7:31 AM

When a hobby become a serious matter~

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Salam guys..

It's early in the morning.. I can't slept much since my headache hit me the whole night! (>_<)

Recently I bought a mini sewing machine, and it looks like a stapler..

And it only cost me 10 bucks. Yearks! Menyesal beli..Why? Sebab finishing kat belakang tak lawa pon.. Or maybe I'm the one who need more practice on it =)

Image from Google...Thanks

When it comes to fashion, I just can't resist to give a try make it by myself.. God!

Inspiration and ideas burst in my mind when the time has come.. I just need a true equipment to proceed with the product..

For example ah..I saw this shawl with lace..Wow..It was so easy to make and automatically I'll have another ideas to add any lovely things to this shawl..Seriously!


Harus bersabar..Dan tingkat kan usaha =)

10:31 AM

Little surprise from him!

Lullaby written by Ms Coci~ |

Hi guys..

The day passed surprisingly quickly with a mix of running business and be a good housewife. Yup..I'm still unemployed.

I received lots of offered but yet I'm still running my own tagline~

It was un-healthy week since I don't feel like myself lately..Cepat penat dan asyik nak demam..

Yeah you got me..But I tried to finish all orders in time!

So last night as usual, my daily routine, prepared dinner for my husband and I didn't even think about the idea that he's gonna gv me a gift! Maybe it's for Valentine Day!

I was totally forget about the V's Day!

We never celebrate before. Haram kot? =)

He was so good in making a surprise! Seriously..Muka selamba badak je kan..

He knew that before we go bed I will brush my teeth and wash my face..So he put the roses on our bedroom. We slept in another room by the way!

Bila masuk bilik je.......Oh My Allah (OMG is prohibited!)

I was so touched and shocked! Patutlah ada sampul surat pretty petals kat meja makan tadi..

Haha I don't know when he sneak in the roses into our room!

"I love u sayang" From - "Suami mu"

Short love notes from him yet killing me softly until the tears come down..

He was so romantic! He still remember my favourite!

But I didn't gv him anything.. Sob Sob

But he said " You just gv me a baby"


Now..Lets pray I was pregnant!Haha