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Wishlist for 2013 & 2014

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Salam semua.

Wahh.. Banyak sawang!

Finally.. I managed to write 2013 entry for the first time today.


Current status?

Healthy. Married. Non-Parent yet. Alhamdulillah.

2013 dah nak abis. Tu la pasal wishlist ni haruslah di extend ke 2014.

My wishlist for 2013 & 2014

1. Nak kereta baru! Sori Viva. I will love you forever. But I need to move ~

2. Nak pegi holiday as much as I can! Yes. Indeed. I just realize that I don't go anyway far from Malaysia. Sad!

3. Nak pegi Umrah! Yes.. Go with Mama.

4. Having baby? Well.. Erm.. Lets say tunggu je la.. Ada rezeki ade la..

5. Having fun as much as I can!

Basically the idea of writing a blog today came out after listening to the radio and the topic was; What will you do or what will you achieve in this world when you know you're going die at age 70?

Gosh! That was a very serious topic! I was.. Hurmm.. Ok.. I think I'm just wasting my time everyday. Repeating a same, boring, dull and sad routine of life!

Ok..Now.. Let's saving.. And go around the world! Let's have fun while you're still having a chance to do so!

Dear God, please give me a strength to save money.. No more MK handbag, no more fancy and expensive restaurants. No more wasting money ok!

 Update from me.

Bye! Cheers!~