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Me & Myself 2013

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Wrapping up my current and end 2012 activities.

Kot-kot korang dah lupa muka Puan Koci yang kiut comel ni kan..

Well..End of 2012 tak banyak yang jadi. Husband da balik ke pangkuan after struggling at Sabah for the past few months.

Went to my BFF's wedding. 2 actually. Sorang kat Muar, sorng kat Rembau.

Tak jauh dari KL, haruslah pergi kan..Lagipon hubby ada boleh buli jd driver =)

Ni masa Zera kawen. Casual sangat. Balik keje terus pegi Rembau. Kena tym hari sabtu MMC-Gamuda keje =( Kalau tak blh dress up lawa-lawa sikit..

By the way congrates fren..Lebiu.. 

Ni xde motif. Ada ke pompuan yang tak amik gamba dalam toilet...Haha toilet-maniac!

Ni amik time Eena kawen kat Muar. Baju tu baru siap shari sebelum p wedding. Tak sempat nak tabur lace & roses..

Hi beb..Wish you a happy wedding & be carefull with your baby! Oh btw, my fren ni bunting pelamin..Ngam2 sebulan kawen da ade news pregnant..Congrates!

And this is me now. Sibuk dengan kerja dahhh.. Hurm..Bila nak dapat baby..Nak bw p site..Hehe

We are still a couple married. Not yet a family.. Kiki 

We are still trying to conceive a baby. Still trying. At least I know hubby is not the one who stressing me out with the 'baby' topic. We're tried to think positive whenever the issues pop out from other people mouth.

In my heart there's a hope to be a successful engineer in this MRT project. But if I get pregnant soon, I was worried I can't focus in this job anymore. I'm the one who can live with 1 work in 1 time.

Hurm. God please lead me the way.

We are the planner but God is the one who will make decision for us.

Till then..Will continue later. Hope everyone have a nice day today =)

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zeratikah zainal said...

memey kiut lah weyh injinier pkai shades baju purple siap dgn vest! emailkan gbr kitew itewww.. hehe
oh ye, dont worry about the baby la. inn sha Allah mesti ada rezeki. ;)