6:26 AM

Aku curang

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Yeark....What a shame...

Ops...Anyway Happy Independence Day all!..

Last night I was loitering (not much eh hubby) with my technician... (technician pon jadi ahh??!!)

Don't get me wrong! The technician forcing me (muka kesian) hang out with him today..Whole day...! Whudda right??

*blink* blink*

I've told him "I dah tunang..Tolong lupakan perasaaan mu iteww..." bahasa x bleh blah....

But in the end he won't listen to me!! Arghh..

He kept asking me about my plan for today and I just answered him "Tido la"

I need rescue now!! Faster abe!Come back...Huhu..

That's why I planned to met him last night then he wont ask me to hang out with him aanymore after this..Isn't it??

Haih...Working at site, at man land area dan senang cakap xde pompuan keje la makes all man breaking out their eyes into new environment...Cit!

Ok...Back to the track...So last night jumpa la dia skjap..Yesterday went to Mines shopping mall..Tiba2 kena col oleh consultant kat site..Ada casting concrete...Aku cuti la ngok!!

But finally aku dah menapak kat site...Huhu...What an engineer life huh? Nasib time berak x kena col...=p

After he finished casting concrete, I asked him to go to the nearest mamak bistro..That time around 10pm already...-(

See? Aku curang kan? Sorry hubby..Jumpa laki malam2...Tapi open area tau...Ramai mat rempit at that moment...And most important we all just minum and no touching and no feeling spoken...

My hubby is not on the land; offshore =( We haven't met about 2 month and I was damn missing him now...I wanna get rid every guy that being disturbia~ in my life....

I swear to be loyal O.N.L.Y with my lovely hubby...Serious!

A Faithful Love

A faithful love is priceless
Takes the edge off life’s roughness
Reduces all of our sadness
Gives strength when we feel hopeless.
A faithful love is endless
Lights up all corners of darkness
Not a scent of harshness
Only respect and a taste of sweetness.

A faithful love is selfless
Giving without a tinge of selfishness
Thank you with fondness
For your love which is precious.
Source from here

9:17 PM

15 Malaysia

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15 Malaysia?

It was a short film project...You can click here; 15Malaysia

Sempena nak merdeka ni marilah kita sama2 menghayati Erti Kemerdekaan yg dah mencecah 52 taun...=p

Bes2 tau short film dalam ni...Funny, Sad, Happiness and etc....

All films was under Pete Teo Producer~


7:59 PM

Sabar separuh iman

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Ari ni dah ari ke 5 kita puasa..

Cepat betol masa berlalu...dan kerja aku x penah puasa pon..Makin hectic and depressed adala..


Siyes I'm sick of my work..Maybe because of working in a big company responsbilities and potential n credibility must shown in sequence of the day..

Why we need to work? Especially woman??


Ok...Just shut up my mouth now...Just do your work k?I got headache today..Semua sbb problem yang jatuh x menimpa badan but my mentality..Nasib sempat abis pose..Klu buka awl tadi haru gak..

In the end bawa kerja balik umah..The thing is ths job was not my part of studies..Not at all but..a bit la..I need to start from the bottom especially management..Yeah management!


I need to do list what should I do this weekend=p

I need to go to Spa, Facial, Saloon and so on....Relaxing my mind, body and all!!

Miss my Blub2

6:05 AM

Happy Ramadhan

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Assalamualaikum all....

Wahh....Today was 1st of ramadhan and I just finished my sahur time...Grook..Minum air berbakul..

Last nite I went to Mid Valley @ The Gardens with my sister to searched for the tissue dispenser...Ugh...

Sejak kerja kuat nih penat je balik umah..In the end mulut ternganga tido=p

Since I'm driving my own car; My Baby I'm giving full attention / patience to hardware outlet; Everything about car~

Last nite I entered Metrojaya and jatuh chenta with some accessories..Some ideas crossed my mind I found it will be so cute if I put this thing in my car; even I know my hubby won't like and approve it...=p

White is nice....

This color also nice but it will attract others to smack down my car=p

And this is so women...Aih...Nak!

We stop at Sweet chat just for cuci gigi and distract our lust on durian things...It was really nyummy!

Durian Pudding for my sister

Pulut with durian for me

Haha....After unsuccessful tour-searching-tissue-dispenser, we headed to Mont Kiara; my sister's new outlet...

Have ya all heard about Dr Cafe before??If you are not familiar with oversea's coffee outlet mesti xtaw ni...

Its a new branch for Coffee Leisure-Loitering place for people who got money=p Its like Starbuck, Coffe Bean, Dome and etc but there's a different in there...

The location was at Solaris Mont Kiara...Come and taste the nice coffee (I'm not drink coffe tho)

Please click here to get more info

The decor inside the outlet....Weird but nice!

I get myself with Strawberry Cocktail...!Superb!!~~

Aih....Pose2 mcm ni wat entry about food....Its a crime idea you know!!

11:33 PM

Quickie Update

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Just coming back from jalan2 with my hubby; Mr Blub...

And now he otw going back to Paka~ He arrived KL 4am yesterday..Crazy! I knew it but that is how I managed to make him crazy..

Girls's craziness came tanpa di minta..

As usual we spend a lot of time at Low Yat Plaza..X sah idup klu x cuci mata kt brangan elektronik...That is how he spend his money..


Have ya all update yourself with artis masa kini?

[1] Waheeda dah kawen ngan Ustad Akhil after his divorce officially in a month

[2] Ajai kawen ngan Liza..

9:55 PM


Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Today I got conference with BASF (the chemical company).. It was a big company tho..Very big I tell you...You can google the BASF company..

The purpose of the conference is to attract my company; YTL being their customer..They did some marketing, more explaination about their product to us..

Ugh...Bosan...But the best thing with this event was we all having a good time at this Hotel & Resort; Holiday Inn Glenmarie..

The hotel reception was unique and I just wondering how the room look a like..=p

The best part having function at hotel was their lunch and dinner time...Its time for buffet!!!

Oughh....Cna nak jd mcm leed? I always adore her and I love the way she dress up..

I ate a lot!! Cmna nak tahan? Rasa mcm x makan setahun bile tgk suma makanan!!=p

Ok2...Dicipline myself..............

Malas nye nk g keje esok....!!~

6:25 PM

What do you feel when he's not here

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

I x sengaja watched Mandy Moore's I wanna be with you video music kat Youtube..

She's pretty...I hope I can have a body like her 1 day..I know its not really hard to get as soon as I learn how to discipline myself in taking healthy food everyday..

I knew I can have the body like her that's why sangat malas untuk berusaha lebih awal..=p

But that is not the point that I'm going to mumbling now..It's about the song, the lyric..It's so touching me..

In the meantime I mish my Mr Blub so much..I haven't met him in 1 month and I found it was really crazy..Well crazy for me tho..

I try but I cant seem to get myself
To think of anything
But you
Your breath on my face
Your warm gentle kiss I taste the truth
I taste the truth

We know what I came here for
So I won`t ask for more

I wanna be with you
If only for a night
To be the one whose in your arms
Who holds you tight
I wanna be with you
There`s nothing more to say
There`s nothing else I want more than to feel this way
I wanna be with you (yeah)

So I`ll hold you tonite
Like I would if you were mine
to hold forever more
And I`ll saver each touch that I wanted
So much to feel before (to feel before)
How beautiful it is
Just to be like this

I wanna be with you
If only for a night
To be the one whose in your arms
Who holds you tight
I wanna be with you
There`s nothing more to say
There`s nothing else I want more than to feel this way
(I wanna be) I wanna be with you

Oh baby
I can`t fight this feeling anymore
It drives me crazy when I try to
So call my name
Take my hand
Make my wish
Baby, your command?

I wanna be with you
There`s nothing more to say
There`s nothing else I want more than to feel this way
(I wanna be)I wanna be with you

Whenever you frenn just watch the video here.....Mandy Moore (I wanna Be with You)

11:13 AM

Kemamang Holiday

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Yippie..using hotel wifi i still cn update my blog life from kemaman!

Wait for my pictas!Hehe

There is nothing much activities i have done here. Arrived around 10pm last nite and just cuci mata this morning..


Me and my sister move from KL around 5.45pm and arrived at Kemaman arround 9pm+..

We stayed at Tip Top 7 Hotel? X ingat la nama nya..But nearby Tunas Manja Kemaman..

The room was gorgeous and the price was affordable..~Siyes! Clean...And Clear...Awww..

Malam tu x jumpa pon Mr Blub..Dia xnk jumpa..X sudi...=p JK (dalam ati siyes nk sgt jumpa..but what to do??=( )

Then I slept early la..Because I knew in the same time I don't know what is the main purpose went to Kemaman!

In the morning we decided to breakfast at Kedai Kopi Hai Peng yang teramat ramai customer nya..

Then..Journey to the west...

My sister asked if I want to go to Paka- Mr Blub hometown or to be exact his house..Gosh! Dia tarak ada watpe nk g sana kn? Buang tabiat...

We went to Telaga Simpul instead...

It have it's own history and you can read it by yourself when you step yourself on top of this place..=p

Me and my sister in front of the Simpul Telaga=p

After that we all xde mud nak pegi mn lagi..Actually me and myself la xde mud..Mish him so much!!

We decided to going back to KL la..See? No point coming to Kemaman right? Ntah pape..Bazir duit byr tol + minyak je=p

G tgk G.I Joe berbaloi kot??=p

Kunjungan sah klu ke pantai timur..Keropok Lekor..=o

Me at work place...Suspect H1N1 pe..

My baby car beautiful skin at 1st day I'm driving

My baby at 2nd day I'm driving...Sadis...But now everything recovery...Love my baby Elite..=p

Till then...I need to take a nap...

Sampai KL je rasa nk demam...pasai pe??

7:53 AM

Musim demam

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Yesterday after came back to plant from site at Dengkil..New Giant construction dah rasa len macam..

I asked permission from my D.G.M (Deputy General Manager) and he allowed me to go to clinic..

I went to Bdr Sri Permaisuri Clinic..Ntah pe nama dia..Yang penting lama sangat tunggu..Geram sungguh!

The doc check my temperature and it was 40 degree celcius!!

Oh man...doc tu pon kalut da..bebel2 nape nk g site lg dah tau sakit..huhu

She gave me 2 days M.C and here I am..Dok kat umah blogging..Erm...but in the same time I'm in curing process what..=p

I felt better than yesterday and I really hope I can working tomorrow...Mish my plant already!~

And today, Mr Blub went to the sea again..Looking for mermaid..=p JK..

Oh yeah...G.I Joe dah kuar...Marilah beramai2 tgk wayang time tgh demam=p

7:11 PM

I'm Sick

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Hi All...

I'm not feeling very well now..Rasa macam terjangkit H1N1...Nauzubillah....I'm not saying to ask for it but I went to HQ office today because I have induction for engineers...And I naik LRT Star!! To avoid jammed la konon=p

OMG...I just knew that 7.30-8.30 was a peak hour for LRT..Perghh...Sempit and I was..Ouhhh I can't breath...Sumpah..Kalau tau baik driving je..

And now batuk2..And in the same time the girl beside me in the train also batuk2..Terjangkit kot?Isk....

Tanda2 H1N1..Got it from here

Simptom Virus Influenza A (H1N1) ini terhadap manusia adalah sama dengan simptom selesema biasa seperti demam, batuk, sakit tekak, sakit badan, pening kepala, sejuk dan kelesuan. Ada juga sesetengah kes cirit-birit dan muntah yang berkait dengan selesema burung yang dilaporkan.

Pada masa yang lepas, beberapa penyakit (kegagalan paru-paru dan sistem pernafasan) dan kematian telah dilaporkan dengan jangkitan selesema babi dalam manusia. Seperti virus selesema bermusim, selesema babi boleh menyebabkan keadaan kesihatan kronik.


Takziah to my Mr Blub...His grandma died today...

9:57 PM

How To Solve?

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Since I became a career woman (aww) at batching plant, the scenario, the weather, the situation, the place and condition was totally different with my dream working place..

It is...The batching was totally hot!OMG

The issue here is; I need to do something with this place. I mean..What should I do? My face was totally burned + menggelupas now + hitam!!Arghh.....

Fair & Lovely? I cant!

Adoi..My skin type was Oily Skin..Isk...

I think I should give a try Norliyana?How to spell aku pon x tau..=p

Or SKII??=p


9:31 PM

Nice Conversation=o

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |


Mr Blub: Kena simpan duit...Next year nak byr Insurance kete...

Me: Oh yeah?Road tax I 29 July tau tiap2 taun...And my birthday was the day before...~~

Mr Blub: So...

Me:So it should be my birthday present every year!!~~~ (Oink!)

Mr Blub: So tiap taun x yah la pk nk bg hadiah pe?=p

Me:Yup!!! (And he was agreed!!)

Love is in the air~~~

Thank you so much....Weeeeee....weeeeeeeeeee

Tu la best nya bila dapat laki yang xtau bila bini dia joking / not....=p

4:41 PM

New Car Syndrome

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

You all know what is new car syndrome?

[1] Kena langgar/ melanggar

[2] Xtau la lagi apa sindrom laen but the matter of fact that I want to share now is;

Kereta aku kena langgar selepas 2 hari bday dia!!!!

Ok...memang siotzzssssssss....


I won't blame him 100% because he just an old man that got blurred sight while reverse his VAN..But..MmMMmmmm

I gave signal, I want to search my way to Permaisuri (baru pas balik dari Tesco Taman Midah) by GPS...Aih...

Cried a lot la...Booommmm Blubbbb

Now I know that I need to pay attention with my car 100/200% starting from now..Because of I miss my Mr Blub so much I never think having a new car was the best thing in our life.....

Ok la...I give my love to my Viva Elite now...Sapa2 nak kutuk kereta aku jaga dia noh.....=p

As a conclusion, kereta pon tau merajuk!!!~~~~=p

OMG...Jantung berdegup x betul lg nih....I update pictas later yah...So sad...Love You My Car!!!!

6:47 PM

How To Make Me Happy?

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

When you are not in a good mood what will you do?

Share with me please..For me what will I did/do??

[1] When the anger is because of my PMS there will be a lot of things I will do to makes me happy..

For e.g; Like in this moment, I ordered Domino Pizza A LOT just because of gila-gila moody in my brain system.. Then I'm kinda loosen up 'his' money because I'm holding his Maybank2u pasword..Just click and I can see my account bertambah2=p..What else? Hurmm

[2] When the anger coming from others; Orang sana marah...orang sini marah..The common reaction from me is I melempiaskan my anger to 'him'...Ouchh..Kasian lelaki itewww..=p

[3] When I cannot achieve what I want; Sesat, bought something expensive then in few seconds I lost them and etc, I will cried! OMG...Such a waste human being..=p

I don't know..Maybe...(Read: Maybe) this actions appear in myself only..I'm working on myself to avoid this thing..Avoid 'him' to be my victim..But then..Here he are..Pampering me always even tho I scolded him everytime the 'time' is coming...=p

Mish him so much..I just wondered when I can see him again!~~~~~

Love ya

6:08 PM

Sesat Melampau

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Sapa kata ddk kat KL x sesat mmg orang 2 hebat...!!~~

Aih....I'm successfully escaped from my batching plant earlier today..(thanks di atas sokongan para2 veteran=p)

I'm going home and mandi-manda+maye and planning to tinted my car...

OMG! I own Viva Elite o0o0o0o0...Plate number? WS* 909*...Suma di censored atas dasar2 keselamatan...=p

Okeh..Then called sales girl from CoolWorld and bla...bla....bla...she directed me to Damansara Utama..

Adoi...firstly sesat smpai ke Summit USJ...Pas2 cari2 jln g Damansara x jumpe!!

Huh....then balik Cheras semula...!!~Fuh penat.....

Recently ah...I mean these few days la....my angin kuskus makin teruk la...Isk..Sume bnda nk di marah....Isk!...Berubah!~~