cari abis g!

Bridesmaid pnya bju pon x cari lg..

Dulu bz sgt searching for accessories kawen..Skrg ni bz browsing pasal home decor..

Gilo apo..Anyway I just paid deposit to my new landlord..So far we (me n my future laki) hv decided to rent a house until he can settle and finish his project at Bintulu..

So, there's a lot of complication searching for a house..I mean perfect house for him..For me what I need is a high rise building ( then aku x yah risau n takut duk sorng2 pas kawen) n clean house..That's all..

Tp Blub punya keinginan punya la susah..Nak 2 parking..Nak rumah...Xnak apartment or condominium..Nak bilik bwh 1 bji..Nak kitchen kabinet..Ambik ko..

Mn la aku nk cri umah mcm 2..Harga plak nak yg berpatutan..

Aku pnat2 je main ambik je umah kat Puchong..It's a new house..Org x pnah dduk..Renovated house..1400ft house..Besar gle! 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms...Parking pon byk..Haha..

Pendek kata sume apa yg dia nk ada kt umah 2..

Skrg ni aku tgh bz nk hias umah plak..Grrr..Brg kawen x abis cri g nyah!

I wish I can hire wedding planner + interior designer utk umah baru..

X larat la nk wat suma..

Btw, any friends yg dtg KL sila lah berkunjung ke rumah sy..Sy slalu keseorangan..Dgn umah yg besar 2, blh la kita main msk2, main guli, bbq pon blh!!Sob Sob..


I feel nerves..

9:00 PM


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Hi guys..

Happy weekend!

Jealousy is negative thought and feelings of insecurities, fear, and anxiety particularly in reference to human connection..

That's what Wikipedia said!

What they said was so true!

I felt insecurities, fear when I saw my Blub chatting / comments to other FB'ian girl picture..Klu 1 komen xpe..Ni continuous smpai berjela-jela cerita dia..


Should I bear with this suspicious feeling? Can I cope with this kind of feeling? I was so jealous!

Kalau la...dia komen kt F.B aku xpe gk..Ni 1 bnda pon x komen...Fine..*Sob Sob*

Btw, I think I should trust him...


"Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask a question and feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart"

Quotes credit to ThinkExist.Com

2:43 PM

How to cope with a life as Offshoreman's Wife?

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I know my topic is kind of sarcastic but it's the reality of my life and others women out there..=p

It's hard being left behind...From my experience (well I'm not married yet) when they reached their destination of their project, their project is number 1..Their project is their priority of life..

I'm giving a thought to be a Founder of Mrs - Offshore Man=p

Ntah ada org nk register ke x?=p

"Why is love intensified by absence?"

Kadang2 sakit jiwa..And the best solution that I can do is I work until I'm tired..

But I try to think it logically..Bahagia kah aku? X gila ke klu asyik keje?

There's always a cure for this un-happiness life that I faced with;

1) Shop till you drop! Kaki da lebam, jalan pon da senget sebelah bru balik ok..

2) Watch movieS - Alone or with your friends..But usually I watched alone..

3) Manicure & Pedicure..

4) SPA; Massage, Facial, Sauna..

5) Saloon; Trim, wash, treatment, and wash again and again until you satisfied with your hair (even tho your hair is naturally ok=p)

6) Spend your leisure time at Border ,The Garden (While having Hot Choc Starbucks) and read lots of book perhaps; How to be a good wife?=p

7) Try not to be alone at home (no kids); call for your colleague or ex-school mate and invite them for tea-time chit chat..

I have a lot of things to be shared here but most important is; your far-far-away love knew about this activities and no men-involved in every activities that you spent time with..

Of all 7 activities that I list above, all of it need a lot of money..$$$..But if they (offshore-man) think wisely about the purpose why they leave us rather than work in office hours, they won't say CANNOT to those activities..

It doesn't mean that you become their wife your life will turn to miserable, suffering, or sadness but smart girl think twice..Rather than spent time at home and crying for their attention, flash back all the memories that we spent time before, their short disappear from our life is the opportunity for us to improve our beauty!

Betul x? If they try to question us, just give a simple answer; I cantik utk u tauu..U blk u nk tgk I cantik ke buruk? Indeed..

But make sure their effort, struggle keje jauh2 korang g abiskan x tinggal 1 sen pon..Manusia ke ape 2? Hehe

Berpada2 la kawan...Ok?

Hello...Helloo...Hp is not allowed at platform ok?=p

I miss him; that's the reason why I'm writing this..*Sob* Sob*

10:09 PM


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Lagi 1 bulan lebih nyah!

Wooot woooot! X sabar nye nk cuti pjg! Skrg ni lngsung x blh cuti!Keja sgt byk...Mcm nk muntah!

Tgh kira2 bp hari cuti yg logik ckit nk amik...X kn nk amik 365 ari kot?=p

Amik M.C + Unpaid leave la jwb nya..Aishh!

Kna pegi manicure + pedicure nih...Kaki n tgn menggerutu kna simen n konkrit...Lari husband aku nnt tym sarung cincin=p


Kad kawen da pos ckit..Mahal gk nk pos kad kawen skrg..RM0.80 sekeping...Bkn dlu 30 sen je?Hihi..

Tension btul Celcom Broadbnd nih....Wat hal! Last2 guna dongle YES gak..Dhla laju..x meragam..mahal plak tu=p

Fitting bju kawen dok lg..Jauh sgt..Bla ms plak aku nk pegi Tganu sorng2?Klu stakat Hulu Langat ke...Sg Buloh blh gk jejak kaki sorng2..

Maybe next month...Erm..Umah x jumpa lg! Pening nya! Kawen2..Suma bnda nk pk..Dhla kna buat sorng2..Isk..Blub bla nk blk xtau..

Ingat snang ke nk settle sume sorng2?Ish...Gmba myself yg latest pon xde..Aish..

Tea time with my bosses..

Free HP from my company..So far guna mcm x guna je..Sbb x yah pk psl topup or byr bil. Company da msuk duit dlm 2 siap2..

See? Da tuka topik..

Ok2...Lg sebulan lebih diri ini akan tukar status bkn sj kt FB tp dunia akhirat InsyAllah sbg isteri org.My Beloved Mohd Kamirul Nizam!..Sekian harap maklum=p

Happy sbb nk cuti pjg! I need vacation! X mau keja!

10:50 PM

It is all about me

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Hi guys..

Sorry for the lack updates recently..

I tried to write something that really motivated me and readers but I couldn't found any.

Working sometimes can be painful to me. Maybe past year back it was really devastated but now it was nearly killing me.


I couldn't find me time frequently just like before. I didn't found any house for us yet. I don't know where to stay. I don't hv any ideas!

Try to pick any house at any place but I was entirely have no idea where is the right place to stay in KL.Seriously...Any idea? Except kubur ok?=p

Wedding ticker is frightening me a lot..I know I have to settle everything before my wedding and I'm alone to handle every situation cause Blub was not here to help me with the things. Still in Bintulu..

Thank God my housemate found a good place to swallow my restless body..We spent time at Border at the Garden Mall and read a lot of books. But most of the time we read the books in Starbucks which located inside the Border.

Normally I race home from work and waiting for Maghrib prayer before we end up in Border. Read a lot of books while watching a traffic outside the glass window relaxing my mind a lot. I wish I can do this everyday. Maybe I should start build my own bookshelves=p


This is not me.What I need now is a full cup of motivation, sweet counseling for my gloomy life, and comfy hugs from my mom to cure my sadness..

Kawen? I try to think about it..Currently there's no space for it..So sad!

6:24 PM

Aku yang berdarah manisss!

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Caution! Cerita yang bakal di dendangkan adalah pure & tulen =p (sm mksud kot?=p)

Org kata org brdarah manis ni kena hati2...For me the sentence is nothing...UNTIL

Ari ni ada 2 cerita yg blh dikaitkn ngan drh manis..Ke lain?Ntah la..

1) I went to Jln Pudu site last week on Saturday and as usual I gv my business card to the manager. Then, nk di pendekn cerita mlm sabtu 2 ada SMS msuk dn org nk bekenalan.As usual x di lyn..

Then this morning the manager called me and said I was very sombong...Erkkk? Bila ms aku brkwan ngn org tua? Then he said I nvr reply his text msg..Baru teringat mamat yg knon nk bkenalan...Bluekkkk..Full stop

2) I just come back from jogging at Tasik Permaisuri..Dan seperti biasa pas joging wat sit up..Tym smpi kt tmpt sit up there's a Negro guy tgh guna..So I waited...Then dia blah aku pn guna..

Fuhh..10x da x thn...Kiki

Then balik ke kete..Rupanya Negro punya kete blkg kete aku je..Dia panggil 10x aku x dgr..Aku asyik haaaa haaaa haaaa je..Mmg pekak badak..Then aku pn g kt kete dia..Tp jauh ckit..tkut dia sembur ubat dagu..=p

"Do you speak English?" = Negro

"Yes, of course." = Me

"Ok..let me get straight.I really like you for the first time I saw you...Are you married?" = Negro

"Not yet" = Me

"Ok..So when I can see you again?" = Negro.

Aku da angkt kaki nk larii...Dia jerit lg..

"Plz...Plz...I really want to see you" = Negro...

Ohh...aku pk klu aku x bg jwpn ada plak di kejar nya kete aku nnt...

"Tomorrow can...Same place & time" = Me yg bengong...

Hahahaha...Pas2 dia blah aku msuk kete n tnang kan diri...Whuddaa??OMG..Inikah petunjuk org brdarah manis?

What say you?Boring nya....

7:46 PM

Walimatulurus saya

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Seperti yang di war-war kan di dalam FB sy, I would like to invite you all to my wedding as per mention 2 months ago=p

Majlis nikah pada 28 May akan diadakan di Limbang Sarawak dan keesokannya will be my reception.

Untuk sambut menantu plak, akan di adakan 11 Jun 2011 di Paka Terengganu.

Kalau korang rasa Sarawak tu jauh, feel free to come to Terengganu=p

As far as I'm concern, my wedding day was in the middle of school holiday..

And if you guys can spent time to attend my wedding, it will be my pleasure.

Anyone who need a map, location or specifically a Wedding Invitation Card, sila lah anta address through my email at ms_coci@yahoo.com or drop your address through a comment.


I just wonder if my Blub realize that he didn't buy his wedding ring yet...

Hurm...so far preparation mmg x terurus..Aihh..

Currently my Blub ada kat Bintulu..Hopefully dia sempat dtg kt Sarawak utk jbt tgn ngn tok kadi..=p