11:19 PM

Done with Fitness First..

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Just came back from Fitness First at Cheras Leisure Mall..

So tireeeeddd...

Done with this
And this
Boom boom baw!=p

No picture taken...Hp masuk locker...

Will be updated later...

Time to ZzzzzZZzz

Gudnite everybody..

Done with Tummy muscle, Thigh, Hip, and all over my cute body exercise..

Damn..Gotta go sleep now

11:03 PM

Blackhead is disaster

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

I have big problems with my yearly or maybe decade stubborn blackhead at my face..


Why I can come up with this topic today?

Because I pegi facial treatment at Kota Damansara again...

It was easy to set place for my dating with my Blub...The Beautique Wellness is just opposite to his office and of course I can use this reason-dating-at-KD la..=p

X baek tau...

Okeh...It's all about stubborn blackhead..

The facial ladies or whatsoever called it struggle nak buang my blackhead but she cannot make it..

It was so deep growing up inside..Aih..

Based on Wikipedia,

"Contrary to the common belief that it is caused by poor hygiene, blackheads are caused by excess oils that have accumulated in the sebaceous gland's duct. The substance found in these bumps mostly consists of keratin and modified sebum which darkens as it oxidizes."

Kalau di kaji rasa geli diri ini...But what to do? I haven't did any facial treatment since pimples baby and until they old now..

Haih...It was very important to take care of your face before terlambat nak...Tengoklah minah muda tapi berwajah menggerutu nih...

Baru nak kalut berfacial sana sini...

"they may be extracted using a comedone extractor or blackhead strip - an adhesive, tape-like strip which is adhered to the nose"

Guna cellotep bole ke ilang blackhead? Especially kat idung? Wanna try what kind of tape?=p

This one better...All fury skin, pimples confirm gone!=p

Maybe I should try Nose strip from Body Shop...


Lately beauty is important for me..From top to bottom..And I gotta go to Fitness First this Monday...

Arghhh...High maintenance if you not maintain everything before the worst things happen..

So sad..

12:37 PM

Happy Becoming New Year

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

New Year Eve is just around the corner.. And now I have thousand of wish list in my mind about what I wish to be, how much I need to save money by the end of year of 2010 and so on..


What is everybody wish for 2010?

Well it’s part of rules…When it comes to new year suma org nak buat azam baru..

I might mess things up if I write whole idea in my mind now..

I’m still counting on Government sector; now and next year perhaps..

I’m not planning to stay at this company longer because I need Saturday-with-no-work environment..


How I wish I can be what I want…Sailormoon? No..Spiderman…No…I want to be myself but I need to change my life quickly..I need entertainment (nak tido yang cukup) on Saturday..

For me the whole week kerja nak mampus but only 1 day rest is not totally enough..

God please hear me..

Hehe…Enough for that one…Bunch ideas in my head cannot be spill out just like that…Hideous is good for health=p

*More money*

*More healthy social, healthy food, etc*

*Happier than this year*

*Prettier than this year*


Till then…Chiauu

8:48 PM

You're the best thing i needed

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Best song in this moment=)

Never knew I needed by Ne-Yo...

I watched this Princess and Frog movie alone...

It was so sad...I mean the movie and myself (enjoying myself all over the time..=p)

But it's ok...I'm happy!~

The OST of the movie..

For the way you changed my plans
For being the perfect distraction
For the way you took the idea that I have
Of everything that I wanted to have
And made me see there was something missing (Oh yeah)
For the ending of my first begin
(Ooh yeah yeah)(Ooh yeah yeah)
And for the rare and unexpected friend
(Ooh yeah yeah)(Ooh yeah yeah)
For the way you’re something that I never choose
But at the same time something I don’t wanna lose
And never wanna be without ever again (Oh oh)

You’re the best thing I never knew I needed
So when you were here I had no idea
You’re the best thing I never knew I needed
So now it’s so clear I need you here always

My accidental happily (ever after) (Oh oh oh)
The way you slime and how you comfort me (with your laughter)
I must admit you were not a part of my book
But now if you open it up and take a look
You’re the beginning and the end of every chapter (Oh oh)

You’re the best thing I never knew I needed (Oh)
So when you were here I had no idea
You’re the best thing I never knew I needed (that I needed)
So now it’s so clear I need you here always

Who’d knew that I’d be here (who’d knew that I’d be here oh oh)
So unexpectedly (so unexpectedly oh oh)
Undeniablely happy (hey)
Said with you right here, right here next to me (Oh)

Girl you’re the…
You’re the best thing I never knew I needed (said I needed oh oh)
So when you were here I had no idea
You’re the best thing I never knew I needed (needed oh)
So now it’s so clear I need you here always
Baby baby
Now it’s so clear I need you here always

Source from here



OMG...this is out of topic but.....

Erm..There's a guy (client) so handsome and Korean lately seldom came to office for trial mix concrete..


Let me get straight, I adore him because he got his PHD in his 25 years old and I like him a bit because of his cutie cutie munchy face!~

But he is GAY! Damn....frustrated sekejap....Hihihi...

Damn right? My boss told me just now...So sad....=p


9:04 AM

New member of gadget

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Hi all....

Erm...Whatcha say..I lost my juicy idea about what to write now..

Oh...ini suma pasal new gadget...

Hi my new I phone...Welcome..

Damn..It was very complicated to used man...

Complicated to write sms and etc....

Huh...I'm still in learning process...Hihi...

So cheap...

My Blub took the black one and I amik putih...

Hihi...Lawak2....X faham

12:13 AM

Worst people always exist

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Bengang nih...

Went to Skin11 facial treatment worth Rm350+ but only pay RM11 because of my friend's friend working there as part timer..


Haih...The place was really nice and exclusive..

It was located at IOI Boulevard.. It just opened recently...Whatever n whenever they want la

After facial treatment around 2 hours ++ , as usual the consultant will describe their product and always said that their product is the best thing in the world..

"You punya muka ok...Only have blackhead at T-Zone" she said to my colleague..

She said to me "You punya muka memang sangaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat teruk"

Ok fine...I can accept that..Maybe she's joking or something..

But then she keep repeating the same sentences to me and it was really pissed me off..

Hey WTF!! Sukati aku la muka aku banyak blackhead ke..Apa ke..

The thing is she cannot say like that..If she want to sell her product please say it nicely and in proper way .. Bukan mengutuk muka orang se maksima yang mungkin!

If she thinks that she can bullshit me she's doing it to the wrong person..

Ok...Stop being emotional...There's always a good thing kan?=p

The result for today's facial is I'm not happy..My face? Still the same mah...

X tau la esok bangun2 dah jadi Keira Knightly...Awwww...

Can't wait for my favourite facial treatment at Kota Damansara...

Next two weeks!!

6:05 PM

Buta Fashion

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

It was me!

Hihi..Seriously...Dah kerja pon xtau nak tukar fashion...

Before this I assume that oh...no money la..

But now?? Still got no money but I think...(I think first) now I can afford to buy the DP, Principles or maybe Nichii..Ugh

Why ah? In the end I would bought the plain T-shirt, or plain blouse with no curve..

Haha..I really need fashion consultant with this matter...

People said Engineer memang selekeh...I agree with that..

And I imagine if I was HR people..Still in the same level of fashion I guess...Hihi..Isk..

Dahla x tau fashion...Make up pon x penah...Aih...Pe nak jadi..Only facial and treatment on my face makes me like a real women..

Kalau muka pon berketul, bersawang sana sini..X ke macam laki? I need improvement but I don't like it too..

I don't like makeup myself with something beatiful..Gross...Disease apa nih?

I triend to but not into fashion..Isn't it?

This one nice right? So fashionable~

Ops..this not me...This is my college mate..Kesian Mimie...Admit hospital (Wad Tibi +HIV) but she was healthy as horse! She's not into fashion too at this moment=p

Worst kn? Hehe

Makin laama keje makin worst dressing...Baju pon ntah pape..Haih...

Muka jgn cakap..Klu x facial every month menggerutu muka...Macam evil..

*Grin* (Alasan!)

Ermm...Kalau la ada program realiti TV "Who wants to be pretty like me" rasa nak join gak...


3:54 PM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

My life sucks in these few days and I hate it n him too!

Ughh...Is this P.M.S symptom?

How to recover myself with indulgent life?

8:32 PM

Express Update by me

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Looks like I step into a new world recently..Hihi

[1] Last two night was a blast..Superb night I ever had here in KL..Karaoke

I went to Metro Point at Kajang..Melalak..Auuuuuu

Before this I never agreed to join them ( my colleague ) but lepas di paksa2 I found it was amazing activity!!

Itu dia...ahli2 karaoke..Baju kurung pon ada..Hehe

Lala..Kesian....X pnah karaoke sblm ni and for the first timer went to karaoke I got some praises from my new friends..God! They all said my voice just like Dato Siti...

Gross...Perasan la tuh...Isk..Pe nak jd ngn budak2 zmn skrg..=p

Anyway..I just knew that karaoke is kind of release tension activity...Seriously...

Thanks to Ina..Kalau dia x paksa x pegi niih...~~

[2] Well..Today is 12/12/09..Happy Anniversary to me..To him...And to us..

Dah 3 tahun been together and I don't get it how he can stick and be patient with me...Hehe

As usual...X guna planning anything..It won't happen and I was right again..


We all just watched movieS (Santau and Jump) in different places..

Jump at Mid Valley and Santau at Alamanda Putrajaya..


I bought something for him but I'm not intrested to give him anymore since he doesn't look "OMG its our 3rd anniversary!"

Anyway there's always a bad (which are a lot) and good side of life..

After watched Jump at Mid Valley I was dragged by Alakazam Production and it was publicity promotion!

They are doing the promotion for new movie nama Pulau Asmara..

Sapa nama pom ni ntah..In calendar gave to me, she looks very big..Real?So small..

Pas tgk wayang my Blub lost parking ticket...So sad! Bayor RM50..Gross...

Whatever...Apa nak buat ari ni? Pegi Zoo? Or pegi Eye on Malaysia? Hihi..Mmg xdok kerja...


4:53 PM

Damn it

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |



Emo season is coming...Be careful everyone...!!~~

Damn it...

Ugh..Tensi nyaa..I hate my job and I want to quit!

Instead of letting my heart hurt more, let lullaby sing to my heart..

Two is better than on huh? By Taylor Swift and Boys Like Girls...Nyummy song..

Two Is Better Than One Lyrics

[ft. Taylor Swift]
I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life and I thought
"Hey, you know, this could be something"
'Cause everything you do and words you say
You know that it all takes my breath away
And now I'm left with nothing

So maybe it's true
That I can't live without you
And maybe two is better than one
There's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two is better than one

I remember every look upon your face
The way you roll your eyes
The way you taste
You make it hard for breathing
'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everything's okay
I'm finally now believing

That maybe it's true
That I can't live without you
And maybe two is better than one
There's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two is better than one

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life and I thought, "Hey,"

Maybe it's true
That I can't live without you
Maybe two is better than one
There's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking
I can't live without you
'Cause, baby, two is better than one
There's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
But I'll figure it out
When all is said and done
Two is better than one
Two is better than one

I need lalaland=( Please do so..=p

I just wondering where I should find new job? I mean...which dicipline? Perhaps not concrete anymore..

12:18 PM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Mesti x saba nk baca entry becoz of the topic kn?

Isk...Anak2 muda skrg...=p

Anyway I 'm decided to having my 'lunch hour' kat umah...I was cooking in Facebook in Cafe World..

Aih...Pe nak jadi...Sanggup tuh..Berdangdut nak jd chef kat Facebook..Ish

Last 5th Dec was my Mr Blub birthday and I knew he wont have time to spent his birthday with me alone..

And luckily I'm not going to pay for the booking at Menara KL..Klu x nangis...

I knew he was reading my blog..(Klu x cmna dia tau idea nak dinner kt Menara KL kn?)

I don't want to give him suprise because I knew he won't like it...

Enough is enough..

Still not feeling very well...Flu dah klua and I think I need 365 days MC..!LOL

10:19 PM

I Love Siti Nurhaliza

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Tajuk x bleh blah...~

Well...I just watched her (Siti) in tv (of course!) Jom Heboh la..

After decade, she still with her own power, her own beautiful voice, OMG I just realized that I'm her fan after all these years!~

Any album came out and still she can make it as Diva Album (still no 1)

Huh...Good Luck and I wish she can sing until she is old..Hehe..Perhaps

And I lover her voice even she sang it Live!!~~

She got a powerful aura tho..

Love you!

Semoga sukses slalu...

7:47 AM

MC again?

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

It was not my fault at all...

Dah nak sakit nk wat cna kn?=p

Fever again...And I think what I'm going to do today...

I think I'm going to Saloon!

Ok...Since I got extra voucher Facial worth RM326 and you only pay RM49.90 and also voucher Vogue Saloon worth RM50 just leave a comments and sapa cepat dia dapat!!!

Just leave comment and your email...

Only applicable for those who staying at Kuala Lumpur~~

10:39 PM

Maria Galland?

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Penah dgr bout this brand before? I never heard before too~

I just finished my facial at Beatique Wellness at Kota Damansara...


Tired..Wahh...The place was gorgeous and I already booked for next 3 session with them in the future=p Next Month perhaps..

The lady in the facial room said that I got a big problem with my face (blackhead) Eww

And she explained about my pores and when I told her that I'm using Oxy for my domestic cleansing she disagreed with that..

Y? Sbb Oxy blocked all the pores because of course la it function to avoid pimple grow up..But its not good in my case because my pores getting bigger inside..

Fine...And she suggesting me her product (of course la kan!)

But the weird thing is I just agreed with everything she told!!OMG..

It cost me a lot of money tonite...

Dahla bawak RM30 je p facial...ntah pape..hehe

Luckily I always have my rescue (in everything~~) beside me..Yippie..Love Ya

Wanna check out this product? Click Maria Galland


Harap2 la product ni membuahkan hasil...After next 3 facial treatment I upload la gamba~

Gulam Mee 3 layer tea spesel=p ( Sebok je org nk pgang~)

Cleanser of the day..Soft cleansing cream 30..

Guess what? Ijust listen and bought this thing with no doubt...Crazy...yeah..I knew