5:27 PM

Stay Back

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Haaa....my face now....Cute isn't it????=p!!!~

My 2nd day stay back kat plant...

I got no transport going back today..So sad..

And she ( the one who asked me to stayback) still not telling me what @ why I need to stay back...

Nak bagi bonus x??



Bosan nye....Sume org da balik....Ape la..

Nak blah kang mengamuk plak...Takut2 isk...Nk jmpa Mr Blub dia bz kalah Menteri..jauh plak tuh...Isk...

What a life...It's getting hard if you think it hardly right?Smile....=)

My closer click here asked me if I want to join her and her friends next month to Pulau Kapas...Got scuba diving activities, BBQ, and so on..!Macam best...

Pulau Kapas kat mn erk....Boommm...=p

Ops..Need to start my duty now...Until now...See ya...~~~~

8:08 AM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Saya bosan....
Jadi mama bosan...
Bila JKR/SPA nak panggil interview Jurutera awam nih?
Sangap (lately this is my favorite word) dah ddk kt site...=p
Tunggu jenuh.....

6:54 PM

No wish

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Hi all...

Seems like today is my birthday and I'm far away from another family and relatives and also friends I can't make any celebration with people that I love most..

So...birthday often related to presents right?But for me...I don't think I want/need anything specific for this 23rd birthday...(baek nye..=p)

Instead of thinking about presents, better pk pasai kereta yang baru d tempah, handphone yg baru d beli x abis explore lagik...Isk...

Correct or not?=p

Every year during my birthday my mom will boiled egg, and colored it with red..It was some kind of chinese tradition..Dapat ong kot..=p But tonite she's not here and I don't celebrate my birthday with 'red egg'..So sad one...Isk..

Maybank Damansara called me just now to asked few questions about my car loan..Awww...



Ape x pndai sgt aku nk taip Alt+3...Nak wat love punya pasal...x bleh2... tgk kat blog MrsKown...

Makin bengap plak bab2 IT nih...ni yang tension nih...Isk..Sangap

My wish fr my birthday;

[1] Soon....I can meet my Mr Blub...Mish him so much...

[2] Next Week....I can drive my own car (hopefully the loan process going very well)

[3] In a month...I can increase up my salary=p Angan2...

[4] In 3 month...I can stuck with YTL and I can get big amount of gaji..wahh...

[5] In a year....I nak kawen!!!!Siyes....=p

Wish me luck...I really hope I can get all of this....

7:16 AM

Happy Birthday

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Happy Birthday to me......!~~

Rasa bersalah kerana menutup HP smlm kerana gangguan dari org yg annoying...

Buka2 hp byk plak miscol....Sori frens!!

Semoga di~~~...bla....bla....

6:42 PM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Fall in love with this song after heard this from Celcom advertisement ah??Forgot la..=p

7:54 AM

Silent Hissed

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Mak Kiah.....OoooOoo Mak Kiah..


My mom asked me ehem....Semalam beli HP baru....Ini hari kereta baru...Itu rumah baru tak mo beli ka??


Begurau ke mak?Or memang mendoakan saya dapat umah esok ari?=p Aminn..

Susah betol..

And I read for my horoscope today (ye tau...haram nak pecaya..I'm not even 10% believe in it)

The Bottom Line

Budget, baby, budget. If you haven't made a summer budget, do it now. Like, today.

In Detail

Reach out! No, it's not a home-workout-video kind of reach (although that's not a bad idea, either), but a reach out into the world, to let the world (or a section of it) know what you're planning. You had a couple of terrific ideas lately, and now's a great time to go public with them. Oh, yeah, and why not set aside some time for a little living room workout? Kick those legs up! Bend those knees! Now reach! Reach! Reach!

Sometimes they are really related with my current life...Isn't it?Abaikan..

So that's the issues here...my mother hissed..in her heart or through her mouth....Pray for your daughter's success yeah...

4:59 PM

My first car!~

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Since I started working as an engineer at YTL setiap malam aku di hantui rasa 'tension' yang melampau dan rasa takut yang smpai sikit lagi nk terkucil...=p

Why you really need a car? Some people don't get it what engineers do out there..Yup today I'm not thinking about what people comment about my intention getting a car..

In office today after getting back from HUKM and Cheras site, I'm alone in office because I asked them to drop me by at there..Why?Because I can see their face getting tired bring me along to site and in the same time I need to go to another site!Isk...

Yeah I know Early stage memang susah...Tu bole la ckp klu ada public transport..ni?Isk...Diam la korang yang xtau pape..Yang sakit/malu/tension sp?Aku gk....

So around 4pm I asked my friend to send me to Petronas and as usual he asked me to wait for my sister inside the Petronas..Yes..I do..And after he blah I naik taxi balik rumah la...

I cannot tell them one that I naik taxi...If not, I'm going to die la..Isk..Ok now the problem is settled..!~~

I asked that pakcik taxi to drive me to Perodua..(X thn dh..kena take an action)

And in the same time there's a promotion from Perodua; Smart Scheme..Ntah la..Kena tipu ke hape..Just isi borang dan pilih kereta...Desperate la ni nyah oiii...Klu x desperate mesti g survey mn2 dlu...Lantak la

Di pendekkan cerita I chosed this car=p


First2 pilih Myvi..Then rasa mcm x mampu plak...X dgr pon ckp sales girl dia..Yang penting ikut hati cakap mn baik...Betol x cek habaq??=p

Hopefully I can get this car ASAP!Ya Allah..................Permudah kan lah hari-hari ku...

I don't give a damn hot option for my very first car because I know I cannot afford to get anything like my dream...Bersyukur lah kalau dapat byr tiap bulan nih...

7:45 PM

1st day

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Today was my first day working and out of sudden? I'm not interested to work there...

I'm working at batching plant tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian...

Dah sahih dah x perlu la pakai mask 1/week after this..

Berhabuk, panas...and the most important part work Mon-Sat..Yeark!

What the hell is going on here...Hallllooo....

Koci kiut ke itew??

Huh...sabar2...Ye la..org dengar...Wahhhh...ko keje YTL?Nama gah kn?Ye mmg..tapi keje kaw2 ah..Ni yg rasa nak terjun ke gov nih...

Then I read Shila's blog and terbit sedikit kesedaran...Yup...I never gave much thought about what I'm going to do in the future...

Dulu time kecik2 boleh la ckp 'Nak jadi cikgu, lawyer, engineeor, etc..' For God sake..I wish I never dream about being anything but Princess...!~

But frankly speaking (serious mode) I x minat bnda2 concrete nih..Siyes..I preferred being a geotechnic engineer..Ugh...

And now there's a company (Geotechnic) call for interview next monday but the sad is I sign aggreement with the YTL oledi ah tadik...Isk!

Ke mana kah arah tujuan ku...

Frankly speaking, my current job is bored and all dried up. Well, life is not that hectic as one in audit but this is just not as exciting as others did. At least to me. My soul isn't there.

And for this sentence that I copied from Shila, I think we are in the shoes...Huhu

We are!!!!Erm..relax...X minat but for life's sake (money) we need to work hard..

Dengan itu sekian la.....Insaf la anda...Kerja la kuat2..Sesungguh nya bisnes la kita beramai2..=p

11:22 PM

New Gadget In The House

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Went out from house early in the morning and I met my Mr Blub...Sunrise in the sunshine day brighten with his smile=p

Love him!

I accompany him to office and I just stuck at Giant Kota Damansara Because of his Manual Pesona Car and I really can't handle that car!=p

So after 5pm (setia menunggu c dia abis kje) gerak ke Low Yatt...Hajat di hati dia hanya untuk beli printer for his office and also Bluetooth for his bro..

But finally what he stuck with??

He searching for new handphone...Aiyak...

And usually when he buy any new gadget with me I'm included also as the buyer..=p

And tadi dia beli lagi new handphone Express Music Nokia; 5730

God! I couldn't believe that! Dia beli 1 gak utk I!!

Isk..Jap g mesti dia merungut..membebel...sayang duit la..nyesal la..Isk...

Now I tgh install software ni..Isk...Selamat tinggal Express Music 5610...Welcome my New 5730...But this time I chosed Red+Black color...

OMG...mcm x caya...at last dpt gk merasa pakai Hp slide tepi...Isk...Experia x dapat Nokia ni bole lah...

Thanks Blub!~~

Good Bye My love!~

Welcome to my life!~

Pic credit to Google

7:40 PM

Tagging g ke?

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Read Zera's blog and she tagged me again with the same tagging game??

Read HERE and I xnk wat lagi wahai Zeratikah ku sayang....

Noo!!!Xnk wat lagi...malas....hehehe

Waaahhh.....Penat..Tomorrow will be my last day at Papa John..Seriously relieved!

Its not because the job is not interesting but the other clicks makes me sick of that kind of job!

Pressure yang kdg2 di buat nya kita ni pkai baju tebalik...kasut simpan kat ketiak time keje ke..

Haaa...klu mcm 2 mrh la kaw2..ni bnda x logik nk di marah kaw2....We all have our own feeling don't we?

Huh...membebel psl keja mmg xkn habis...

The most important thing is the end of this month I will get 2 gaji..Isk...Debts all over the world need to pay!


Ape korang buat ari ni?=p

5:01 PM

MU Vs M'sia

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Ada sp2 x g tgk bnda alah ni???

Haih....Penat btul...I just came back from Bukit Bintang; Low Yatt...Teman adik Yun bli notebook...


Dah siap teman...Teng....teng....Nak balik umah la planning....Time tu kol 3pm...

Sampai2 kat monorel BB station perghhh....Apehal ni...Dhla mostly pkai baju AIG merah...Isk..

Bru tringat ada game kt Bukit Jalil...

Tgk2 mcm line nk bli tiket pjg sgt g la BB smula..Mkn nasi ayam BB..Our (me and my sisters) favourite place la klu g BB..

Sour plum nyummy.....

Roasted chicken rice...

Makan sorng2 pon jadila...Then dah kenyang nk cuba nasib balik..OTW nk g tren there's few CLEO girls panggil...Suh register Askcleo.com then dapat free goodie bag..Nyummy..

You girls pegi la register then you can ask any questions related to health and beauty...fashion and etc...


Took it on the entrance...How dare they can asked me 'Have you bought any CLEO mag?' Kampung sgt ke muka aku tadi??=p

Sunflower Goodie Bag di taja oleh Cleo...LOL

Inside there got Nivea Caring Lotion, Cleo keychain, pencils, notebook, etc

Actually ni yg best nih....W/pin voucher hnya 10hinggit ok pe..Got voucher Jusco RM10 and Starbucks Voucher

Sekian sj update utk ari ni....x beli pape...hidung tersumbat ngn bau org kat tren...rmai sgt nk g tgk MU...Isk!

9:26 AM

Yang Mana 1 Pilihan Kalbu

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Sejak mendapat kerja yang sangat dirasakan banyak berjalan...(travelling/outstation) aku mula berfikir which car that affordable for me? Suitable with me?

Sekarang ni duit RM 0..tapi kna gk bli kete....Haha...Pangggg!

Isk....Angan2 kna lebih...kena banyak....Check it out (from my mind)

[1] Fiat 500

[2] Ferari California (yang ni sudeh lebeh mak nyonyah!=p) Angan2 je la!!~

[3] Yang ni x bleh blah gak...But I really admire this!Waaaaa...Crap!

[4] Wahai pompuan stop dreaming....kembali ke alam nyata...OK?
Ni Proton Saga New Model~~Alala....

[5] Viva..(Ok..nmpknya pilihan makin lma makin kecik=p)

[6] Ok2...last ni....Siyes la...Ni last...Kekekeke

Haha....So..mn 1 yang sesuwai??Hehe...Ntahlah....My dream car? Of course la nih....

Adoiii....tolong jangan tnya what is my dream car because all my option was damn HOT /EXPENSIVE one!!!Aiyaaaaa.....I love speed car.....Gorgeous!!

OMG Porche ko nak?Baik ko tanam sayur 100 taun pon xkn dapat la!!Hehe..



Biar orang laen tentukan....=p

Current Song:Obsessed by Mariah Carey

Yup...Obsessed with Speedy Car!Oh...Love it!!

7:00 AM

Leisure Time

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Since working as a 'Kuli Batak' at Papa John I have less leisure time in my life now..

I do have spend time with my fren but less than 20 minutes...Balik keja penat gila b*b*..

Even I'm not going to work 1 day, I won't planned anything outdoor activities..I will sleep instead of pegi jalan2 cari makan...

When I was growing up, my father always had one piece of warning towards me, and he said it every evening (5pm) to me; 'Get out of the house..Find anything sporty games kiddo!' I found that thing was annoying at that moment...

I was really berat bontot you know but at the end of day tgn aku dh pegang raket badminton..=p

Thank goodness my father was as strict as Inspector, if not my body will constant or maybe more than guni..=p

Oh.,.Back to the track today I nak pegi Low Yatt...Teman my fren's brother beli laptop..

Thanks to her..Today was Saturday and I think my leisure time was 'Cuci Mata' only..Of course and I'm pretty sure 100/200% ramai orang kat tren!Yearks!

It's ok that..I always bear with that..I mean the congested in train..

Hey...Harry Porter and Half Blood Prince dah released kan?Hurmm....


Perfect Leaisure Time.....

7:39 PM

H1N1 di hometown ku~

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Just before this my mother told me that 1 boy (student) died because of H1N1..I x amik berat pon...Yelah...Dalam ati : 'Baru sorang mak....' =p Ade x dgr kes H1N1 mengakibatkn kematian kat Malaysia?

Never heard before...Yup...They ( Journalist) not put this news into public cause nanti sume org takut nak pegi Limbang..

Where the hell is Limbang? Aiyaa....Sannnnaaaaa Sarawak...In between Brunei and Miri..

Haaaa...Nak tau mana org Limbang dapat H1N1? Some people says that orang Limbang dapat dari Brunei..

Yelah...Orang2 kaya Brunei kan banyak melancong...That's why they spread the virus but not found by the hospital kot..I think so la...

And now I read the paper (online) and saw :-

"Lapan pelajar di Limbang positif H1N1, dua sekolah ditutup"

KUCHING: Lapan pelajar dari Sekolah Menengah Agama Kerajaan (SMAK) Limbang, dilaporkan positif Influenza A (H1N1) sehingga jam 12 tengah hari ini menjadikan jumlah kes di negeri ini meningkat kepada 45 setakat ini, iaitu 23 kes import dan 22 jangkitan tempatan.

Bilik Gerakan Negeri dalam satu kenyataan hari ini, menyatakan 10 lagi pelajar dari SMK Sains Kuching di Jalan Matang di sini juga kini masih menunggu keputusan ujian kesihatan dari Institut Penyelidikan Perubatan (IMR) di Kuala Lumpur yang dijangka diketahui esok.

Kenyataan tersebut menjelaskan berikutan kes terbaru itu dua sekolah terbabit kini diarah tutup bermula hari ini sehingga 23 Julai dan dijangka akan dibuka semula pada 24 Julai.

Statistik Jabatan Perubatan Sarawak menunjukkan bahawa 17 daripada jumlah kes yang dilaporkan setakat ini ialah dari Miri (termasuk tujuh kes import dan 10 jangkitan tempatan), 16 kes dilaporkan di Kuching (12 import dan empat jangkitan tempatan), sembilan kes dari Limbang (satu import dan lapan jangkitan tempatan), dua kes import di Bintulu dan satu kes import di Sibu.

Setakat ini, sebanyak 835 kes dilaporkan seluruh negara membabitkan 562 kes import dan 273 jangkitan tempatan. - Bernama (info from HERE)

Haaaaa.....banyak kau kes H1N1...Jangan memain...dah ada org mati tau...

The conclusion is...: Berhati-hati di jalan raya....!~~

11:16 AM

Off day!

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

I spent 2 days at home just because I'm LAZY going to work...Wahh...Amboi...Banyak cekadak..=p

Hurmm...after sent my sister to her office this morning jadi amah jap...smbil2 baca Eclipse..

Ohhhh? Eeeee...?Ahhhh? Isk...Mcm2 bunyi bila bc Twilight saga...

Bila nak dapat keje nih....Isk....Tension betol la...

Usaha mmg dh usaha...Melekat tu x...Why ah...Because I'm not pretty enough? ( Engineer need that requirement ke nyonya????)

Ok...Take a deep breath....Tarikkkk....Hembusss.....

Ermm...Bau Ikan Goreng Berempah Keling...=p

Pe nak jadi ngan diri ku....Isk.....

8:34 AM

Tagged by Mommy Qas

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Erkk....Before nih x pnah nak jwb tagging sape2...

Spesel for Mommy Si Qaiser ni...

Soalan 1 - Bila kali terakhir anda pergi bercuti dan kenapa/sebab anda nak pergi bercuti?

Bercuti? G Cameron Highland baru2 ni kot....11 July 2009..Y pegi bercuti? Sbb SAJA-SAJA..With my Mr Blub tho..=p

Soalan 2 - Berapakah umur anda? (jangan malu2 nak announce)… dan adakah anda rasa puas dengan pencapaian anda diusia anda sekarang ni?

I'm 23 years old...This coming 28th July la baru msuk 23..Ihik..Pencapaian?Of course x puas!! Xde steady job g....Isk...

Soalan 3 - Saya tahu anda seorang yang gemar bergambar didepan kemera! jadi pergi ambik kemera anda dan snap gambar wallet/beg duit anda! jangan la malu nak cakap berapa harganya sebab kuantiti nilai dalamnya lebih berharga! kalau sudi, beritau berapa nilai duit dalamnya.

Haha..lawak la soalan nih...jap..nk gode2 gmbo kt lptop nih...ade x gmba wallet..Ermm...tpksa amik kt online gk...Aci x?=p
Duit balance dlm wallet?Ermm...(kira jap) RM26.40...Sikit je...Wat pe nk bubuh byk2..=p

Soalan 4 - Anda mungkin seorang blogger, bila waktu yang paling anda suka untuk update/kemaskini blog anda dan kenapa anda pilih waktu itu?

When I'm free la...Tapi biasa nya pagi2..coz line ok..klu mlm2 line mcm hampeh..Xkn time berak pon kna bgtau kat cni?=p

Soalan 5 - Apakah yang berlegar2 dalam fikiran anda sekarang?

Nak pegi ke x....pegi x eh?Pegi mn mak Enon?Ermm.....Xtau la...Aiyoo pening....

Soalan 6 - Apakah habbits anda?

Habbits tu...nak byk eh? Ermm...Kopek kuku....Tapi paling obvious skali cabut rambut la..Its good aku pkai tudung kalau g mn2...Kalau x ckit2 cabut rambut...Isk..Botak cpt la

Soalan 7 - What happened to you in 2001 till 2004?

2001- Form 3 di Sekolah Menengah Sains Labuan..Saya budak yang sosial dlu...Escape class, escape smayang jemaah, escape prep mlm, petang...Isk...Kena denda jalan itik la...Mcm2 la budak2 zmn skrang..=p

2002- Form 4 still di sek yg sm...sm attitude...Xde inisiatif nak berubah g...=p

2003-Form 5...Nak spm dah..Insaf ckit...Dah mula srius dgn subjek Add Math..=p Ujung taun becinta dgn warden skolah...Aih...

2004- Masuk Matrix gak aku...Jajal pon bjaya gk futher study..=p Bercinta dgn Ustad skolah g...Hihi Last2 result Matrix 1st sem 2.67 je..Nasib sem 2 dpt cover..

Soalan 7? Aik dah abis....Ok itu saja...Now nak Tag orang2 di bawah ini....~

1. Aida

2. Zera


4. MatKown

Sape lg eh....Sape yang rasa sudi....Silalah....

8:19 PM

Adorable advice?

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Hi all....

What should you do when your lover softly spoken about how your dressing need to be changed?


Tego cara baik dan juga untuk kebaikan...

Currently in this few months I wore skinny jeans...Ala yang kecik bwh and he didn't like it..

And yesterday I wore slack and button blouse (all black) and dia tego kaw2...He said why you're dressing like fashionista? Hello...

I wore slack itam yg I bawa tido..Baju pon dah bekurun dh..Dia pon slalu tego np slalu pkai bju ni...dh bosan...But smlm??Isk..Kira sempoi la I rs mcm 2..

He said he preffered if I wore something 'LIGHT'..?~

I couldn't understand man...Org dressing nk bg dia bangga jln ngn kita...dia bole plak suh pkai tshirt besa...jeans besa...Baik aku jd laki je...serba serbi besa...=p

Yeappp! I understood...X seksi...But..It was me!Me and myself...susah nk tuka gaya...Aiyahhh.....Cemana nih??Pening....

Or should I tuka gaya jadi Marilyn Monroe???!~~=p

Tanggal 31 Ogos~~

Fab dolu2

Self plucking strawberry....Ponet...He said: Baju kena longgar ckit joyah!~

Jeans jgn beli yg cukup2 muat mak cik...=p

Pak cik ni x aci....Ble spek kna UV otomatik spek jd itam!Isk....
Xnk kalah gak...Idung kembang2 tuh...Blkg Hotel Equatorial

Ckup untuk kali ini...

Sekian post untuk Cameron Laland Part 2..

So....readers..is that ok with my dressing....?

7:46 PM

Ceramic Business Club

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Have ya heard anything about this business?

If you really familiar with this Ceramic business and you want to share it with me or you want to join me hurry....

It really gives you privilege rewards in life doh..

I tell you...You don't need to sell your product..Just invest and you can get the benefit every month...

You can check anything about this at HERE..

11:10 PM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Memang penat travel berjam2 dan luckily sy hanya driving untuk 10 minit..

X confident btol org ble aku yg driving...Mcm ada duri kt bontot sume org..hehe not my fault..kete yang salah..tekan minyak makin laju..ingatkn makin lmbt..=p (pe hal bengong otak)

Jumpa Zera, Nik, Aiza n Pedo kat Kuantan Parade..

Wahh....kwn2 ku makin itam..okla 2 at least ada gk kerja..

Aku ni?Penganggur yg travel ke sn cni...Well its not my fault again!!=p Suma adalah di taja oleh yang berkenaan...

Wahh....Eclipse dah di tgn...Tp kna usaha untuk cari kerja dlu...


Xnk bubuh sign post...Bluek!~~~

6:09 PM

I know you want me

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


That's the tittle of Pitbull's song...

I know you want me...you know I want cha~~

Yeah I want my Blub2 now even though tgh panas ati ngn someone..

Current Mood: Emo

Haih....tgh panas ati...

Ada sorng laki kt P.P John wat aku panas ati..ntah pe mslh dia...

Bia ah aku bdn besa pon....BRE**T aku besa ke kecik ke hey...whats your prob?

Time2 tgh keje menempel kt org...tego2 bdn ko besa la..eh bukan...yg kat tgh tu yang besa..Isk!

Miang2 nya la org keje F & B ni kan...mulut xde lesen...


Thank God I gv them 2 weeks notice and I really wish I'm not seeing their face anymore!Chit!!~

X mboh g keje sok...huh..

Pe la prasaan korng dpt team mate (not in my dream again!) mcm tu...Sakit ati kn..

7:33 PM

Cameron Updated

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Ari ni keje smpai jam 4 sj bcoz of 'sakit perempuan'..

Understood don't you?Sakit sangat...Isk!

But then balik umah rasa dah x sakit...Magic oh?=p

Opening Pic: Gamba2 bunga=) From clockwise; Cactus, Rose Valley

Us in the morning...Thanx Love~ Picture taken in front of Time Tunnel- Interesting stuff and history inside and it was my first time get into this tunnel ! (This was my 2nd time to Cameron tho)


Broom broom

The taste is just Strawberry celup with urm..Chocotop at McDonald!~=p

The most valuable and priceless souvenier from Cameron and HIM! Roses+Sunflower+Various types and colors! Ngeeeeeeeeeeeee

How I wish I can stay forever in Cameron Highland....Setiap malam ujan dan cuaca pon x panas..jerawat takut nak mai kt muka..

And for those who never been up there go and spent your leisure time there..Have your dinner with a set of steambot...Ermmm....Ujan + steambot...Isn't it great idea?!!~

Sekian untuk kali ini....Enjoy your day!!