5:28 PM

Straight through my heart

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Gross!! Eww...

Watcha say...Hehe...Suma kluar..


Frankly speaking New Moon is not as good as people said (what media advertised before)

Hey..For those who never read the New Moon Twilight Saga book please do not watch this movie..

They just pick every scene that important and sometimes it really makes me boring~


Then everybody keep asking when it comes to an end.. Ni je ke? Tu ke ending dia??


For me that have been read the Twilight Saga until Breaking Dawn I have no problem with the ending because I was khatam the New Moon twice tho..

Aih...X tau la.. Frustrated pon ada...Isk..Smpai pening kpala ooo sbb mcm meleret sgt..

Aih....Please la..

After finish watching movie ALONE at Mid Valley, singgah kat Watson beli shampoo then straight balik umah...Dizzy...Eww..

I need to plan what I'm going to do tomorrow...Hish....

I feel like wanna go pamper myself tomorrow but I don;t have any idea..

Pegi rumah urut kt Bukit Bintang ok kot?=p


But the truth is I only ranked the New Moon 5/10 ...Ermmm.. Better baca buku dia...Feeling abis tau...~

But to be frank once again I love their script..They (the director) picked the ayat-tak-boleh-blah-jiwangnya for Edward in this movie and I found it was so sweet..

Touch my heart and I felt like in Laland for a while...

So Sweeeet..

9:08 PM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Tik Tok...

Esok raya korban?

Saya mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Berkorban esok...

Wish you guys enjoy your holiday ( I'm not!) ..Be happy..

I need therapy. From top to bottom...Seriously...

I just knew that Y Max..P1 Max pe ntah yg potong-potong-potong belong to YTL...



Esok raya? I dah ada tiket wyg New Moon sok...Watch movie alone again..I'm ok with that...


Aksi2 para engineers yang berkaliber... Time ni dah jam 4 lebih...Sume dah malas nak berkhidmat utk negara~=p

Engineer 1: Aksi sebuk reply msg berkaitan hal ehwal technician=p
Nana ampun...Selamat Hari Raya

Engineer 2: Yang ni serius...Nak naik gaji for this girl or not? Ermm..

Alice..Ampun juak...Merry Christmas

Engineer 3: With Vaio lappy she can access to others people computer...Hackers ni..=p

Ina...Ampun lg...Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha esok..

Love you guys...Mish you~~

My pic won't be able to upload here because I'm a good worker...=p


8:40 PM

New Model of Perodua

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Ding dong....

Ermm...Sejak jd org yg malas nak tgk tv Perodua kuarkan new model pn I boleh x taw..


Well it's not important tho..

I just knew about the new model when I took cube result at independent lab..


First impression from me..

"Hey...It looks like Exora / Honda Jazz but got Myvi look from in front.." Eww

All combination huh?

From the source here

"New Alza will be the top selling for MPV"

Tadi passing by dekat Perodua Permaisuri...Wah...memang ramai org...

Harap2 betol2 la jd top selling MPV of the year 2010...Org Malaysia mmg rajin beli kereta kn? Lg2 kat KL...Plat keta boleh betuka dlm ms kejap je...Td tgk da WTG..

Gosh.....Sp kata org Malaysia x kayo??=p

Klu Exora starting price RM57,548...and klu this cutie Alza starting price is RM56,000...

Gross.....Jom beli keta ramai2...

Tapi kan...kaler dia ada mcm2...So cute~~

I suka this kaler~~

6:16 PM

Taking my life back

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Tarik nafas...

Ermm....So tired and sucks I guess....

Ugh...Please...If I have a choice I won't go there (PD)...

Ridiculous man...

And I haven't snap any pictures untuk kenangan di hari tua...=p

Whatever...Most of my click said this was the worst and boring team building ever in YTL history...

See? I'm not the only one mah...

Pape la...I'm tired and I mish my bantal busuk yg ditinggalkan 3 hari..Ugh

And the 'best' part I really need to come to work tomorrow...

Bertimbun voice msg..Boring nya...

I need me time...

Catch with you guys later...

9:52 AM

Port Dickson lalaland~

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

I'm going to pd today..YTL team building..Only 2 engineers approved to go..


Terasa best terlepas dr cengkaman bos aku yg x bes~~

5:53 AM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

It was 6am and i was awake just because I have pre-tension leg..Sounds like pre stressed concrete huh?


Kena tdo mcm ni ka ha??=p


If any way I can avoid kejang kaki ketika tido (except tutup kipas) I'll do it...


12:25 AM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


This is not advertisement..Please be prepared for any gravity that comes through my feelings to your heart..

Full Stop

Lps tuka status kat fesbuk from Single to In A Relationship (plus I mention who is my love is), there's a lot of suara2 sumbang..

And they are all my bloody friends kat skolah..

I know my SAYANG is not handsome type but hey...What is your problem then? I love him since 2006 till now..

There's no point here..I just dont get it...Why? Slh ke klu dia ITAM? Hitam itu Perillys what..=p

Please la..Klu muka hensem tp kuat smoking (sorry for smokers out there) n kuat mrh x guna..

Enough la..Let me happy with him...

Biarlah dia itam ke..busuk ke...I still love him...And he's not rich too..As long as I said I Love You to the guy (belongs to) it means I'm truly deeply in love with him....

OMG..Please la frens..Stop being childish..If you want me, be gentleman la...Cakap2 kat fesbuk x laku la...X berkudis (even terasa gak) la...

Tipu la klu i cakap xnk laki sasamcm David Beckham, Hensem bak purnama mcm sapa2 la...isk




Stop talking about that..I baru tgk 2012 n for me the movie was totally full with moral values..

Insaf pon ada...Dan paling penting if you got time with your Love one / family please spend time with them...

Klu da bnda mcm 2 terjadi mn nk cekau 1 billion Euro nak naik kpl?=p JK

9:15 PM

Broadband is back..

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Thanks to my Love

Dia belikan broadband LAGI...

Annoying betol..Who? Of course me...I feel like one of the Pisau Cukur type...=p

I'm not! X mintak pon...Jatuh dr langit..

Dah xde idea nak tulis apa..

Hurm..Same color like before; White..

I hope it can stay with me longer / forever..Please...Ugh

Till then...Chow

7:33 PM

Pity or not to Pity

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Have ya all seen the peminta sedekah along the road?

As for me everyday passing the same road going back from work and saw him sitting at the same place and maybe every minute. But I'm little bit curious because his shirt changed everyday..

Or maybe someone donated t-shirt rather than a money to him?=p

But seriously I don't know whether we should pity to him or not?

I am truly sorry if this man sedar/bapak/datuk sapa2 kat luar tuh..But if you are his relatives please ask him stop because kesian...Ujan2 pon duduk kat situ lagi...

Took pic from my car..And it was raining at that time..=(

See? There's nothing all the drivers can do when saw him standing helpless beside the highway..


I just hope any persatuan or whatsoever related looks this man to bounce back and give + help anything that they can..Find some solutions...This is all about community..

Today's outfit...

I can't be nice with my new housemate...I don't know...Erm..I just...I just can't help thinking that she was a good liar~!

Ok..Let me begin the story...She said;

She was MARRIED..But her husband came twice a week..Asked her where did her husband worked? KL!

Hell ya..Then usually her husband will came only after I slept/ when I'm not arround (working la)

Is married couple will do such thing? Like hiding themself from JAIS? Hehe=p

I can accept if she told me that the guy is just her BF..Hey...I can be sporting la..

Maybe she looked me wearing tudung then she afraid to tell me the truth...Yeark..

To make matters worse (for me), last 2 days I brought my Mr Blub to house..I didn't tell her because I think she will be ok with that..I'm just kind to tested her actually..To see her responds..

But yes..I knew she's a liar (again)..

My Mr Blub just tapao some food for me and we ate together..After that he going back (15 min)..

And boom boom baw! She asked me to have some discussion with her..Huhu..

She said; it was really dangerous to bring a guy that was not my muhrim to house..(true) She said her husband don't like it..Maybe later this house got ambush by JAIS..

Oh..she was afraid!!OMG....So pity...What do you think? And now I don't care what she's doing out there...

Aih...Lantak la..

Stop emo girl...Cheer up~~

8:41 PM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Jai hooooo....~

Emm...First rambling is about my plan for my Mr Blub becoming birthday next month; 5th Dec..

He will celebrate his 25th birthday and I guess I want to make a surprise for him!~

*Excited mode*

In my mind now? Seri Angkasa Revolving Restaurant at Menara KL..

Isn't it lovely place?Aww~

Wow! Yes I know...But since I've been in KL I x pernah belanja dia..chit! bukan kedekut taik idung x masin....Just I kan baru start keja...Then where on earth I can afford to belanja people (yang ada duit sendri=P) mcm dia?


Any suggestion? Anyone ever step into this restaurant?


"There is a dress code here. It is smart casual meaning which you must not come with a short and be sure to also have an appropriate footwear on"

Hello darling...I need to remind him not to wear short + sandal buruk (yg nk putus itew)...~

Ouh....I hope this can be happen later...Kita merancang Tuhan menentukan...

Harap2 awk x bc blog ini...




I miss my hometown...Seriously I miss my mom's cooking....

Damn..I wish I was there...

I need to get out from here...So bored...



7:56 AM

Off Day!

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

I'm off for everything today!~ Seriously..

[1] Off to Saloon!

[2] Off to Ayam Penyet


[3] Off to dating~

Till then...See ya..

7:23 AM

Happy Sunday ol!

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |



Jom lalaland~ Erm.....

Any ideas? Cannot left my Blub behind lor....If not I'm totally dead meat=p

I can barely breathing here...Find the right time to watch movieS that I loike; Jennifers Body + Time Travelers Wife + New Moon (soon)

Mesti mau tarik itu laki p cinema ari ni.... X bole x mo..If not I left him alone..Hoho

I need to find new stuff here seems I move in with empty hand, empty mind.. Not planning anything either..

* Wink* Got reason for shopping huh?=p

See ya...

Semoga bergumbira semua~~~