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Journey to the East; Kelantan & Terengganu Part 1

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I've been shut my blog down to the earth lately..


There's a few parts of journey to the east..

Ada banyak option yang kiteorang (me n hubby) nak jenjalan after he spent 3 months offshore.

Our countless honeymoon la~

Kami bertolak 8hb January 2012 ke Kelantan.

Driving sendiri.

Jalan area KL tak jem pon sbb ahad. Kami bergantung harap pada Papago Iphone je. Sebab kami memang tak kenal jalan di Kelantan.

The bad thing about GPS; Dia bawak g jalan shortcut tapi jalan lama yang orang tak lalu pon!

We all siap pusing Cameron Highland! I guess there's another way to go to Kelantan?

There you go..Sempat tawaf Cameron highland dari ujung ke ujung..Huh!

Rasa macam nak stay kat Cameron je..Tapi bila pk dah banyak kali pegi situ..

So kami pon pasrah dan teruskan mengikut GPS tu!

Dari Cameron Highland ke Gua Musang.. Gua Musang ke Rantau Panjang..

We spent few hours at Rantau Panjang; Lunch and sightseeing.. Lapar gile tym tuh..Bayangkan 8 jam on the road..Yang di makan snack je..

Our first pit stop..Sbb nk amik kamera kat bonet =p


And then we headed to Kota Bharu since we decided to stay at Kota Bharu..

Kami pilih hotel Flora Place.. For more info about this hotel please click here..

Hotel Flora Place Kota Bharu

Since kami tak stadi pon pasal hotel2 kat Kelantan ni, I called every hotel that located nearest to Pasar Siti Khadijah..

I call, tanya rate hotel brapa and then tgk kat tenet how's the hotel condition..

Hubby plak driving..

I tak kisah duduk hotel murah pon..Kena cekup tak pe..Ada sijil nikah =)

But my hubby said he don't want to stay at cheap hotel anymore..Dahla duduk kat kapal berbulan2, nk berak pon x selera sbb kapal buruk..

So amik la Flora Place ni..Nak amik New Pacific or Grand Riverview tak mampu plak =)


Kami amik 2 hari..Hotel Flora Place memang bagus.. The hotel itself and paling penting boleh walking distance to Pasar Siti Khadijah and Restoran Kraftangan!

Ok. The good thing at Kelantan is their food. God! The food is so cheap and awesome!

Especially kat Restoran Kraftangan; Restoran Nasi Ulam Taman Orkid. Located at Kelantan Kraftangan..

We all amik banyak pon, murah je! Less than RM 20! I guess if we're eating at KL memang kena RM 30 ++.. Haha

Sori mmg tak sempat amik gamba..Mkn tak hingat dunia..

For breakfast, 2 hari we all breakfast kat hotel flora place je..Ada free buffet breakfast..

Tak banyak pilihan sangat..What do you expect for 2* hotel ryte?=p But I'm ok with it..

It's weird when there's no blog that describe how cheap and nyummy food at Kelantan..God!

Sampai sekarang masih terbayang2!

Day 2

We headed to Pasar Siti Khadijah first thing in the morning..

No..I'm not ready..please..Haha

We don't have a picture together for God's sake!

I don't know what's so interesting and special with Pasar Siti Khadijah.. Plenty of traditional food, and the place is so stinky. Well what do you you expect from 'pasar' eyh? Hehe

The place is huge..There's a wet market, dry market and kuih muih market.. If you want to learn and get to know what is Kelantan's traditional kuih muih, don't forget to spent time at Kuih Muih Market which located beside the Mosque. I jakun sekejap.. colourful!

Oh..be careful with peniaga kain.. When we enter the 1st shop, they offered us with the very expensive price.. We didn't know the price is actually expensive until we tried ask another shop and the price is highly cheaper than the first shop!

Mentang2 kedai dia tepi tangga kan?

I end up beli kain macam2 warna..Haha..

Day 3

So, the next morning we headed to Pengkalan Kubur Free Trade Zone..

Pengkalan Kubur Free Trade Zone

The price here is cheaper than Rantau Panjang Free Trade Zone!

Sempat tawar menawar lagi.. Tapi Pengkalan Kubur banyak kuali, periuk dan TOTO la.. Baju ade gak tapi tak banyak..

I sempat la beli pengukus, grill pan, pinggan mangkuk, etc..

Penuh bonet! Tak bernyawa tengok!

We thought nak masuk border tapi since kawan hubby dah tak blh d kontek we all tak jadi.. It's not my hubby tak nak masuk border by ourself tapi takut sesat and the process memang leceh..

So on third day we all dah check out and headed to Tok Aman Bali Resort plak..

Tok Aman Bali Beach Resort
We just search through Papago GPS tok bali..And if you go straight over tok bali area..You will see the sign board! We planned to stay overnight at there but when we reached there, the phone signal is too bad!

Jangan kan 3G, Edge pon susah nak dapat kot? But the place was really nice.. Sebelah pantai..And it looks exclusive!

Unfortunately we all memang tak boleh hidup internet & 3G signal..Haha

So we all decided to stay at Kuala Terengganu area..

We didn't plan which hotel we want to stay..I just give a call to any hotel numbers at the map and asking for the rate and availability.

Finally we decided to stay at Felda Residence K.T..

RM 220 / night with free breakfast for 2..

The hotel is so magnificent and awesome! Macam kat Garden Hotel kat MidValley!

And the price is cheaper than Garden! Hehe

The bed.. Wink!

It was like we are in honeymoon mood again.. Haha Beribu kali la ngko nak honeymoon ye..

Mari menari..Haha Hubby was so excited to see the river view..

You can choose the view of your room also..Nak view menarik kena bayar mahal sikit kot..=p

Hi..it's my favourite spot..

Let's go for candle light dinner! =)

So that's all for today..Will continue later ~

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2012 post!

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Lama betul tak hapdate blog..

Hi everyone..


It's 7th day of first month for new year 2012..

I wish all of you have a great mission and vision for this 2012 year =)

So for mine..Let's have a look

a) I wish I can have my own baby this year.Amin!

b) I wish I can enlarge my business

c) More time with my hubby

d) Reduced my depression to min percent!

e) More money n money..

Dah cukup..Yang penting nak jadi isteri solehah!

We're heading for honeymoon for tak-tau-kali-berapa tomorrow..This time our location is Kelantan! Since I memang tak penah g situ..

Thanks to hubby for this opportunity..

I have many passions in my life now. I realize how important it is to have passion in my life. I have gone out of my way to find people, places and things that inspire passion in me.

So, this time I know every second that we have, every minute he sit next to me is priceless moment I got!

I hope you will have a wonderful year ( 2012), that you'll dream dangerously and outrageously, that you'll make something that didn't exist before you made it, that you will be loved and that you will be liked, and that you will have people to love and to like in return..Ok tarik nafas..!